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New Legendary Ideas

03/10/2013 04:03 PMPosted by Dako
All fun but what's there to create? Every hero needs the same affixes... Just make boots with attack speed, chest with high crit chance etc - all there's to do IMO...

Have you checked my suggestions to counter BiS?
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How about legendary gems? Something that would require 1 of each marquee gem and probably other crafting materials to make and the result would be a super awesome legendary gem that gives you the stats of each gem color.

example : So say you put it in your weapon, you'd get LoH, extra dmg, crit dmg, and thorns (poop stat but you get the idea) but if you stick it in your armor you'll get int, dex, vit, and strength.

Also a legendary w/ crushing blow would be nice (says my b/f from across the room)
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I don't see many people following the mentality that "Legendaries should inspire builds". Here are some I've thought of.

Witch Doctor

Rathma's Haunted Skull
Legendary Voodoo Mask (Witch Doctor Only)
  • Increases Intelligence by 10-25%
  • +100-250 Vitality
  • +50-75 Resistance to All Elements
  • +200-300 Maximum Mana
  • 1 Open Socket
  • Enemies killed by Spirit Barrage or under the effect of Haunt have a 100% chance to be raised as a Skeleton. Skeletons deal X% weapon damage per hit and fight along your side until death. You can have a maximum of 8 Skeletons.

  • Cosmic Tendrils of Trag'Oul
    Legendary Mojo (Witch Doctor Only)
  • +(65–120)–(90–325) Damage
  • 10-15% Chance to cast Spirit Walk(Un-runed) when struck.
  • Reduces cooldown of Soul Harvest by 10 seconds.
  • Each time you use Soul Harvest, you shift your attunment between the Physical and Spirit realm. In the physical realm you and your pets deal and receive an additional 50% physical damage, but non-physical damage taken is reduced by 30%. In the spirit realm you and your pets deal and receive an additional 50% non-physical damage, but physical damage taken is reduced by 30%. This effect lasts 30 seconds.

  • Monk

    Seiei Enbu
    Legendary Spirit Stone (Monk Only)
  • +100-300 Dexterity
  • +60-80 Resistance to All Elements
  • 1 Open Socket
  • Increases cost of Mystic Ally by 25 Spirit.
  • Two Mystic Allies can be active at once, but each one has a 10 second duration. If Eternal Ally is selected, its chance of being reborn is reduced by 75%.
  • In addition to your selected rune, Mystic Ally will remain bound to the Monk's position, and will mimic any Spirit Generator ability or secondary ability you use for 40% of its listed damage after a slight delay. Secondary abilities include:
  • Lashing Tail Kick
  • Tempest Rush
  • Wave of Light
  • Cyclone Strike
  • Dashing Strike
  • Where my potential will take me, no one knows.
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    Oh I'd love to see a legendary dag for wd's that would come with mana reg. Of course it'd need other things to make it truly "legendary" like maybe a random skill stat bonus or something? Right now I feel like my wd weapon choices are limited.
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    Halfway done, just need to make the WD and DH sets

    Angiris Council Set Items

    Auriel's Hope (Wizard)
    The Blessed CrownHelm (Mage helm)
    350-600 Armor
    250-300 Intel
    100-200 Vit
    All cooldowns reduced by 85%
    Evocation, critical mass, and galvanizing ward are nullified
    +2 Sockets

    Infinity Shard (Glass-cut wand created from a shard of Auriels sword)
    900-1150 Base Damage (will not roll additional Damage affixes-physical damage only)
    1.4-1.8 A/S
    100-200 Intel
    5-15% cc
    50-100% CD
    +1 Soc
    +.25-.45 Attack speed
    3% LS
    5-10% chance to cast Mirror Image-Mocking Demise on crit, 35 second cooldown

    Deliverance (source)
    10-18 Arcane Power on Crit
    10-15% IAS
    200-300 Vit
    Pickup radius increased by 20 yards
    When below 50% HP a health globe will cast slow time-Miasma (ignores all cooldown restrictions)

    Ice Walkers (boots)
    350-500 Armor
    Increases attack speed by 5-9%
    250-300 Intel
    150-350 Vit
    24% MS (up to 12% MS ignores cap)
    The ground you walk on turns into a sheet of ice, enemies movement speed is increased by 40% while walking over your trail.

    Cloak of Uncertainty (chest DH style cloak, but non-class specific)
    550-700 Armor
    200-400 Intel
    16% MS (ignores MS cap)
    3 soc
    +1 Random Affix
    10-20% Chance to cast Frost Nova-Random Rune When struck

    Set Bonuses
    2 Set=80AR
    3 Set=150 Int +20% MF/GF
    5 Set=Arcane Power regeneration +5/sec

    Tyreal's Emblazoned Ruins (Monk)
    Tyreal's Sacrifice (spirit stone)
    350-600 Armor
    250-350 Dex
    150-250 Vit
    -24% MS
    +7 Spririt regeneration/sec
    Seize the Initiative is nullified
    +2 Sockets

