I have video freezing ever since this game came out. Bought a new computer all Solid State, but with a new NVIDIA Geoforce GTX 660 Ti. All brand new, Windows7 64 bit, all patched and up to date on all drivers.

SAME Video Freezing, and 50% of the lockups I have to CTRL-ALT-DEL to the desktop to close the task. Other times, I might get lucky and the game will unfreeze, about 30-60 seconds later, and I have to catch up with the group.

I have turned all the video settings down, shadows off, followed a few guides, looked at the CPU & Video Card temperature, and still, the same lockups.

I also notice the same anomilies, when doing Seigebreaker run, at the end of the map before seigebreaker, when I path up to the right side, the video flashes white and scrambled garbage every time. Old computer and new computer do the same thing. Only thing that is the same is the brand of the video card.