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Error 53

So my account had something wrong and wouldnt let me login so i fixed it and now when i go to log in to diablo 3 it says error 53 still, even though i resolved the problem. any one know anything about this
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Error 53 means that you were banned or suspended for something done on your account. To contest a ban or suspension you will have to put in a ticket. That is the only way to contact Account Administration.

Select D3 > I can't log in > My account is banned or suspended and I want to appeal.

For further information you may want to read the following two articles
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This just happened to me. I just bought some gold through the RMAH first time. So... moral of the story don't use the RMAH.
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No, that is not the moral of the story :) There are a few things that can trip a suspension when using the RMAH that can be fixed. These things are put in place to help prevent fraudulent transactions but sometimes folks can innocently get caught up in it. Also, if the transaction failed for some reason, this can also happen. Below is a list of what used to be the most common reasons for a suspension. See if any might apply to you so that you can fix the issue, get the ban removed, and prevent future problems.

1. Failed transaction - insufficient funds, payment declined by bank or chargebacks.
2. Mismatch in Billing, Account, and/or PayPal address and name information. ALL the name and address information has to match between those various accounts/pages.
3. Using the RMAH from outside the region registered to the account. For example, if you access the RMAH from Asia when you are registered at a US address it bans you.
4. Using the RMAH from a different country than the one you are registered too, even if within the same Region
5. Using the RMAH from a country where the game is not legally released (China) or where the RMAH is illegal (S. Korea). Playing from a country where the game is not allowed due to sanctions (Iran, Cuba, N. Korea, etc).
6. False positives - they do happen. Sometimes the software catches something that seems problematic, but when reviewed by a human it is overturned.
7. Lately we have seen quite a few people playing on, and getting suspended on, accounts that are not in their name. Blizzard will only give the account back to the person whose name it is registered in. They do not allow account transfers.

To fix this:

First submit at ticket asking why there was an issue with the transaction. They can hopefully point you in the right direction so you can FIX the problem. Once you have fixed it then appeal the ban.

To submit a ticket (required for most suspensions including Error 53):

Select Diablo III as the product > I can't log in > I am banned or suspended and want to appeal.
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