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Why do you need straight black dmg 4 SoJ?

OK,... I understand the whole Cold SoJ's are great because they act as a kite method, keeps enemies in your nados longer, keeps your EF fear procs in check,.. etc...

my question is I keep hearing you need all black damage for SoJ tyo work properly...

my question is what's the deal and what's the verdict behind all this SoJ elemental dmg issues?

and my question as 2 how it currently relates,...
with sticking with this weapon for awhile would I be best 2 get a SoJ with lightning only for now? then when I sell my weap down the road upgrade get new MH weapon with straight black then get cold SoJ? or just get cold SoJ now? I'm more interested in getting a high 29-30% dmg but still unsure how these elements effect one another I dont get it at all... I want my dmg 2 go up for high mp's n high key farming... my question is Im sticking with my
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Say you have a 1000 damage black sword (sword #1) and a 1000 damage fire sword (sword #2)

Technically, the fire sword has 800 black damage and 200 more damage as fire.

The way certain elemental modifiers work (SoJ, triumvirate, legacy zuni boots, tal's ammy, inna belt, etc.) is that they only add to black damage. So say it's a 5% cold SoJ.

Sword #1 would have 1000*(100%+5%) = 1050 damage
Sword #2 would have 800*(100%+5%)+200 = 1040 damage
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I saw lighting because I have lighting proc on my MH, EF off-hand,...

profile link:
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This will be for grinding and getting my paragon lvls up and be able 2 tear through farming MP7(what I farm solo n do my solo key runs on) faster and I do UBERs 8-9 with friends,...(hopefully 10 soon) so I'm looking for dmg increase over a cc proc at the moment,... I care more about doing more dmg and tearing through stuff faster with getting the most outta the dps boosts from the SoJ means most 2 me with price in consideration, the cold proc's do keep things in line but is nice but not nec for me and cold's seem so be more highly priced than any other,... with my current MH should I go for a nice lightning SoJ with high elite bonus exp rate 29-30%?
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Weapon damage calculation (1.0.7):
1. base weapon damage (base range of white weapons)
2. add +minimum (weapon) damage
3. game checks if min damage is higher than base max damage (this step is the MinMaxDam issue):
YES -> use the new min damage +1 as base max damage
NO -> use original base max damage
4. add +min damage from Ruby (this step was done before step 3 in 1.0.6)
5. add +maximum weapon damage
6. add +max damage from Ruby
7. multiply results 3. and 5. by "+x% damage"
8. add total min damage from jewelry and off hand (mojo/source) to min damage and total max damage from jewelry and off hand (mojo/source) to max damage
9. add "adds x% to elemental damage" by multiplying the min damage value by the x% and max damage value by the x% to get +min-max elemental damage
10. add "+min-max elemental damage"

The "adds 5-6% to elemental damage" affix (in your case cold SoJ) is calculated before the game adds the elemental damage you see on a weapon. This means that SoJ and other similar sources benefit from (are based on)
-> base weapon damage
-> +minimum/+maximum damage on the weapon
-> socketed Rubies
-> minimum/+maximum damage on rings, amulets and incase of Wiz/WD on sources and mojos

It´s not based on the elemental damage you see on a weapon (for example "+222-547 fire damage"). Is this mechanics stupid? Yes. Does it need to be changed? Yes. Do they intend to fix it? I don´t know.
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Cold SOJ all the way....my off class works like a charm. Never go slaughtering without it.
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so say we have 2 rings here a identical Cold SoJ and a Lightning SoJ

Cold SoJ
- 5% cold dmg
- 29% dmg to elites

Lightning SoJ
-5% lightning dmg
-29% dmg to elites

so with my weapons set-up and a lighting MH ,... there will literally be 0 difference in damage increase from the Lighting vs Cold Soj? It's 100% exclusively just what proc I prefer as dps difference will be +0% between the 2 correct?
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0 paper DPS difference.

Cold SoJ will allow you to slow (chill) monsters -- they will stay in your tornadoes longer and therefore you deal more DPS.
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so in this game having a +lightning damage ring adds 0% to a person using a MH lighting weapon proc weapon? isn't that broken then? if thats case then looks like off-class 29-30% Cold SoJ is hands down my best investment in terms of purchasing a SoJ
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I do have a lightning Mace previously. I really do not miss the elemental bonus but, if you do not have black damage MH, your tornado do not proc the snare effect from cold SOJ. That is a big no-no, if you plan to use cold SOJ.
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so your saying it's in my best interest to keep my Unity equipped over a Cold SoJ 29-30% elites? I farm n run solo mostly on MP7 and do ubers with friends Mp8-9,... I was just about 2 purchase a cold SoJ 29-30% as I thought putting that in place of Unity will make my mp7 act 3 solo clears faster n better in UBERs,... ur telling me I should def wait till I upgrade my MH weapon 2 a 100% black dmg weapon then n only then think about purchasing a cold SoJ?
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you can also NOT use cold soj
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Hey Shazz,

As Bluefire mentioned, you can choose not to used cold SOJ since you will not benefits the snare effect. That is really the biggest advantage of cold SOJ, and the sole reason why same SOJ can be sold around 100m (for cold) and 5m (non cold).

Your second question regarding your unity with SOJ. That would be simple. plug in your profile into simulator and check it out:

With Unity
tdps : 1076498
tdps vs elite : 1108793

With SOJ
tdps : 925073
tdps vs elite : 1202595

Its really up to you. You lost like 150k tdps vs normal mob, gain 100k tdps against elite. I have to stress, without changing MH to black damage, there is no real need to get cold SOJ unless you plan to change in the future.

* tdps fully buff with battle rage, wrath, overpower. Follower enchantress for I am not sure if you use her to have any break point. Even with scoundrel the tdps wont vary much.

*Thanks for the error prompt. :p
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still a little confused,...

so on my weapon,...


1-hand MH Mace
+295-660 Lightning damage

so if I got a 29% to elites Cold SoJ,... that would apply to my 1051.8 dps 100% and apply 100% to the 598-1155 dmg mace does and not apply to the +295-660 lightning damage?
does the 1051.8 and 598-1155 not completely benefit as some of that is made up up the +lighting damage affix?,... and that's why you 100% need a all black dmg MH as WW barb cause proc dmg just nerfs it's SoJ effectiveness greatly? or does that + 295-660 lightning dmg just the only thing not benefiting from the SoJ?
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You left out a zero from your #. It's 150k (white) vs 100k (elite).


The 598 - 1155 figure you see already includes the 295 - 660 Lightning damage. Therefore the damage that would get the 5-6% damage bonus is the base 303 - 495 "neutral" damage on your mace.
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