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The Salvation of Diablo 3: A Guide by Gosu

I never post on the boards, but this is actually good write up! Thank you for taking time and sharing good ideas! I hope devs will read and implement at least some of it.
Keep such threads coming and lets hope they and the firing the old director will bring about the much desired overhaul. Diablo shouldnt be about farming gold or dishing out cash to find upgrades period. The time:item upgrade ratio is repulsive.
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Great post Gosu, you knocked it out of the park. In a nut shell, you basically described how Blizzard failed to deliver the WOW factor, and I don't mean World of Warcraft. They made a great game so far, let's see them take it over the top. I do have faith.
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what he means is that the game nudges you towards using the Ah and while it is possible to upgrade without it, it is easier to do so with the AH. Once you start depending on the AH, it gets increasingly harder to find upgrades without it.

The game is a trade game. You aren't supposed to find all your own items. You are SUPPOSED to trade! Since the auction house is trading, of course most people will gravitate to using the auction house. And of course it is increasingly harder to find upgrades when you make the choice to trade.

This isn't a problem. This is the way Diablo games work lol.

The problem is people expecting to self-find their way to top gear in a Diablo game. There is no way to satisfy them without destroying the trading foundation of a Diablo game.

I absolutely cannot be bothered to read anymore from a person who doesn't understand this most basic premise. Their credibility is completely and utterly shot.

I don't think he meant that trading in itself is bad, if I remember his entire post correctly, his problem with the AH is that there's VERY FEW items worth trading, finding, or buying and the AH puts it out there at a moments notice that usually involves far less effort to obtain than actually finding it yourself. Hell, the "upgrade" you are looking for is typically just increasing the stats of the item that you already have. In other words, itemization is horrible, not the AH. The AH just takes the entire 10 items worth having and gives them to you quickly.
If they literally just made the itemization better, reduced the useless affix/prefixes, got rid of 99% of white drops and made fun legendaries it would make the game 100% better, they made the legendary drop icon all cool and stuff but its not fun at all to just glance at it and know its going to be useless w/o even identifying it (I mean fing really frostburn Gauntlets you really REALLY thought it was a good idea to force two useless affixes on it? increased globe health and pickup radius.)
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What kills itemization in D3 for me is the main stat focus.

My suggestion is to make main stats a "jack of all trades" affix, that increases your damage across the board to a small amount, but then add in damage bonuses to different areas. Like have a "9% increased primary skill damage" affix. "13% increased secondary skill damage" "Defensive cooldowns reduced by 20%" etc. (Then class specific "trees")

They had this design originally .. instead of STR, DEX, INT .. there was
- Attack (increased damage),
- Defense (damage reduction)
- Precision (increase crit chance)

.. 4 months before release (January 2012) .. they changed this to be the STR, DEX, INT stystem we see today.

THIS is why we have all the itemization problems we do .. they changed CORE mechanics 5 months before release .. a system that was being designed so that any attribute could be useful to any class .. was turned into the primary stat system we have today.

I suspect they just did a big find/replace on the items (anywhere attack was used, replace it with INT) .. anywhere Defense was used .. replace with STR) ..

I truly believe all the "mess" that is Diablo 3 is because there were some pretty big design changes the last year of development that changed the core of the game, but they simply did not have time to test/vet it ... we've been doing that for them for the past year.
Epic. Respect.

They should make this "a" Patch named Gosu.
So I read it all. I just started getting back into D3 a week or so ago and it was going okay. I quit after 1.03 and killing inferno diablo at the time.

Also friends stopped playing.. You know the rest.

Anyways, after reading all this, I am going to quit again. I never read something that made so much sense lol. It was beautifully constructed. Well done. You probably put more into this post than I have put into D3 (which is kinda sad because I put years into D2).

You are right in identifying the problems, your solutions I can't confirm would be amazing. However I'd like to say... I'd play that game. Hell I'd play the !@#$ out of that game.

I'm gonna quit until they figure their stuff out (or hire you). It just wasn't what I wanted..

Never have I posted a "I'm quitting" post but reading what you wrote makes me look at diablo in a new light. It's sad that the game you laid out sounds infinitely better than what I've dumped 200 hours into lol. I hope most of this stuff somehow manifests itself... Maybe I'll play then. For now, this game is pretty empty. I've tried (3 times now?) to get back into it but I can't.

The part about the wizard was specifically heartbreaking. Your itemization is awesome as well.

Take care man, it's only a game and should be fun not what it is now. Lots of internets to you sir.
i loved , +1
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This, is probably the best post I have ever seen on these forums. Everything in here is something that blizzard should copy+paste.

Gosu for president
Honestly I'd be surprised if you got a blue reply. I mean it's pretty embarrassing how awesome your post is vs the state of the game.

But yea, blizzard won't comment on something this good :D
Well said OP + 1 I do like the point you touched on about the choice between items...

I think it's a far better scenario to have an inventory full of items that makes your choice difficult on what to use or what build you want to make with them; rather than "yay just another inventory filled with junk"
This actually sounds like a game that I would enjoy playing 76 hours straight! Hopefully BLIZZ will take some advice +1 This would be awesome!
I have seen some posts that have great ideas which everyone seems to agree would finally make this game as amazing as we all expected it to be. Alas, nothing happens.
Nevertheless, I will continue to like and request sticky on these really really good posts.
Good luck!!!
I posted this on the PoE forums, if Blizzard doesn't use these ideas, at least GGG should.
I think some of your ideas would be great but my overall impression is that you just want a whole new game. 90% of your ideas are unrealistic, I'm already playing this game. Your ideas amount to a completely different game.

As a DH I disagree with your proposed changes to the class, as the game is now played. Being able to faceroll the game should be earned and it should be a hard status to achieve. Instead of all of your suggested buffs Blizzard could just nerf the monsters again and achieve the same results. The game needs to be made harder not easier. Everyone should have to work hard to become a God but very few should be able to attain that status. It should not be a right, it should be a privilege.

I don't believe you read the entire post.

I don't think anyone should be facerolling the game without having put forth an ENORMOUS effort. As I said in my post, I think that most of the Monster Power levels are way too easy. I think that MP0 should be mostly a faceroll for anyone who's put in at least 50 hours into their characters. Everything after that is a different story. Decreasing enemy damage/HP would not even come close to accomplishing a tiny, microscopic fraction of what I have layed out. I truly do appreciate the feedback, but I'm not sure you understood the points I was trying to make...
Fantastic post! I was thinking about an endless dungeon type instance since d3 came out. Maybe a way to implement this type of dungeon would be to require the player to achieve a certain paragon level before being able to enter. In fact i think blizz could implement a variety of new dungeons or additional rewards for players who reach designated paragon levels.
nice post man! Now blizz, please consider these creative suggestions..
I think you should just employ this guy...
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