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New Legendary Ideas

I don't see many people following the mentality that "Legendaries should inspire builds". Here are some I've thought of.

I know right?

Everyone is listing their Christmas wishes like:
An ammy that gives:
300-400 base stat
200-300 VIT
100% CD
15% AS
Haha. People wont change their build if they had this ammy, they'd just get stronger.

Your examples were good. I also like Travis Day's own example of casting multiple hydras in screen.
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10-20% to ignore all cool down for 10-20 seconds.
10-25% to freeze all enemies on the map for 1-3 seconds.
15-40% to enter in frenzy mode for 10 -15 seconds. Your attack speed increase by 150-200%.
25-50% to increase your summon last longer for x % time or seconds.
10-15% to restore your resource instantly
15-30% to increase all you skill damage in 150-200%, also increase by 100-200% of resource spend for 3-8 seconds.
When Equipped reduce your resource spend on all skill by 10-25%.
15-20% to activate additional passive skill randomly for 5-10 seconds.
10-15% to increase your movement speed and pickup yard by 60-100% for 15-30 seconds.
30-50% to enter hybrid mode for 10-20 second, if your resource run out, use your health instead of it.
When Equipped give you an extra health by 15-35%.
When Equipped give you an extra resource by 15-35%.
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I would like to see some Legendaries that level up with you. For instance, there can be three "tiers" of the legendary that get better after they level up. If you roll low end of stats, the numbers incramentally increase with xp gained. So if you roll a level 2 amulet with 100 of a core stat, eventually it will reach max stats with xp gained. I will use an amulet For example:

Tyrael's Honor (level 1)
Core stat (50-100)
3 random affixes (lower tier stats)
+Weapon dmg % x paragon level (1-30) caps at 30

Tyrael's Honor (Level 2)
Core stat (100-200)
3 random affixes (middle tier stats)
Added weapon damage % x paragon level (31-70) caps at 70

Tyrael's Honor (Level 3)
Core stat (200-300)
3 random affixes (high tier stats)
Added weapon damage % x paragon level (71-100). Caps at 100

This is just one quick example of a legendary that levels with you. I'm sure you can come up with more and much better ideas. Thanks for reading
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Everybody says that same thing ... you alll need to read this post
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Make a blacksmith plan that would allow the finder to learn to add a socket to weapon/armor that doesn't already have a socket.
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I like a lot of the ideas here, very exciting and it will lead to new builds (just like in the olden days of d2)

speaking of... do you remember...

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Boots with +% damage to lashing tail kick, plus other good standard boot stats (dex, vit, resist all, movement, etc). I have tested both WOL and LTK pretty extensively with gear focusing on both skills, and have to say for both PVE and PVP WOL comes out ahead.

Some sort of modifier that improves non crit damage. Stacking crit is the end all right now for both gear and skill choices generally. Or a really strong item that lowers crit chance to 0% or something,

Whatever is added, PLEASE DON'T RUSH IT. If you open up all legendaries in the game to roll 63 there are so many to work with. They should feel unique, and not in a chance to spawn some demon type of way. They need to alter how a character plays or what skill options are viable. There needs to be interesting trade offs and items that break the standard rolls possible. For example, daibo with sub-1000k dps but like 10 spirit regen per second. Or boots with bad rolls, but lets characters break the movement cap. I think you guys have come to this conclusion already, so good luck.
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I would really like to see a legendary set for summoning Witch doctors, kind of how Zunimassas is right now.

I think this man/woman is on the right track. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/8177778228
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Vortex Eye
Legendary Amulet
+(90-100) Intelligence
+(90-100) Strength
+(90-100) Dexterity
+(90-100) Vitality
One of 5 Magic Properties:
+(15-25) Maximum Spirit (Monk Only)
+(9-10) Maximum Discipline (Demon Hunter Only)
+(13-15) Maximum Arcane Power (Wizard Only)
+(13-15) Maximum Fury (Barbarian Only)
+(105-119) Maximum Mana (Witch Doctor Only)
One of 5 Magic Properties:
Increases Spirit Regeneration by (1.00-2.33) per Second (Monk Only)
Increases Hatred Regeneration by (1.18-1.33) per Second (Demon Hunter Only)
Increases Arcane Power Regeneration by (1.55-2.25) per Second (Wizard Only)
Increases Fury Regeneration by (1.00-1.20) per Second (Barbarian Only)
Increases Mana Regeneration by (12-14) per Second (Witch Doctor Only)
One of 2 Magic Properties:
+(15-25)% Power Generation
-(10-20)% Cooldown to all skills
+1 Additional Passive Skill Slot
+1 Random Magic Property
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a tiny dagger that summons the original skorn weilding demon Ahzul o w/e his name is that can have 1on1's with the summons from maximus and tyr sword
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legendary item that adds 1 paragon level, 1 time use.
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Time Breaker
Legendary 1h crossbow
900-1300 DPS
+20% to 50% chance to activate wizard's Slow Time
+100 - 200 vitality
+critical damage 40 - 100%
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a Ring Called The cursed RIng (TcR)
Chance to release wells of souls on every witch doctor within 100 radius
CHance to start exploding palm - burning essance on strike(Would be insane pvm item)
Chance to not have a chance (Die Immediatly)
Chance a Female pregnant goblin spawns and also that has a chance to drop a baby goblin from the pregnant gob
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Possible Monk legendary afixes

Lashing Tail Kick

- add blink/teleport/leap to skill increasing it cost by 25%
- instead knockback enemies are rooted
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holy !@#$ man u went all oout^^
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I've been playing a WD for a while now, and I'd like to see items which may affect the following:

Provide a massive boost to the versatility of Haunt:
Haunt may stack one additional time on an elite.
A target no longer needs to be in the vicinity of a previously haunted creature to be haunted next.
Lingering Souls last 300% longer and the radius at which it affects enemies has been increased.

