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10 APOC vs 20 APOC, THAT is the question?

02/25/2013 03:50 PMPosted by Aphraell
Actually, we don't have a clue what the hell happened. The collective brain of the wizard's community has been unable to figure out how APoC is different now, let alone why. So I would be very careful to build a gearset around it. Just saying.

^ What he said.

Its definately changed and SNS is quite viable at 10 apoc now, but I still prefer 20 due Single Elites having the occasional "out of apoc" crap.

Yah exactly what I and many have said, let's not go basing entire gearing decisions around it. Let's just enjoy the extra performance from it. Or if you have the budget and want to keep around the extra apoc gear and stack on the extra dps go for it..just don't ditch your apoc gear completely or it might hurt you in a 'future patch'.
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02/25/2013 04:24 PMPosted by GrizZ
has anyone re-tested the IAS breakpoints on ww? i dont think it would be a huge surprise if they changed

Yes, I did. Not comprehensive or anything but enough so that I believe the WW breakpoints have not changed.

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i wonder if 16 or 17 apoc is ok now?
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02/26/2013 07:59 PMPosted by Void
i wonder if 16 or 17 apoc is ok now?

I run SNS/Meteor MP10 with 17 APoC and -5 Meteor Source.
Edited by Whisper#6439 on 2/27/2013 3:20 AM PST
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farming elites in vota: 15+ apoc
farming whites in keep3: 9+apoc + presence
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02/27/2013 03:13 AMPosted by Whisper
I run SNS/Meteor MP10 with 17 APoC and -5 Meteor Source

hmm. The difference between 16 and 20 apoc is still there. I can feel the windup is a tiny bit longer , and AP dips a lot during the windup. Much better than 10 apoc though, u'd have to pray the mobs dont move at 10apoc. I think 15 is the bottom line to run smoothly, have to test that out though
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