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What Many MMORPG Games Lack Today

As so many, I played many years of years WoW and several other MMORPgs, even before WoW.

I remember in the earlier days of WoW, one of my most memorable moments was when I (for some quest) had to go from SW somewhere deep into the barrens, Horde territory. It was a long, long way, at a time where people didn't have flying mounts.

Just a few days ago I hear this "barrens" soundtrack and it really gave me a chill and big dejavu.

When I arrived there, I could explore territory I have never been in, and the sense of "being far from home" was almost "real" in a sense just by doing that quest.

In WoW, there are other locations where sometimes the landscape alone is just plain amazing, areas where people normally never go...or maybe just once in their life and then never ever again. It made me also realize the vast world of WoW and how little the average actually sees in their daily grind.

TODAY, not only in WoW, but also other MMORPgs, people are taken away the OPPORTUNITY to spend hours (yes, hours!) to explore and go on adventures and to literally indulge in a new world.

We get flying mounts and waypoints and the adventure and exploration aspect is entirely gone! Rather than truly adventuring in a world where something new and strange could be behind the next mountain or crossing, people engage in awful things like dailies (I hate them so much) or countless other things we know as "grind".

This is so sad!

It's sad because game developers for some bizarre reasons though it will be better if anyone is getting a bonus mount thrown right the second they buy the box with the game. You don't have to walk anymore, you click on waypoints where you will be at your destination instantly, as opposed to spending time where you might need to find a way through the mountains to your destination.

Developer added things and "rewarded" players, even worse, made so much things easier so that anyone, even Mr. Casual can get a "quick fix" by playing this game. I very well remember my Warlock quest where I had to go through lengths just to get my class mount - what an INCREDIBLE experience!

Why, game developers, did (and do!) you not realize that you didn't really ADD things to your games but instead took a lot away from them. A RPG or MMORPG where there is no way to truly adventure and explore anymore is not good anymore. It's ironic how games in the earlier days (besides the many problems which might surely have existed) were generally perceived as better compared to the games today where everything is streamlined and made easy.

I wish that some day, a game-company realizes this big mistake and realizes WHAT a true RPG/MMORPG really makes and WHY people play them.
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skimmed thru, mostly got no exploration and such and things too easy on WoW. no other MMORPG listed when you say you've played several others.

methinks yu've just tunneled into WoW all these years and not really any other MMO.

play other games.

guild wars2 solves your exploration problem.
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