Lower the casting cost of Firebats, Increase the area of affect for all bats spells. Casting Firebats has a chance of summoning a Bat familiar.

Wall of Zombies (Dead Rush) - An item which allows the nova to be replicated several times with a single cast would be extraordinary. Alternatively, lowering the cooldown of Dead Rush to where it is spammable would also be interesting.

Toads - An item which makes toads fire in a predictable pattern, or in a straight line would certainly help make it more popular. Removing the cooldown from Toad of Hugeness would be hilarious as well.

Spiders - More than one Spider Queen sounds like it'd be a great bonus on an item. Increasing the duration or number of summoned spiders also seems like it'd be very fun to see on an item.

Fetishes - Deal +X% damage, where X is the number of fetishes currently under your control

Zombie Charger - Leprous Zombies / Undeath / Wave of Zombies have a chance to grapple the target they hit. Explosive Beast has an increased radius. Slain enemies do not rest - enemies come back from the dead to fight for you for ten seconds.
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Ive been playing since day 1(May 15th 2012). I just want to say that I do enjoy playing this game and I am happy and excited about the new content that you guys have been adding through patches and updates.

Here is my idea....

The itemization system is going to be addressed in the next patch and thats great, but why not add a new tier of item quality..."Artifacts"

These items are not dropped, but found through pieces that you find on the ground in the various acts(in really tricky spots guarded by rare mobs that are extremely hard to kill)that you can bring back to the blacksmith to forge costing gold of course. heres the fun part, you get to choose the stats you want from 7 properties and a socket giving you the power to create an uber item. Each stat you choose will be randomly rolled but still within a good range to not make the item useless.

Heres an example:

Lets look at the Monk's fist weapon,if you want an uber roll on this item your looking for:
High damage
attack speed%
Life on hit
life steal%
crit damage

you get to choose stats like this that are randomly rolled. so lets say you choose dexterity. You will get a roll from 150-250 making it a good range. Same thing with attack speed, you get a roll between 6%-12% also making it a good range and so on.

To find these items though you have to scour every inch of santuary for the pieces and they are NOT going to be easy to find of course, that wouldnt be fun would it?

So lets look at the monk's fists again:
All of the sudden while adventuring you stumble upon something wierd in the ground(right after you killed this rare khazra mob that almost melted your face) you pick it up and notice that they are (blades) to a weapon of untold power, a power which you have never witnessed before. So you decide to head back to New Tristram and ask the Blacksmith about it, but before you reach him, a spirit appears before you. A God?, legendary warrior perhaps?...all you know is that hes from your order and asks you to retrieve the rest of the pieces to his weapon of unimaginable power. So he sets you out on this quest to find the other 2 pieces(the grips)(metal). So after many days of fighting,searching(crying) you finaly find them. You bring them back to him and he tells you to have the blacksmith reforge the weapon. Once completed, you bring the weapon to him and he challenges you to a duel, for you must prove yourself worthy of having such power. Only after defeating him(many deaths await you by the way) will you obtain it and once equipped it becomes part of your very own soul and can never be dropped, traded,or destroyed.....

So thats how you get these badboys...

Now here are the rules for these items:

Can only be class specific
You can only equip 1 item on your character
Once you equip the item, you can never equip another artifact on that character ever again
Once equipped you cannot equip it on another one of your characters
once that quest is finished, you cannot do that quest for that character ever again
Cannot be sold, traded, or dropped

Well that pretty much covers it. I hope so much that a Blue will see this post and comments on it(Prays)

Let me know what you guys think of this. Let the comments fly!!! LOL

^ I like this idea. It actually makes you work for your uber item that you need to make. it also presents a challenge to those who already don't have weapons or items like this. It does weigh heavily on the choice of what item you make though, but that's the benefit of having this opportunity.

The only thing I don't like about this is that you can't complete the quest for the character again. I mean we all don't like getting crappy rolls on items. So if you get 150 main stat 6% IAS and low CD and LS then it's pretty pointless if you can't get anything better than what you're using so it's a waste of time to even do this in the first place. unless you make it so it's pretty hard to the point you need to take the time to complete it again.

don't get me wrong it's a excellent idea in my opinion...just not that part lol
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Turning point- legendary Daibo
Min/max damage
200~300 Dex
+0.25 AS
Has a chance to roll: + 40~50% Crippling wave damage
40~50% Deadly reach damage
Extend the range of Deadly reach and Crippling wave by 20 yards.
Random affix.
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Do you want game changing legendarys? what about that?

Power belt:

Has a chance to roll- Chance to cast storm armor for 30 seconds when hit.
Chance to cast energy armor for 30 seconds when hit
Chance to cast Ice armor for 30 seconds when hit.
50~60 ice resistance
50~60 lightning resistance
50~60 arcane resistance

I think that belt would be awesome for meele classes, you also could make a version with mantras.
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