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What character would you like to know more about?

Siggard from the short story Demonsbane. His story seems to have been written way back before the Sin War was actually fleshed out, in that he seems to live in an era where Heaven and Hell are actively fighting over Sanctuary with armies, which as far as we know never happened.

Is his story still canon (it was included in the Diablo Archive)? And if so, what era does it take place in?
Unfortunately this story was removed from lore for some reason.
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The hierarchy of Angels.

At the moment we know about the High Council of Archangels, and then two subordinates of Tyrael - Izual and Inarius.That's about it. The rest are no name, no rank foot soldier Angels.

It would be nice to drop in some more names of the Lieutenants of the other Angiris Council members and perhaps what their roles are in the Silver City. Things such as the special abilities and responsibilities of the of Angels under the command of the different Council Members. For instance, say the Angels under Imperius' command specialize in Infiltration missions / abilities into the Burning Hells or are the ones in charge of patrolling the region separating the Burning Hells and the Silver City.

With the development of more enemies in each Diablo Act you naturally build the dynamics and hierarchy of the Burning Hells' ranks, but the Heavenly Host which should be about equal in power / influence to the Burning Hells is scarce of info.

With Tyrael part of the Council again and probably planning to have the Angels working in conjunction with the inhabitants of Sanctuary, you may have this planned already, but just in case, this is what I would like to see.
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Blizzard's writing is so bad these days that I think I'd prefer if they just left their older classic characters alone. Metzen and Co. seem to think of a "story" first and then shoehorn it into the established setting, retconning indiscriminately as they go.

I think it's because Blizzard North isn't here anymore to tell him "Metzen, this is frickin' STUPID".
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Malthael and/or Itherael. I'm crazy curious about angiris antics. Especially since the other angels other than Tyrael were just kind of touched on (and we didn't even see Malthael).
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I personally would love to know more about Inarius and Lilith.

The old Horadrim, every member and a back story.

More on Anu and Tathamet aswell.

Skovos Isles, Scosglen, Xiansai - locations yes, but i'm sure there is PLENTY of lore in them ;)

Though i have a feeling some might be covered in the expansions... (yay)
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heroes from D2, what happened to ALL of them?
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- Horazon, where did he ulitmately go?
- Bartuc, how did he end up guarding Hell's armories?
- Lazarus, where did he come from, why did he become evil?

- More angels! There has to be more archangels beside the Angiris. I wanna see a fat, jolly angel of Joy!
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I would like to see information regarding what was going on around the time Tathamet bore the seven Prime Evils appear in-game. I believe around the same time Anu's spine became the Crystal Arch from which the angels came forth.
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I wanna know more about the sorcerer and rogue from D1. I'm a D1 fanboy and my fan fiction always revolves around it.
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The Angiris council, and angels in general.
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Would love to learn more about Trag'Oul , as well as Natalya and Tal Rasha
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Arkaine - The legendary hero with the holy armor (that's for some reason locked whitin the possessed cathedral, but anyhow...). Who was he???
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The guy from the Skorn flavor text.
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I'd like to know more about Adria, Leah, and Covetous Shen.
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Would like to hear about a Diablo prequel. How did the demons of hell come to exisit to begin with? How did they get here?
Were they put here?
etc etc :-)
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Covetous Shen, Lilith, and Malthael
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The priest of Rathma from Diablo 2

Natalya, where is she?

Ormus, more about the skatsimi

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The entire Angiris Council, especially Malthael and Auriel, and more importantly, Natalya, the Assassin of Viz-Jaq'taar. There was only one convo with her back in Kurast in D2 and that was it, don't know what happened to her or where she went.

Also, but why not, some of the characters from Diablo 2 such as Charsi, Alkor, Ormus, Warriv, Jerhyn, etc. I enjoyed all their convos without a doubt, I got attached to them. </3
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I would like to know more about the monks and the order of Ivgorod. There is very little mention of Ivgorod in the game with an exception that takes between the Templar and the Monk. The achievement, Champions of Ivgorod lists the name; however other than outside resources I was unable to find any information about the Monks.

According to Diablo Wiki,
"Not much is known about Ivgorod, except that it is located in "the Foothills on the edge of the Sharval Wilds". "

The "Foothills" could then possibly be the foothills of the same mountain range as the Tamoe Highland and the Rogue Monastery in Diablo 2, just further north.

It's known that the order of Monks come from Ivgorod, and that they are the protectors of the land. They have accumulated knowledge of the body as well as of spiritualism, even if it's unknown whether or not they follow the Zakarum. Being so close to Khanduras, they have most definitely been approached by the priests and paladins of the religion.

So I ask myself where is the Sharval Wilds? Is it north of Khanduras? Does the monk character hail from an area South of the Arreat Creater? Does Ivgorod border the Westmarch? Does the monk actually live a life of religious solitude and wisdom?

I appreciate any lore-responses.
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Wirt and his connection to cows.
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