Actually just a brief history.

Last year my 7k Dell Gaming rig that stood for 6 years and died, and being dell and 6 years old both double whammy, upgrading it was out of the question because a) its a dell and b) its 6 years old.

So I figured I wanted a Laptop, take my games on the road, pick it up and off you go. So for 1700 I picked up a Toshiba Q and at first it was great, However it slowly became a desktop shuttering lag nightmare. I had a I7 cpu, Gforce 560m gtx, So under this computer, I have the laptop hooked up to a 27" monitor, keyboard, left hand keypad for the wsad and more, mouse, speakers ect. So it almost feels like well I should of just gotten a desktop.

In diablo3 its fine, when there are lets say 10-15 mobs on the screen and its just me playing. Anymore players and it will have lag issues huge lag issue, almost unplayable, but then it hesitates and goes really fast for a few minutes then starts lagging, so its an up and down thing.

On top of that I have ALL my setting to the lowest they can be and still get the shuttering issue.
I have done clean driver installs, even tried the beta drivers, and even tried back level drivers, all with pretty much the same thing.

Even in WoW, 5 player dungeons everything is fine, but when you do the 25man lfr at first its ok this is fine but then people start casting and AOE all over the place it bring it to a crawl.

So after all the above I had enough when I tried PoE and got to level 72 then died and died and died because off lag when trying to play with others, not server lag but my computer lag, in Diablo I can manage to not die, and get to a safe spot but other games are not so forgiving.

So before I get the too long did not read thing. Here is what I just bought

ibuypower supreme tg931slc gaming pc

-I took the last of my RMAH funds to buy this, it was the only way that I could justify buying this.

Price dropped last night to 999.99 so I jumped on it at tiger direct. To me the components in this setup are worth more like 1500-1800

Feature are: I7-3770 cpu, 120GB SSD, 7850 ATI (similar system for more with no SSD and 660gtx) I have heard the 660gtx and 7850 are really on par with each other and its a brand choice at that point as both will perform as well as the other unless bench marking then the ATI will be slightly ahead of the 660gtx.

I am not a huge ATI fan always been a fan of Nvidia, for driver support and beta drivers always like their setup in that regard.

System or parts, was not very clear are liquid cooled and that summer is fast coming up and we do not have central air in our home yet (we keep talking about it) then price figure of 10k comes in play and we never do it as we live in Washington there is few hot days anyways to deal with. (I wanted to make my computer/office room have AC but then everyone in the house would want to be in my office.

Case is one of the better ones out there, 500 watt power supply is great for this but I i want to upgrade I need to bump it up and I do have a 1200 watt powersupply just sitting here. I got it in trade on some work I did on a customer that could not pay me so he gave me that, and a bunch of ram and fans. lol. Don't really care its a second job that I want to make my primary job but my current job pays too well, until my other job takes off, I can do both and the best part is I work for trades!

So you think that system i just got will be able to play everything I throw at it.

Games I plan on playing

Sim City 5
Tribes Vengence
Elders Scrolls Online (Cross fingers for beta invite)

I always want max settings, however, I could care less about AF and AA. Never really noticed that much of a diff in games just that my FPS dropped, lol

the 120GB SSD is not the only drive it also has a 500GB drive, in which I never ever store music or pictures on my gaming computer, I always use a external hard drive for that. Well right now I have a small NAS connected for all that.

Ohh and its Windows 8

Coming from a windows 7 and loved windows 7 vs Vista vs Widows ME (remember that!) Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows 3.11

Windows 95 is what blew me away from 3.11, I hope windows 8 does that for me but I doubt it.