Diablo® III

Extreme Lag

For all you people with problems with lag !!.
Have you punch holes in your router for Diablo 3 ?

Port 1110
Port 6881-6999

This will make a difference and can some times be the cause of delays
Delays = Lag

Note this could cure your lag.
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i haven't suffered from lag that often in game.
But since this patch wow, it is getting to be unplayable. Damn
Optus ISP
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I'm not sure if I've got lucky and received the worst Blizzard patch. My gameplay has gone from reasonable lag spikes and rubber banding in Act changes to tonight 6 March 10 minute Server disconnects. I'm with Internode Sydney 9.00 pm time
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What does this tell me?

traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 72 byte packets
1 router.belkin () 0.686 ms 0.440 ms 0.416 ms
2 myrouter.home () 1.515 ms 1.435 ms 1.146 ms
3 meb803.ba.optusnet.com.au ( 28.164 ms 27.705 ms 26.907 ms
4 meb3-ge12-0.gw.optusnet.com.au ( 28.330 ms 28.102 ms 28.790 ms
5 bla5-ge5-0.gw.optusnet.com.au ( 42.220 ms 43.258 ms 43.060 ms
6 ( 200.880 ms 208.413 ms 201.986 ms
7 xe-2-3-0.lax30.ip4.tinet.net ( 214.899 ms 214.231 ms
xe-3-1-0.lax30.ip4.tinet.net ( 203.128 ms
8 as7018.lax30.ip4.tinet.net ( 202.559 ms 204.087 ms 202.215 ms
9 cr2.la2ca.ip.att.net ( 208.988 ms
cr1.la2ca.ip.att.net ( 224.369 ms
cr2.la2ca.ip.att.net ( 206.346 ms
10 gar29.la2ca.ip.att.net ( 218.743 ms
gar20.la2ca.ip.att.net ( 207.612 ms
gar29.la2ca.ip.att.net ( 217.208 ms
11 12-122-254-234.attens.net ( 205.709 ms ( 205.605 ms
12-122-254-238.attens.net ( 207.431 ms
12 ( 205.492 ms 206.212 ms 205.843 ms
13 * * *
14 * * *
15 * * *
16 * * *
17 * * *
18 * * *
19 * * *
20 * * *
21 * * *
22 * * *
23 * * *
24 * * *
25 * * *
26 * * *
27 * * *
28 * * *
29 * * *
30 * *
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Got disconnected last night, around 10pm Brissie time - game client hung for 2 minutes before saying I'd been disconnected. 2nd time in 3 days (I've only played twice in 3 days, so 100% failure ratio Blizzard). In the 4 months that I played last year before quitting, I never experienced this type of problem.

I don't know what Blizzard has done, but their sites battle.net & blizzard.com were both down yesterday afternoon - with battle.net not open to a telnet on port 80 either. I'm starting to think that Blizzard has been hacked and is trying to mop up the mess but not publicly admit it. Well, that's what my nose is telling me.

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03/02/2013 06:05 PMPosted by mrtheoden
No ISP is going to change their routing for you

I beg to differ :p

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i haven't suffered from lag that often in game.
But since this patch wow, it is getting to be unplayable. Damn
Optus ISP

I have the exact same issues. since this patch started getting lag.
I am with optus but all my speed tests suggest issue lies elsewhere
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how many time do we need to tell blizz tho? im getting rather tired.......
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I just did a speed-test, 7ms ping, 112.61mbps down, 2.37mbps up.
I have good internet speeds for everything else I do except D3. The lag issue is random, it can happen at any time of day or night. My son and I usually play every night and we are in the same house on the same internet connection. Some nights the ping is so bad we cannot play at all. We both switch to the Asian servers and everything runs perfectly, so Im guessing the problem is primarily with the American servers.
I have certainly noticed it to be a lot worse since 1.07 update. My game ping is usually around 188-195, but occasionally it goes to 1700+. When this happens I know I'm about to be dumped from game. Act 3 seems to be the worst.
Im not sure if anyone else is aware of this, but Blizzard approached Telstra to setup a server in Australia when the game was first released. Telstra refused to allow the server unless they were paid a large commission plus the cost of the server hosting. Basically, Telstra wanted too much for Blizzard to justify setting the server up in Aus so they abandoned the idea. Unfortunately, none of the other ISP's have the ability to run the server themselves, so without Telstra assistance it will never happen here.
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That's rarer than hen's teeth. :P

Good on IINET though. Try finding another ISP that'll do it for you. Routing changes generally won't make much of a difference for us Australians anyway - the number of hops in the routing table will stay roughly the same in most instances, and latency/ping times too.


03/08/2013 12:22 AMPosted by brenzA
No ISP is going to change their routing for you

I beg to differ :p

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The server is !@#$ed tonight, Cannot even %^-*en move without a kick back or lag spike. Im connection to speedtest at 10megs per sec and that usually means 220 - 280 ms connections. atm 500 - 700 een 2000 at one stage. Fix this !@#$
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same i am with Optus I and tend to lag more during evening around 7pm onwards and it will clear up around after midnight, typically having 400-2000ms, please fix this....
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normal game play, I die a bit due to lagging (Blizzard owes me about 50million in repairs BTW) BUT Uber fights are god damn near impossible with lag. I run around on MP7 when gaming, Ubers I need to run on MP4 due to lag, even then Im lucky if Rak doesn't one shot me or the skeleton king teleports on me and instant death.... FFFFFFUUUUUUUU blizzard for making my game play HELL.
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No lag for me and my room mate sharing the same connection. Steady 185 - 190 ish ping
It's not happening to all of us I only get home to play after work during peak hours but not experiencing the same lag on bigpond HFC.
Friends also on bigpond that i play with hasn't got that issue either.

A few people on Optus seem to be having congestion problems recently it seems.
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With TPG and this has only started fpr me this week - tonight its terrible but usually only in Public games or when there are 30 different hings happening on the the screen - THIS IS a Blizzard issue.
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I have the same Problems with extreme laggs ,especially at night ...the game is unplayable now -.-
Can anyone from Blizzard Fix this !@#$ of a Game ?!!! I've Payed for this and now i can't play it
Blizzard sucks , only make dollars but wheres the maintenance ?? Can any of you Blizzard Mods or something else post here a solution for this problem now !!
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Also getting a LOT of lag Sydney, Aus. Never had an issue until a few days ago. Getting pretty annoying...
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Same here, but tracert seems to be showing latency spikes and timeouts on the Australia side of things.
I'm in metro Perth and my ISP is iiNet.
Maybe it's time to contact iiNet.. It's only started happening recently, and it's worst on weekends. Weekdays used to be super smooth but it has also becoming a bit more laggy in the past couple of weeks.
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Yes,......When they up the monster load they should allocate more memory to the game etc This is thr problem They need to fix it ...simple maths!
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