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Item blog is out. What are your thoughts?

Travis Day for New Lead Game Designer +1 vote.
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I can see how this meeting went......
Corporate Stooge: "Ladies and gentlemen, we have reached our desired revenue on the rmah........go make the game the way it should have been now." *Meeting erupts in applause and cheers.*

Its been a while since I've commented or done anything on any blizzard site, but this update gives me a faint glimmer of hope.
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03/05/2013 02:22 PMPosted by DarkLink
Travis Day for New Lead Game Designer +1 vote.
I thought he was the lead game designer.
BOA is an example of ruining a game for elite players while solving a problem for casuals.
Change that to say
BOA is an example of ruining a game for rich players while solving a problem for poor players.
There's nothing that makes you more elite than me. It doesn't matter how much money you spend and how much DPS you get, I'm still the better player by a long shot.
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I want to see item modification like the Mystic. It was basically another version of gems, but the array of possibilities would be wonderful. Make it more utility and skill related affixes so there aren't obvious choices, and maybe bring back a lot of the chance on hit stuff from D2 like releasing charged bolts. I would absolutely love to see that on a belt besides the Thunder God's Fury or whatever it's called.

Things I've always wanted to see from the nonexistant mystic:
Vanity enchantments (I want my sword with lifesteal to glow red or green instead of drip blood maybe?)
Enchantments to fill in stat holes, maybe pickup radius on a belt, 3% atk speed on pants or 20 resist on a pair of gloves.
+Skill enchants that are worth having like decreasing the cooldown on breath of heaven for a support monk in uber runs? Adding an extra bounce to Weapon throw? Zombie dogs sometimes spawn another zombie dog when they kill an enemy?
Every 10 seconds your next attack shoots chain lightning because that's awesome?
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I am glad they are still working on the game. People will !@#$% and moan no matter what, but they are trying to make the game better, which is all we can ask. At least they are talking about it, and trying to be open about what they have in mind. I was in line when D2 was released, and I can remember alot of changes through the years, so this is not much different in my opinion. Sure, there will be ongoing issues with the game, but the tweaks and tuning is making the game awesome. The changes in the blog sound pretty damn cool to me. I dont care if they were orginally planned to be in the game and got cut, the point is that some of those great ideas will be coming.
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1 + 2 = futility


2+1 = the very same futility

Having things drop less but potentially be more epic is no different then having things drop more but potentially be garbage.
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Good news everyone!
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For the guys that think BOA are making life so wonderful for casual or poor players....

I would just say your right... but that is only for the very short term. The BOA items are so OP with so little effort that the FUN (aka High) of quickly crafting all that gear will quickly burn out, as you reach a high level of gear in those slots.

Then what are you going to do? The casual rare's and legs will be even more useless then before, and your likely hood of crafting something better than what you have will continue to drop. Soon you will be left with the same empty feeling, except now you only farm for crafting materials, and loot becomes a once long forgotten term.

I don't believe it was intended to make Crafted items so easily BIS... But that's just me.

At least they are raising the bar on item quality all round in coming patches... who know's where we will end up. :)
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sounds good overall...lets make it happen!
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Sounds good to me - some needed changes.
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Excited to get a good pair of these http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/steady-strikers
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03/05/2013 10:30 AMPosted by Treleth
I think I'm looking forward to finding a Sledgedist with iLVL 63 stats. : )

O.M.G. Sir you are a genius, I need to pull out my old Monk if this happens :D
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03/05/2013 11:00 AMPosted by Zaxxon23
Simple. They still don't get it. They have no idea what makes Diablo tick.

How did you come to this conclusion??
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Stupid assumptions make your post irrelevant.

And stupid comments are why I have you on my ignore list. Saying stupid **** like elite players and casual players, BS like that. If we really want to get into who has more skill, it's me. So I detest that comment that you made regarding elites and casuals because this is a game where if you spend more money, you look more elite than you actually are.

That comment that you made really struck me, partly due to my build being stolen by an idiot and he got all the credit for it and me, who has been championing the build ever since DAY FREAKING ONE. I did endless nights and endless hours of research, planning my character build, right down to the rune, how much stats I needed and all that stuff.

By all rights, *I* am the elite player because I made it work and I knew that it could work with the right build and items. That jack*** spent hundreds of dollars for those items, beat me to it, wrote up a stupid guide and people thought he came up with it even though I've been posting videos for months and trying to spread the word about how viable that spec was.

The fact of the matter was, I didn't have enough money to show what top dps could do for that spec and nobody paid attention to me, even though I did post it first. Even though that guy bastardized my build and wrote a guide on said bastardization, people followed him because he had top gear to go with that guide.

What makes him elite? Nothing. Where the hell is my respect and recognition? He ****ing stole that from me forever. That jack*** even went on record to say that build wasn't even viable and he didn't even know the gear/specs/runes/skills to run the build in the first place. Now he's the creator of it? **** that.

So yeah, that's why I took offense to your retarded comment that I shouldn't have even responded to in the first place.


and if it wasn't for this free switch system he wouldn't have been able to steal it for himself in the first place.
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This blog makes me happy.

I like the changes 1.07 brought and if they change itemization in this way I'll be extremely happy. ilvl 63 versions of every unique will change build diversity a lot. Adding more cool and unique properties is also needed.

I'm not a big fan of guaranteed legs from first boss kills as you'll give botters a very easy way to get rich quick. It's doesn't take long to power level a character.
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