    Tyreal's Brace of Insolence (bracers)
    9-15% IAS
    30-60 Random Resistance
    200-275 Dex
    100-150 Vit
    5-7% CC
    10-15% chance to cast Blinding Flash-Faith in the Light upon critical hit (no cooldown)

    Tyreal's Shank (Dagger)
    700-975 Base Physical Damage
    1.55 Base attack speed
    9-15% IAS
    +100-200 Dex
    +200-400 Min/Max Damage (physical) ---will not roll %damage affix---
    +20-30% Damage to lightning skills
    -15% damage to all non-elemental attacks
    +1 soc

    Tyreal's Fleet Footed Soles (boots)
    450-800 Armor (will not roll +armor affix)
    +200-350 Dex
    +100-200 Vit
    8-16% MS
    +1 Random Affix
    Fleet Footed is always active (cannot stack w/chosen passive)
    One With Everything recieves a 15% bonus to resistances

    Tyreal's Forbidden Cloth (Pants)
    450-650 Armor
    +11% Ias
    +3 Soc
    150-175 Dex
    150-175 Vit
    +1 Random Affix
    Wearer will be surrounded with 10yrd radius aura that casts Marked for Death-Death Toll on all enemies within zone

    Set Bonuses
    2 Set= +80AR +130 Dex
    3 Set= +5% MS (ignores cap) +10%cc +7%IAS
    5 Set= +8% to elemental damage, One With Everything is always active

    Imperius' Psychotic Torment (Barbarian)
    Imperius' Crown of Thorns (Helm)
    650-700 Armor (will not roll +armor affix)
    +250-350 Str
    +100-200 Vit
    +40,000-55,000 Thorns Damage
    -8% AR (applies to total value)
    +1 Soc
    +1 Random Affix

    Imperius' Enraged Vestment (chest)
    700-900 Armor (will not roll +armor affix)
    +300-400 Vit
    +100-200 Str
    +70-80 AR
    -4% AR (applies to total value)
    +4 Soc
    When wearer is below 50% hp An active enrage timer spawns above players head, instantly draining 5% of max enemy hp/sec, skill

    remains active until player has above 50% hp

    Imperius' Moral Dilema (shield)
    1100-1500 Armor (will not roll +armor affix)
    25-35% Block (will not roll +%block)
    +10-15% cc
    +4 Soc
    +100-150 Vit
    +75-100 Str
    Juggernaut is always active

    Imperius' Smite Hammer (1h Mace)
    1.8-2.2 A/s (will not roll IAS)
    950-1350 Physical Damage (will not roll min/max or % damage affixes)
    +100-200 Str
    +2 Soc
    +1 Random Affixes
    +20-35% bonus damage against elites
    +15-25% chance to cast Ancient Spear-Harpoon on Critical Hit
    Enemies that are killed in 1 critical hit will grant Overpower-Killing Spree (no cooldown)

    Imperius' Gauntlets of Immortality
    450-700 Armor
    200-300 Str
    50-150 Vit
    -6% AR (applies to total value)
    +3-4% LS

    Set Bonuses
    2 Set= Berserker Rage always active +130Str
    3 Set= Animosity Always active +130 Vit
    5 Set= Boon of Bul-Kathos Always Active, Earthquake, Call of the Ancients, and Wrath of the Berserker Cooldowns all reduced by 30 additional seconds
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    Face of fury
    250 Str
    your attacks have a chance gain +1-2 fury
    Open Socket
    +25-50 Min Damage
    +70-80 all resistances
    9% ias
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    We need another new set item similar to that of trangouls from Diablo 3.

    The set item provides NEW ability skills, DIFFERENT to the default skills from the skill tree.

    Yes not everyone will have access to these new skill set, but then this is abilities that are very good to have, but none core to play the game, as the current basic stats of the class character you are using is sufficient.

    So to get this new skill set from the gear set if fully equipped, is gained through luck and effort, and would make the game even more fun.

    More info about trangouls can be found here

    The proposed set item similar to it would have

    1. fixed stats within a certain range, and a few random stat affixes.
    2. when you wear the full set, your character graphic becomes different and unique.
    3. you gain access to a new skill set of abilities you can choose from.
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    Berserker's Frenzy
    1-handed Might Weapon
    +300-600 Fire Damage
    +100-150 Strength
    Increases Fury Generation by 20-40%
    1-2 of the following:
      Increases maximum stacks of Frenzy by 1-2
      Increases Critical Hit Chance of Battle Rage by 33-100%
      Increase damage dealt by Leap by 50-100%
    +2-3 Random Properties
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    Here are some general ideas without the specific stats spelled out:

  • Bow that adds a rocket component to all hatred generating skills (to work with Ballistics)
  • Demon Hunter only offhand dagger that can only be equipped with a 1h xbow and provides large damage bonuses to Impale and Fan of Knives
  • Quiver of Snakes: Witch Doctor only quiver that increases damage of poison skills
  • Wizard only quiver that increases damage of arcane skills
  • Mighty Belt that adds AoE damage component to Threatening Shout and Warcry
  • Armor that increases your fire damage based on your fire resistance (or equivalent for any other element)
  • Shield that adds physical damage (or whatever) based on your thorns stat
  • Giant Shrunken Head: mojo with base damage scaled by your strength (or other class-specific item that scales from an off-stat)
  • Shield that removes conditional activation from Revenge, increases cooldown, blocks reduce cooldown by 1 sec
  • Boots that remove cooldown on Leap but add a fury cost and increase damage so as to be a viable fury spender
  • Fist Weapon that turns Exploding Palm into a spirit generator (so it works with Combination Strike) granting a moderate amount of spirit and adding a moderate cooldown
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    Developers’ Gift (amulet)

