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How do you kill MP8-10 Seigebreaker uber?

Okay... so I decided to start playing ubers after 1.0.7 last night and I hit a wall. ZK is easy, Ghom and Rak dies no prob, magdha, skele are a piece of cake. I attack seige and my health drops like a 5$ hooker. I have recently decided to change me EF from a lifesteal one to a crit dmg one but hell I see it as more damage more life steal from my WKL. Would buying another wep with 3% lifesteal fix this problem? I feel like that wouldnt be enough considering how much my life dropped from spamming bells (which is insanely effective with the stun rune btw).

If anyone tells me what they do I would appreciate it.

If not I will have to keep getting my wife (who is a CM wiz) to just permafreeze him every time I play

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im pretty sure you need at least two weapons with lifesteal and 650+ resistances in order to prevent damaging yourself beyond sustain when facing reflect damage. especially siege on a high MP level. i think you should probably get another weapon with lifesteal.
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This will sound counter-intuitive, but don't use sweeping wind or any other damage increasing abilities while beating on him. This should slow your rate of damage from the reflect damage ability and buy you enough time for serenity to pop back up. While Serenity is up pop all your burst damage stuff like bell and burn up all your spirit, rinse/wash/repeat.

Don't be afraid to turn tail and run away if need be either, pretend he is an inferno elite pack from launch basically.
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Wise advice. Sometimes DPS can be too much.
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I'll give all the advise I got a shot!

I'll get a LS wep to switch with my EF and just calm down on all the DPS modifiers

and let you guys know how it goes.

And yes Fitz, I normally use the empowered rune but for some reason I got an itch to see the

stun rune in action. When I played magdha/skele I was like "WTF this is so easy!"

With enough attack speed+FoT>15 spirit rune I seriously perma stun them. If by some chance they

dont get stunned by 2 shots of WoL I shoot out SSS>stun rune and it's game on! Now if only they

bake in OwE so I can put the 250 spirit passive on myself it would be over. 3 WoL chances = OP
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