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!@#$lyflubbed, help me be a better barb!

Hey fellow barbs! Broski here, just lookin for some advice on how to be/play better.
Here's my conundrum, I currently reach 65k dps dual wielding Bul Kathos set as WW barb and 96k dps with Skorn as HotA barb.

I can solo farm MP5-8 but it takes about 2 months per run. Was wondering what stats I need to look for when I'm farming or buying items on the AH? I have a little less than 30m gold left after buying items for my wizard, who I hate and wish I never created. ;_;

Also, I have a hard time keeping my fury filled and being able to keep perma-WotB. I recall someone saying I needed to be 2.5 attacks per second, but !@#$lyflub, I don't think I can reach that without sacrificing a lot of other stats.

Overall, I'm a badly geared, lowly skilled barb looking to become better.

tl;dr - i r bad, mak me gud plz
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Do you run both HotA and ww builds with the exact same gear (changing only the weapons)?
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3% leech with less than 100k dps is just not going to work at all
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pretty much if arthur gives you advice....listen.
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First change, use bloodthirst instead of unforgiving.

Secondly, list what build (dual wield or skorn) you want to use because their builds are a little bit diff. Skorn would require much more attack speed gear.

Also, since you are lacking a bit stat-wise I'\d probably ditch the SOJ for another ring with some stats to help keep wotb up and fury full.
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Well, yea I use the same gear for both builds, only changing the weapon from Skorn to the BulKathos set.

I use the SoJ for the +%Damage against elites modifier because I figured, !@#$ my dps is low anyways, a 20% boost would be great for farming or w/e.
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This is for wwnado:

I think your chc is too low to run with the BK set. You only have 33% with base+passives.

I'd look into changing the chd+ias ring into a chc+ias ring. Aim for at least 45-50% chc with base+passives (no buffs, including followers).

You can consider replacing BK set with a rare mace + EF w/+0.24-0.25 ias combo. It's easier to hit the 2.5 APS breakpoint with an EF. Str, LS and/or chd on the mace. Both weapons must have a socket. Str EF with socket and LS or chd should be out of your current budget.

If you do not like the Fear effect on the EF, you can change your SoJ to a cold damage SoJ (FYI, I bought a 5/28 Wiz cold damage SoJ for 1.4m bid yesterday -- just need to be patient).

If you wish to retain your BK set, I would suggest replacing the SoJ with a chc+chd ring (if you hit the 2.5 breakpoint, else you'll need another chc+ias ring).

You can also grab a low-end 3.5 - 4.5 chc 9 ias Lacuni Prowlers. You need 24% movement speed.
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Well, I have an EF with no socket, could I use that until I can find/afford one with a socket?
Sorry for the really short reply, I honestly don't know what to ask o.O
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start crafting. It's helped me gain quite a bit of dps.
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Yes, you can.

A 1k DPS socket Str EF is ~4-6m. Adding chd or LS on top of the socket would cost a bomb.
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Yes, you can.

A 1k DPS socket Str EF is ~4-6m. Adding chd or LS on top of the socket would cost a bomb.

I bought my OH for $5M.
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Ah ok, so look for a Str EF with socket and NO CHD? That makes it more affordable lol. I tried to find a cheap one with str, socket, and chd but I can't afford that.

Possible anyone could meet me ingame so I could look at their gear? Or should I visit random barb's profiles and write down desirable stats on specific item slots?
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You can check out the gear on picklesjr#1158 and xxxkan#1130
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Ok, so from what I've gathered about the EF is that it should be in the OH slot?
Would it be a good idea for me to dual wield the EFs? Like have the one with 1300 dps and no socket in MH and the one with 780 dps and socket in OH?

EDIT: Nevermind the dumb question about DW the EFs lol, can only equip one legendary of the same name :P
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02/25/2013 07:09 AMPosted by Broski
Possible anyone could meet me ingame so I could look at their gear? Or should I visit random barb's profiles and write down desirable stats on specific item slots?

I am confused as to what your goal is. Do you wish to switch to DTWW build or stay with current hota/rend? Copying other barbs will get you nowhere. I would suggest reading the sticky topic posted by RagingKoala and look up the science behind the barbarian builds.

You can only gear appropriately if you understand why certain attributes are pursued by barbarians:

i.e. why is an Echoing Fury considered BiS for ww barbs? How important is attack speed? What is a breakpoint?

It is very important that you understand the class before making too many gearing decisions. In the long run, you will hit another wall and not know why you are there...
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Yea, that makes sense. Honestly, I don't know what my goal should be man. I love playing the barb, but I have no idea what role I should be playing. I've played the WW/RLtW build, the HotA/Rend build, and some build where I used leap and seismic slam.

All I know is that I'd like to be able to solofarm on higher MPs if possible without dying a lot, if at all.
I keep hearing about these "Alk Runs" but I've no idea what this is, but it sounds like a good way to gain paragon levels.

I'm just trying to be able to farm faster and more efficiently so I can have massive dps and survivability, because one of my later goals is to be able to get a Hellfire Ring.

I was looking at WW and it seems that WW is the BEST class to farm with so I figured I'd give it another shot and try to respec/regear for it. >.> Sorry if this post made no sense
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Under the sticky topic, there is a guide written by Uberjager which explains the mechanics of the ww barb and how to build an affordable starter gear set. It explains which stats to prioritize.

After you get your gear right, look for PhatPhoEater's post on double nado gearing. He explains the ins and outs of the different weapon combo's for ww build.

You are correct in assuming that ww is the best build for farming currently in terms of area-of-effect DPS (quick clears).

You tube "Alkaizer run Diablo 3" and you will see exactly what an Alk run is. It is basically a super efficient farming route in act 3 that gets stacks quickly and then farms high density areas for elites/xp.
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Alright cool man, I'll start searching for those threads now. :D Thanks for the advice !
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