    300 – 400 (Main Stat)
    220 – 300 (Vitality)
    100% more Experience Gain
    Reduce Cool Down by Y seconds (to all skills)
    100% – 200% CD
    10% – 20% CC
    15% IAS
    Bound to account if Equipped

    Let me stop you right there.

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    I'd like to add a general proposal concerning legendary/set plans.

    seeing as dropped legendaries will be getting buffed depending on monster level, I'd like to suggest that for legendary/set plans, in order to keep them competetive, that the required crafting components could include the equivalent piece of white equipment that the plan is supposed to make.

    However, the catch is that the legendary item would then have all of the white items base stats, as well as any affixes on white items (like inc. damage, % atk spd, or increased defense, like we see now), without affecting the available affix pool for that item. potential 'white' affixes could be created to make not only the item hunt more interesting by creating a need for white items, but that legendary/set crafting now becomes a two step process that could make some very desirable gear. This would also create a new gold sink with a new gambling venue, in which players buy very good 'white' gear with the hopes of creating an equally awesome legendary piece.
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    Echoing Frost
    Legendary Mace
    (370–638)–(605–1187) Damage
    1.41–1.45 Attacks per Second

    +112–296 Minimum Damage
    +149–391 Maximum Damage
    +36–40% Damage
    +0.21–0.25 Attacks per Second
    10.0–20.0% Chance to freeze enemy on hit
    One of 3 Magic Properties (varies)
    +150–169 Intelligence
    +150–169 Dexterity
    +150–169 Strength
    +2 Random Magic Properties
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    I would really like to see a legendary that has a global effect to increase the number of projectiles for runes/abilities that have multiple projectiles. There are several abilities in the game that have 3 projectiles and the item could make it 5. For example:

    Magic Missile (Split)
    Shock Pulse (base)
    Zombie Charge (Wave of Zombies, Zombie Bears)
    Hungering Arrow (Scatter Shot) - split after pierce
    Bola Shot (Acid Strike)
    Cluster Arrows (Shooting Stars)
    Gernades (base)
    Deadly Reach (Piercing Trident) - number of lines of force
    Ancient Spear (Grappling Hooks)
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    How about a legend that removes the move speed cap of 25% so that we an actually take advantage of our gear.
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    Shard of a Thousand Winters (1 handed weapon)

    Special Effect: Targets struck by ray of frost are surrounded by a vortex of ice increasing cold damage taken by them and surrounding enemies by 2% per second (accumulative). If the Orb of a Thousand Winters is equiped the damage bonus doubled.

    Orb of a Thousand Winters (offhand)

    Special Effect: Elite enemies killed by Ray of Frost, Blizzard or the Frost Hydra explode freezing and dealing 500% weapon damage to all nearby enemies. If the Shard of a Thousand Winters is equiped the AOE and damage is doubled.
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    Delirium`s Heart
    Legendary Ring
    +(30-100) Intelligence / +(30-100) Vitality
    Attack Speed Increased by (8-9)%
    Fetish Army quantity+3
    The Gidbinn+150Minimum Damage / +250Maximum Damage.Quantitative restrictions lifted Fetish summoned
    Fetish into the Delirium
    +1 Random Magic Properties

    Delirium will result in death within 12 yards 250% physical damage

    Delirium is a classic monster, I hope to be able to reproduce
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    A very common effect in games is splash damage...and not all classes have it. So maybe something like:

    EMP Shockwave Weapon (non class-specific weapon)
    - Surrounding monsters within a 5 yard radius of primary target takes 10% weapon damage.

    PS, I keep trolling all similar threads about giving me Frozen Orb......PLEASE BLIZZARD! (And I'm not talking about that crappy leg that procs Frozen Orb - I'm talking about real Frozen Orb)
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    Vampire Gaze
    Legendary Helm

    397-457 Armor

    + 350-450 Armor
    + 70-80 Resist All
    + 2.0-2.5% Life Steal
    + Ranged Damage Reduced by 8-12%
    + Open Socket
    + 1 Random Magic Property

    Legendary Bow

    1150-1375 DPS (Cold Damage)
    1.40 Attacks Per Second

    + 7-13% Chance to Freeze on Hit
    + 170-200 Dexterity

    + 7-10 Max Discipline
    + 1.20-1.40 Hatred Per Second

    + Open Socket (Can Have 2 Sockets)
    + 1 Random Magic Property
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    How about this legendary armor for the DH with this power: -

    Allows your Sentry - Chain of Torrent skill to link other player's Sentry - Chain of Torrent skills.

    And allow the fire chain damage to stack obviously....

    Then we'll have our own fire chain as well.
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