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ASIA TEAM Invitation

no this is my equipment already. I thought my hp compensated for my AR.

I have..

59.5k hp (w/o helm vit gem)
67k hp (w/ gem)
440 AR (with perfectionist)
257k dps with calamity (no SS, Steady aim or follower)
* I can keep gloom 99% of the time during battles because of high AS and CC.
* EHP with vit gem is 650k-ish
* I have no survival issues with high MP

Invite me if you want me.

Also, not to be rude but I think you should have a different criteria for calamity vs manticore users.
I believe calamity puts out more actual dps and survivability with nightstalker disregarding paper stats in comparison to manticore.
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Dear RommelTorres,

Kindly add me in game for me to process the invitation.

For myself, I'm both a manticore and calamity user and if I would set out different criterias for the weapon, fans of either weapon would quarrel till there is no tomorrow. 240K without SS is something I think most of us with decent gear can achieve, therefore I wont go into specific weapon criteria with the hope of more people coming together to play.
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I added you already have you receive my friend request ?
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Dear Greenlink,

Kindly add me in-game.

Dear Terry!@#$,

Unfortunately, your All resist and DPS still need some increase. I will be waiting for you.

Dear Method,

Unfortunately, I'm seeing a glass cannon build. I will be waiting for you once AR and HP shows increment.

Dear Furymaster,

Kindly add me in-game. But I hope you are working on your AR also.

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Yeah, AbysSeraphim, got you in my friend list, no chance to talk to you. Will process you when I next see u online.
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Hi, please add me in as well :)
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Dear Darknez,

Kindly add me in-game. Thanks and welcome to the team.
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add me pls madapacquiao#1164
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count me .. thanks
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Dear Madapacquiao,

Unfortunately, your AR and HP did not meet the requirement of AR:450 HP:45K

Dear JoshuaAstray,

Kindly add me in-game.
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I from asia, see my profile and add me http://www.diabloprogress.com/hero/tommykong-6283/lifey/8596939
Dh calamity user Dps buffed without ss 432k/unbuffed 296k.
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so atas,

sorry cant meet ur requirements
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Dear GreenLink and JoshuaAstray,

Kindly add me in game so I can process the invitation for you.

Dear TommyKong,

You playing in Korean Server? Cause we dont have players from Korean Servers.
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Dps 220k
Ar 520
Hp 36k
Calamity user


Able to join?
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upgraded 4.5bil worth... Reapplying... lmk
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Coming from a Witch Doctor perspective, gearing a all-rounded WD @150k dps requires more effort/gold than a 240k dps Demon hunter.

WDs have a lot of build diversity, 0-dog, 1-hand or 2 hand weapon, acid rain/ROT, bear, proctor and spirit build. WDs are more resource constrained too with mana regeneration not being able to scale with attack speed.

Maybe you should find out more about WD before stating minimum requirements for plainly 200k dps.

A well-geared 150k dps WD with proper build can possibly outperform and provide more party-buffs than what a 240kdps DH can provide.

Not starting a class war here...I have a DH that I love equally too :)

Edited by Choobie#6148 on 3/11/2013 4:54 AM PDT
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Dear Imprex and method,

Kindly add me in-game for me to process but try to work hard to improve your character. Imprex- HP. Method-HP.

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Dear all,

We have currently closed the invitation for DH but drop me a text if you are really interested and I see what we can do.

Thank you all for the interests. For those I have asked to add me in-game, you all are still eligible to join.
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