Dear. Michel mohaim and respect DiabloIII Team boss.

Glad to meet you at online. My name is Young joe - kim from DiabloIII Asia server User.
I'm leader of follow-up Diablo III Site called DiabloIII inven at Korean site.
I lovely to Playing DiabloIII Every day because you make this fantastic online area
that's why I'm very Thank to you :-)
So, I want suggest one thing of Diablo III 's fund economy system.
even this time 1.07 patch Diablo team application manufactured rare ITEMS.
It is very good choice but We asians one's put most koreans want some config that. (1.07patch things)
Config means under things.

First. Config to make Devil' clarification can exchange some one but only to auction house.
(Because Defents for market price organization. )
Because If This patch is refer Diablo III system will be stable gold economy strycture.

all the users selling and buy this materials it's can give hope low digree spec users.
becuse low level digree spec users exchange matrials to gold
they can getting fast intermediate stage of items.
and also high digree spec user's can make of high rank Items purchase from low spec
user's Devil clarification.

I Think.
It's very good policy for the influence recovery Diablo III Gold (refund to Made price & Auction commissions)

How do your Familys Think?

Given a messeage reply URENT!!
Ps. Sorry for the poor my English

Best R'gards From Mr'kim
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