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120k DPS Monk Needing Gear Advice

As the title says, I'm looking for gearing advice. Last week I was only a sub 60k dps, tanky monk. Crafted some items, bought some gear, and now I'm blazing through MP4. Going to strive for 200k in the next month. Having troubles finding a significant upgrade for less than 100mil. Am I just pretty much stuck at this point until I can shell out the big bucks? I would love some advice from higher level monks on what I should be aiming for.

PS. Ignore the few odd build choices, was rushing some lower level friends. Build advice is welcome too of course though. Typically I'm a thunderclap, overawe, empowered wave, cyclone build. Also, it seems the Nat's set bonus doesn't show on my profile sheet. Typically my crit shows at 42% chance.
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I believe I may actually have a few Cindercloths sitting in stash but it's a significant DPS drop moving to them. Last week was my first time back into D3 in a few months so I don't remember exactly what I have stashed. What's the EHP formula again?
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What EHP should I be shooting for? Or where should I look at balancing dps vs EHP? According to this calculator I'm sitting around 420k EHP.


I'm honestly okay hovering around the mp4-mp7 mark for a bit since my friends are really around mp2-mp4, but I'd love to be able to get up to at least MP8 by end of next month.
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You will probably need to stack CD on your EF instead of LS to hit 200k if you are going the EF route
Also the atk speed/CHC/move speed on inna's pants better in my view than the depth diggers. Getting more move speed on legs can also let you replace fleet footed with STI for greater dmg prevention
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I'm not dead set on EF. Open for suggestions. I know it needs upgraded (low base damage) if I don continue that route.

I have been watching for some good Inna's pants. It's hard to give up all that res and vit too though. Should I not worry so much about EHP? I'm currently using the depth diggers mainly because I snagged them super cheap on a timed auction.

I do typically run STI instead of FF. I only had FF on because I was running some friends through normal on their new characters.
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02/22/2013 09:46 AMPosted by Fitz
The calculator you are using probably includes dodge.

It actually gives separate values for everything extra such as dodge, block, and melee damage reduction. Pretty cool tool. What I just realized is it also doesn't currently include my STI bonus armor because I don't have it on (at work unable to log on). So it should be a little higher yet. I'll calculate it over my lunch break here shortly with everything correct. (And update my profile with the correct skills).
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So if I had 150mil, what should be my priority upgrade? I'm still trying to figure out how people make so much gold for those big ticket items. All luck?
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