Diablo® III

Have i stretched my budget as far as i can?

I've never had more than 10 million at any given time in my possession, if all my AH auctions sell i'll probably have 10-15 to play around with. But have i taken it as far as i can in terms of getting upgrades? It seems like ive hit "the wall" where every upgrade is going to be incremental and much too expensive.

SHould i look for a CD EF instead of a LS one? Or maybe one with a smaller damage range? I'm getting really frustrated with how pillow fisted my barb feels half the time, 130k dps sometimes feels like nothing even at mp3.

I want to be able to farm mp4-5 efficiently but right now its just too slow, what can i improve to get to that point?
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Since you have LS from your IK belt, I would drop the LS on your EF and replace with a CD one, to increase your DPS

Also, In order to better benefit from stats on specific slots, focus on getting some IAS/Crit rings, (the trifecta will make it cost tons) Since crit and IAS are the most important stats for WW.

I would also suggest crafting VIT shoulders, instead of strength

(The reason for this is beacuse the only offensive stat you can get from shoulders is strength, you can craft something with ridiculous VIT and AR, and still have 150+ STR on it)
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Also -- If you want better stat distribution, I would suggest dropping your Rare pants for Inna's pants.

Since you are using Lacuni bracers, you would be able to drop the MS from your boots if you picked up Inna's pants.

You can drop the IK boots and replace them with cheap Ice Climbers (Ones that don't have MS) Since you already have the 2-piece bonus from IK, the 3-piece is not nearly as important.

This would give you Attack Speed/Crit/MS from Bracers/Pants, you could keep your 2-set bonus from IK, and get the best possible stat-dump boots in the game, in Ice Climbers!
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And then replace the lost vit with vit shoulders i guess??
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