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Need help from pro wizards...

Looking to build up my wizard. Ulitmately my goal is just to farm mid level MPs (150k dps??). I doubt i will drop billions into my char to get him MP10-ready.

Some tips on what I need to focus on would be great.

My current plan:
1) Craft shoulders of vitality
2) Craft amulets of Intelligence
3) Pick up some decent cheapo trifecta intel gloves
4) Intel/vit crit lacuni's (might just use the ones from my barb...recommendations would be nice)
4) Storm crow? Do I need one of these? See tons of people running them... If so what stats are important on them? I was thinking just to stack some crit in other places (neck for sure) and then get a regular non-crit int mempo.

What else should I be focused on?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance wiz pros!!

Profile link: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Pri-1584/hero/22381342
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You can start by checking out my guide...if you want to run the SNS variant of the CM build. It requires stacking alot of armor and all res....but since you're using shocking aspect you'll do alot more damage. i see that you are currently running the spec...mostly (i'd chose evocation instead of cold blooded, for the better freezing).


I'f you're goal isn't be be gg.....but just to farm mid level MP's, I'd switch to an IAS wand. One with 1.73 total AS will get you to the 2.73 breakpoint without changing IAS on any of your other gear. It'll be easier to stack the IAS and CC (not to mention all res and armor) that you need. You should be shooting for:
4000-4500 armor
600-700 all res
2.73 AS
45-50 CC
800 LoH
100,000 DPS

You'll be able to do MP5 pretty well. Any more that that will require more armor, all res, and DPS.

Since you have a APOC wand, I'd suggest getting a Mempo...preferably one with INT/ and 800+ armor. You don't need the APOC from StormCrow. THe LoH you have on your ammy is more than enough, but after losing the CC from your Andy's helm, you need to replace it on your ammy....and you need more CC anyways...i'd get an ammy with 9 CC and 800 LoH. Not sure what that does for the budget! Another, better, alternative, is to get a pair of blackthorne's pants (come with ~400 LoH)...get ones preferably with all res and armor (or at least 700 all res). Then you'll only need 400 LoH on your ammy.

There are lots of other things you can do...feel free to post in my Guide's thread. I always check there for questions.

Cheers and good luck!
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Thank you very much.
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