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The Salvation of Diablo 3: A Guide by Gosu

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Blizzard is afraid to do anything drastic, but drastic is what its going to take to really save the game. Unfortunately, there is not enough time for the PC folks to playtest a radical solution before the port to consoles.

So we are screwed.
I agreed with everything Travis had to say, except one thing, Character Customization (concerning trying new builds, switching on the fly, etc). The reason why, is that it doesn't feel unique to run a certain build. My biggest problem is that somebody will copy the build, claim it for themselves and make it widely known, drowning out the original owner/creator of said build.

I personally put a lot of time into my builds and ensure that it operates synergistically. There is a purpose for every skill and rune choice. It only takes one guy to come in and copy that to start using it and then said person will tell other people and lead to tinkering the build and destroying every choice that was put into designing that build.

There is no other game where I felt bad from being copied. Only in Diablo 3 it really affects me the wrong way. Builds are supposed to be accomplishments and the free selection destroys that sense of accomplishment.
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Challenge is certainly something that has value; players can’t feel a sense of accomplishment if everything in the game can be face rolled. I think many people would agree that, at launch, the game was too challenging. It was very difficult to progress through Inferno depending on your class or items and the challenge was a large part of the reason players felt like they were driven to the AH in the first place. When you present players with difficult content they will find a way to overcome it which usually means using only the most powerful items and abilities. The unfortunate side effect is it also drives players away from the play styles they feel are “just fun”. We have taken steps to improve this problem a number of ways; reducing the overall difficulty of Inferno, improving the potency of underused skills to allow players more diversity in their gameplay, and introducing Monster Power to allow players to set the game to a level which they feel is enjoyable. I think the right way to introduce challenge is to make it optional, for example having difficult content for the players that enjoy it without penalizing the players who prefer a more relaxed gameplay experience.

Here is what you simply DO NOT GET. No, inferno was not "too challenging". Increasing stat requirements is not adding "challenge". Elites having more affixes, thats an increase in challenge. But just making mobs hit harder and have more HP is not an increase in challenge. Increasing DPS and defense requirements is not "challenge". Which why MP is not a fix, its not an increase in "challenge".

When this FACT finally sinks in, you will be able to fix the game.
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Epic post from OP , very detailed and well thought. Good job there.

For the very first time I actually bothered to read these walls of text and also liked all of them.
Suggestions were awesome and fresh , explanation hits all the points.

Also the post from Travis was much way better than any of the Dev's Q&A answers seriously , in just a single post my faith to this game somehow got back a little.

Now it's only up to Blizzard to make all this happen.
"Epic", "nice" "great idea", "this needs now" is all I'm reading.

Anyone else ever heard of the word, opinion? That's where what's-his-nuts from Blizzard decided to step in with his own ideas and understandings, as well as contributions to the noble ideas.

The only sacrifice OP made is time. Nothing else. Move along.
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Hey Blizzard,

Please accept Gosu's post as his resume' for the recent job opening on D3's staff.

Thanks :)

I don't mean to be a Debby Downer, but, why do some people get praised so much for their posts when hundreds of people, including myself have been putting in time for months to get threads noticed that have to do with "fixing the game"... boggles the mind. I say well done for a good series of arguments, but lets get real people.
took them 10 months to realize there will be no PvP (at least for now).

How long will it take them before any chagnes to the itemisation are done? Heh. We have to "wait" and see I guess ...
Blizz team awards: "You don't Say"


You only focus in sell games, that explain the short time BETA,
Poor patchs, seriously compare others online game, these have content in every patch,
PS3/4 lost time work explain your bad work in D3 game (sad very sad).
Your changes / fixes, give me cancer and make me cry, really little and bored changes.

I really hate your word "satisfied with this", than "soon", take your work seiously pls, ruin their reputation. This is your response.

Stop think Diablo 3 is a only monster killing game like and arcade, this is only one finality.

We need choices, versatility, builds, inventory, options, crafts, good systems to kill those monsters.

Work in items systems. unused items, craft items, items diversity, and over all TRUE LEGENDARY ITEMS
Here is what you simply DO NOT GET. No, inferno was not "too challenging". Increasing stat requirements is not adding "challenge". Elites having more affixes, thats an increase in challenge. But just making mobs hit harder and have more HP is not an increase in challenge. Increasing DPS and defense requirements is not "challenge". Which why MP is not a fix, its not an increase in "challenge".

When this FACT finally sinks in, you will be able to fix the game.

I agree that challenge is more complex than just more mob hp or damage. I'm assuming you are not saying that D2 had this challenge dynamic sorted though, as increased mob hp and damage was exactly how it scaled challenge. There was nothing complex there.

What I find odd is that people keep harping on about the changes that did make things more dynamic and challenging in D3 than D2. For example the mechanics around health globes instead of spamming pots, encouraging players to head out into the wilderness and battle elites/champs in order to get the good rewards rather than mindless repetitive boss runs.

I just raise this because it again points out the 'challenge' Blizzard has in catering to all of the varying demands coming from differing perspectives.

Character Customization

Your system idea for Nephalem Power Stat is basically a roundabout way of suggesting we re-implement the Diablo 2 skill system. The old skill system was fun, back in the day, but I think it’s honestly dated in today’s landscape. People fondly remember making tons of characters and trying out different builds, and while I have a lot of those same fond memories, I also remember that usually the end result of my time investment in my “cool new character” was complete and utter disappointment.
Today the availability of web sites or posts about character builds would mostly overshadow any of that old character rerolling. You would read a post saying someone else tried the build that you had imagined would be amazing, only to find out it was awful, or you would find out it was great and build it also. The skill system today allows people the flexibility to try out things they enjoy without penalizing players who want to experiment with new ideas. The only difference is if their idea doesn’t pan out, you didn’t waste hours leveling a bad character.
Character customization is fun. People want more ways to feel different from their neighbor, and we want to help provide players with more options in this regard as well. There are lots of things that we have discussed and some ideas we have for long term system additions to the game to help in this regard. One of them which I mentioned in another post is the plan to eventually introduce a system to allow players to customize their character appearance more. Another system we haven’t talked about before is the long term plan to change the way the Paragon system works to allow it to offer more character customization in the form of actual power. The details of that system are still being worked out and players probably won’t get their hands on it for quite a while. We do agree that customization is important and we want more ways for players to both express themselves and differentiate themselves from their friends and other members of the community.

