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CM Wizard questions, please help

Im a CM wiz as you can tell by my spec and topic. I have 2.0 APS, 40% CHC, 299% CHD, ~550-600 all resist, 22k hp, 113k damage (unbuffed) and 19 arcane power on crit. But I have trouble with higher MP farming. What am i possibly doing wrong?
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1. Low AR-I also suffer from..sitting at 700:P
2.Low LoH. Blood Magic is good and all but LoH does the job better for lower DPS. Sit around 800ish
3.Low hp. Want to be sitting around 35-40k at least.
4.Low CC=less cd red
5.Attack speed is barely the minimum.You want to be sitting at 2.73 for a good spot.

I recommend fixing your IAS first. Then I would work on either LoH or the ar/vit. This would probably lower your dps a lot but what's the point if you can't live? Get your defense down first, then slowly build dps.
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just for s**ts and giggles, i started up on act1 mp10, and i seems to be goin good at it, and burnin mobs down quick, as long as i have a high number of mobs, any lower than 3-5 and i cant seem to get the crits or apoc to keep the cm spec moving, so i think i may bump up my cc and ias then worry about loh/vit, because i have no problems with keeping diamond skin going

working with the limited budget i have makes it all a lot harder. i may swap my CD gem for a loh gem for temporary bumps on surv
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i appreciated the input and feedback btw
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after the couple things i just changed around, im sitting at (all buffed stats) 45% cc and 872 loh and everything else is still the same only my damage dropped to 122k down from 136k
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That's good now what really needs help is your ias>vit>armor>ar. Hit that breakpoint,then get some more life. 22k is way to little. Then beef up your armor and ar so you can run SNS.
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I highly recommend raising APS. Higher APS greatly increases survivability because you get much more LoH returns and can keep DS up much better. The jump from 2.3 to 2.5 APS is very noticable, with a 30% increase in LoH returns, roughly speaking. 2.73 is more widely used but I recommend at least going for 2.5.

Also, you're hurting your effective dps by quite a bit because you're using Energy Armor instead of Shocking Aspect. You should work on increasing your crit with gear changes (really should replace the amulet, since you miss out on your 2 most important stats, crit and IAS) so you won't need the crit from pinpoint. SA >> pinpoint for effective dps.

The problem is you're going to lose quite a bit of dps by switching to higher APS. You can make it a little easier by swapping to an IAS chanto though, especially since your weapon dps is pretty low. Ultimately you shouldn't worry too much about char sheet dps until you are at least around 2.5 APS with 45% crit buffed (preferably closer to 50%). However, with the higher APS, you'll gain back the lost char sheet dps from swapping to SA, which raises your effective dps by 60-100% or so.
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Raise attacks per second to 2.73. Anything below is gonna make your life horrible.
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so im up to 3.05 aps, 47.5% cc (42.5% with shocking aspect instead), 711 loh, 31k hp, 3300 armor, and still low on ar. i worked slow time into my build for the extra ias, with slow time im at 3.22 aps (all these stats are buffed btw) how is this lookin?
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That should be alot better! I'd still drop slow time (it doesn't help until you get over 3.01 AS) in favor of Teleport/safe passage. Itll give you a damage reduction for a few seconds after you cast it...and is also nice for avoiding trouble and repositioning easily. It will help survivability.
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Switch your ET rune to WW. You definitely want more crit since you only have 1 APoC piece, so I'd look into upgrading your amulet to something with higher crit. Also, get a new OH. If you need more ApoC (which I'd recommend) you'll have to get a chanto with APoC, which is somewhat expensive. You might be able to get away with just 5-7 APoC, which is a lot cheaper than the 9-10 ones, but either way you still want some more crit and you don't want to drop shocking aspect to get it.

I'd also use deep freeze for solo farming. That will also help your AP returns.
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