It's just a starter version.

I'm forced to play it for short periods of time with a few day's inbettew some times I get going on my WD and it turns into a few weeks.

But that's becouse that all that fast past click puts a hurting on my hands man.

I find it a !@#$ load of fun and even though I have not made it very far yet I can see how this builds with the right gear turn into powerhouses.

Pluse you live or die with my gear on a turn of the click. One wrong click can k.o. my ars with the wrong elites right now. Every time I died so far I know it's becouse I did not teleport away in time and teleport was up have all the freaking AP I could ever hope for too.

Are there any other CMWW Wizards here that slowly play there wizard for the same reasons I do?

And plz dont get me wrong. I totaly love my WD just as much as my Wiz. Diffently more so becouse it do's not put me in pain to play lol.