Character customization is neat and all but what Diablo 3 really lacks is character development. Without having to make any permanent decisions and everything can be changed instantly there really isn't any. If you decided to include actual character development it doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to correct any mistakes you might have made. You could have a possibility to respec through a quest or something else that wasn't insant so it would be more beneficial to make 2 characters for 2 different things. Saying that players won't enjoy creating their own characters is just absurd. It is through hardship and doing things we might not enjoy so much what builds up a character and makes us appreciate the good stuff more.
I think the problem is either 1 of 2 things:

1. They've developed the game at a novice level and pigeon holed themselves to a point that these easy to implement suggestions can't be placed in the code without screwing things up, or they simply don't have the expertise to do so.

2. They've got a stranglehold of the RMAH and are afraid to make any changes that may upset the balance of cash flow coming in.

Is it really too much to ask to have an inventory where even 1/4 of the items after a run make us think "hmm so many possibilities here" or "so many builds to make of these.. what to do"

Of course if we had those options, there would be far less need to use either of the AH's.

They have to attack the core of the problem, and I think most will agree it's itemization; but the question is WHY is it such a problem? There are so many suggestions to navigate around it, but why is it so difficult for them to address? Take your pick.
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I wish BoA would go away, but ya. Mostly good post.
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I dont know about anyone else but i miss the randomization of levels and areas. I am sorry but going into a zone knowing right where to go is just no fun. I loved exploring the whole map and actually LOOKING for the areas I needed not just running in and go straight to them.
Again you are 100% wrong. Most players are very narrow minded and only look for trifecta items. You can make perfectly viable builds without trifecta items. I'll show you one. My Barbarian.

You're actually the one who is wrong here. I'm afraid that you havent spent enough time playing this game yet to understand the true issues it faces. Looking for trifecta items has nothing to do with narrow-mindedness. Play the game some more and you will understand why these things are the way they are. I mean no offense by this.
Something I'd like to see added to crafting is a use for white items (or blues too I guess). Something like if you have a white item of the recipe you're trying to make, it reduces the other costs - gold, mats, something in there. So they're not required (because that would suck !@#) but if you happen to see one as you're farming, it's still helpful.
Those people who prefer a "relaxed" game can play on soft-core. Where dying doesn't matter, or they can choose to skip a certain mob pack.

The point the OP is trying to make I believe, is when your dev team believes that the challenge of the game comes from tweaking numbers on damage output or the health pool of mobs. That's not the challenge I am looking for, and I don't think I'm alone there. People want mechanics that challenge the players brain and knowledge of the game. Mechanics that aren't gear dependent but knowledge or common sense dependent. Which is also part of the reason people flock to the AH, everything in your game revolves around better gear instead of player skill. And I think that's the main reason this game is failing, because everything revolves around gear instead of skill.

Having spoken my mind about this game for the first time in awhile, I would also like to thank you for responding to this constructive thread. I still keep up with the D3 news, patiently waiting for D3 to become the game that I know it can be. :)

There we go. This guy understands what I'm trying to say. Thank you for helping to make that more clear :)
You don't have...

-Level generation

... in the list of issues. Social garb is more a concern for diablo 3? please.
Got a Diablo CD case kickin around? Diablo 1. read the back
"Random level generation, no two game is EVER the same!"
that was in 1996, today diablo 3 is- every game is allways the same.. yay.
Yay to Travis. It's great and reassuring to see that you think far more about the game than any of us who play the game. I am sure all of us have our own wishlists of what we would like to see in the game or removed from the game, but as long as we see that Blizzard keeps moving forward gives us fans hope
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Gosu - you really, REALLY need to get a girlfriend.

Lol I have one. She has also played the game with me and she's quite proud of the effort I put forth into creating this post, as well as the feedback it has received :D

She was, however, not too psyched at the amount of time it took me to write...lol.
Nobody wants to pick up THOUSANDS of useless items. The fact is, the average item is just too awful. This is a large contributor to the feeling of helplessness that comes with playing this game and always leads players to relying on the Auction House. When you have to ID 500 items before you find one worth selling and then start the process all over again, you begin to feel desperation and a sense that your luck is just worse than everyone else’. NO ONE wants to spend that much time sorting through that much junk. The only reason we do it AT ALL is so that we can scrounge up enough savings to enlist the help of the AH. We don’t do it cause it’s fun, we do it because we have no other choice.

+1 for all of this. I haven't even finished reading it and i know everything you're saying is true. As for the AH well i have found myself logging in and only going to the AH to see if I can Buy low and Sell High. That is what my item hunt has come too, I don't even play until i get enough money to buy something I can use just to try it out.

I haven't even played in two months and I don't care. I liked this game at first even with all the bad talk about it. I wanted to get my char better so i could see why everyone was !@#$%ing. My char is still not good at all but i tried....and tried....and tried.....and got bored. I haven't even downloaded to "new" patch. I will some day but until they fix it I'm good.

Bottom line the Dev's need to read and heed post like this, not all the meaningless bs that shows up here all the time. A revamp like this would make this one of the best games out there like it should be. Again props the the OP on this one.
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