Diablo® III

What character would you like to know more about?

Written before reading the other responses in the thread:

Covetous Shen -though I sense his backstory may be intended for an expansion set

Lynden, the Scoundrel


Maltheal - or however one spells the name of the Angel of Wisdom who is strangely absent

Natalya - she always was the most mysterious character in D2

And, in the "ancient history category": BulKathos

Also, the family of Wirt and Squirt. Surely, they must have some odd cousins or uncles. um... Dirt? or maybe, Pert? or the mentally-challenged Hurt? or, the bottomless dancer, Shirt? or, the bottomless pit, Burp?
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Where Adria went.
covetous Shen's background told by someone other than him.
The templar order.
the enchantress.
all of the angiris council.
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I want to know more about Malthael.
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I feel like the background of the followers is a huge gap in the lore. I think it would've been a nice addition to have side quests for each of them, and also for the crafters. Each one you just have a single initial quest to get them, then nothing. Lots of wasted potential there for cool backstory, imo.
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Farnham the drunk from diablo 1
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More back stories about the followers...like which angel is enchantress' prophet???? Also I'd like t o know what happened to the druid in D2...and also Gheed....
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The. Horadric. CUBE. What happened to it!? And don't tell me it was destroyed in the worldstone explosion because that would insinuate that the hero carrying it died along with it, which some parts of Diablo 3 elude to them surviving the blast...
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I hve started this adventure with a Monk, please give me more inforemation about these fighters
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female barb!
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That necromancer in the random event in Act 2.
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The beginning of the Nephalen and the ancient world of sanctuary. Thousands and thousands years before the start of D1 lore.
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The Necromancer that appears in Act 2!
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Speaking set gear owners that no one's heard of... What about Inna? Whom is this lengedary monk?
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Where adria went.
More about shen and his gem hunt.
Helping lyndon with his kingsport problems.

I totally expect to see this in the expansion, haha. If I had the word, there would be a second expansion called "Diablo 3: Kingsport, the city by the sea"! lol

(also, we probably will end up resurrecting leah, but no one cares about her.)
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Siggard from the short story Demonsbane. His story seems to have been written way back before the Sin War was actually fleshed out, in that he seems to live in an era where Heaven and Hell are actively fighting over Sanctuary with armies, which as far as we know never happened.

Is his story still canon (it was included in the Diablo Archive)? And if so, what era does it take place in?
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Would be nice to now more about Trag'Oul, Rathma and the first Nephalem.
Mendeln from the Sin Wars trilogy, who follow Rathma. Inarius, the creator of Sanctuary.

Would be great to see Drognan again, I guess we need a new lore teller.
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Covetous Shen, Travis Day and Tal Rasha
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I'd like to learn more about the religion of the monks of Ivgorod, as well as the nature of life in Ivgorod.
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03/01/2013 04:04 PMPosted by Drothvader
Alaric and Kulle

Kulle:Horodrim Rouge
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03/01/2013 02:51 PMPosted by SirRight
Is the missing angel of Wisdom actually Shen in human form?

Mind BLOWN. The gem = World Stone? lol - Maybe this is right. It'd make sense imo. Malthael has been mia searching for the World Stone, which is actually a giant gem.
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