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Music/Sound Keep Resetting/Changing Tracks

100 Human Warrior
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Update: At first I thought it was only music, after running with the sound only, I can see it is both sound effects and music which reset.

I noticed some time ago my D3 client would randomly restart the background music and/or change to another song constantly. Sound effects stop mid-way and restart. It does this both in game and at the menus. At first I thought it might have been some error with my SteelSeries mouse driver, but even with it uninstalled and the mouse disconnected it still can't play more than a couple seconds of music before changing.

I haven't played much D3 of late, but the problem still persists after the recent patch. It makes the music unlistenable (simple and obvious solution is to disable the music, but that hardly solves the problem).

Changing audio settings, lowering graphic settings, using internal audio instead of my USB DAC, nothing works. I've done a full delete and reinstall of all Diablo/Blizzard Shared files to no avail. The only other issue I am experiencing with Blizzard stuff is the gradual slowdown to 0 FPS bug in StarCraft II.


Mac OS 10.8.2
i7 @ 4.4 GHz
SSD for storage
GTX 650 2 GB

I'm pretty sure it isn't anything on my machine as I've seen reports of this problem on Windows machines on the EU forums.
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Are you by chance putting your system to sleep (full sleep) and then using the game at any point after waking the computer up? If so, you will need to discontinue that practice until Apple fixes the Wake from Sleep bug with all OpenGL apps, including the OS itself. What happens is that after putting the machine to sleep in either 10.7.x or 10.8.x and then waking it up, OpenGL apps gradually slow down and/or sound stops working properly until you grind to almost a completel halt.

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100 Human Warrior
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Nope. I rarely actually sleep my system. I only use display sleep.

Both these problems occur right after a reboot as well. :\
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Blizzard Employee
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I'll send this up to the team to see if they've seen issues like this.
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100 Human Warrior
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Thanks for your help, Machkhan. I can provide additional help if needed (recordings of the effect, logs or whatever).

I might head over to the SC2 forum today to see what the deal is with this SC2 stuttering. As much as I like playing my new game li-ke th-i-s. :D
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Try to install VoodooHDA sound drivers:
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