Diablo® III

New Legendary Ideas

I want to come up with some legendaries that promote builds that are less often used. For example; wizards are mostly using CM builds and barbs WW. I think it would be nice to have other skills promoted and given importance through legendaries or set items. The numbers I tossed out there are obviously variable use your developer skills I hope my ideas help!

Eye of the Archon (Wizard Source)
+(32–130)–(33–484) Damage
+170-200 INT
+3-6% Arcane Damage
+4-6% Attack speed
+1 random affix
While equipped your critical hit chance is reduced to zero and your % damage is increased an equal amount.

Goal of the item: Those with this item would devalue critical hit damage increase as a stat. And also devalue the passive critical mass. Promoting build diversity.

Mantle of the Titan (shoulders!)
+71–80 Resistance to All Elements
+241–265 Armor
One of 3 Magic Properties (varies)
+170–200 Intelligence
+170–200 Dexterity
+170–300 Strength
Reduces movement speed by 20%
Armor increases by 1% each second without movement (up to 20%)
One of 3 Magic Properties (varies)
+15% Str and 5% life
+15% Dex and 5% life
+15% Int and 5% life
+15% Vit and 5% life

Goal of the item: This item is to provide an alternative to Vile Ward and Crafted while promoting a less than usual build. In hard core people would love the EHP increase. As far as soft core goes the reduction to movement speed and potential increase to damage could help reduce speed focused builds such as WW barbarian. [People would focus more on survivability and not dps if hard enrages were removed btw...]

Heart of the Demon Dog (Witch Doctor Mojo)
+(32–130)–(33–484) Damage
+170–200 INT
+10–12% Life
Increases Mana Regeneration by 12–14 per Second (Witch Doctor Only)
+2 Random MAgic Properties
Your Sacrifice Now has a (short Cooldown) but your summoned dogs resurrect instantly. (Maybe 75% hp?)

Goal of the item: Buff Witch doctor pets, while also promoting use of an ability that is almost never used by Witch Doctors Currently. A build could be made around this. Although it might require some retuning of the glyphs.

Fallen Sentry (Demon Hunter based Set; 2 Pieces)

Hand Crossbow
Damage Per Second
(556–699)–(832–1165) Damage
1.21–1.22 Attacks per Second
+(143–286)–(334–667) Fire Damage
Increases Attack Speed by 9–11%
One of 2 Magic Properties (varies)
+170–200 Intelligence
+170–200 Dexterity
+2 Random Magic Properties
Empty Socket

+19.0–32.0% Chance to Block
3706–4706 Block Amount
One of 2 Magic Properties (varies)
+170–200 Intelligence
+170–200 Dexterity
+71–80 Resistance to All Elements
+9% Chance to Block
Reduces damage from melee attacks by 5–6%.
Reduces damage from elites by 6–7%.
+1 Random Magic Properties

Set Bonus 2: Reduces Cool down and cost of Sentry by 50%, increases Maximum Sentry count by 2 and increases duration and damage by 20%.

Goal of the Set: This set would provide an alternative to stormshield for defensive EHP oriented Demon Hunters, Monks, Wizards, and Witch Doctors. Additionally, The hand crossbow is comparable to Manticore (Something DH want badly) Demon hunters would be able to Dual wield them for comparable damage to Manticore+Dead man's or use the shield to gain some EHP and gain a strong boost to a skill that is not as commonly used. Numbers I'm sure need tweaking I don't play much of my DH.

I came up with these in under and hour I'm confident the development team could do so as well! I hope you guys enjoyed the read. I wanted to come up with a unique legendary for each class but I'm not even sure how to promote build diversity with monks. I'm unsure how to lessen the use of Sweeping wind and promote lesser used abilities.
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Blood sacrifice- legendary ceremonial knife.
Min damage
Max damage
100~200 int
Random Stat
Random Affix
Skills consume no mana but you can't crit
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Legendary Items

The Valor Finder (Amulet)

+192 - 300 Strength/Intelligence/Dexterity
+500-600 armor
+50 - 75 Vitality
+62 - 100 Crit damage
+200% Magic find
+1 socket

-Increases damage from elites by 53-55%
-Reduces damage to elites by 52-65%

Unique ability:
For every valor stack you gain an additional 25% magic find but your armor is reduced by 100

For those seeking new items

The Healing of Valor (ring)

+62-75 Strength/Intelligence/Dexterity
+61-70 All resist
+162-234 life per second
+225-350 life on hit
+2 random properties

-Your health is reduced with 50%

Unique ability:
For every valor stack you gain 3% health but lose 25 life on hit

The Speed of Valor (ring)

+62-75 Strength/Intelligence/Dexterity
+5-7% crit chance
+5-7% attack speed
+5-7% movement speed
+2 random properties

Unique ability:
For every valor stack you gain 2% attack speed but lose 1% crit chance

Set name: The Omen of Valor

The Omen of Glory (Sword)
1150 - 2400 DMG

+170-200 Strength/Intelligence/Dexterity
+8%-10% Crit chance
+74%-100% Crit damage
+ 1 socket

-3% Attack speed
-12% Movement speed

Unique ability:
When your life is at 5% of your max hp you gain a sword buff giving you +35% (x valor stacks) Crit damage for 3 seconds
(only active when set is not complete)

The Omen of Defense (Shield)
1000-1350 ARMOR

+150-180 Strength/Intelligence/Dexterity
+81-95 Resistance to All Elements
+5%-15% Chance to Block
+Reduces damage from elites by 8-10%
+2 random properties

-3% Attack speed
-12% Movement speed

Unique ability:
When your life is at 5% of your max hp you gain a shield absorbing 10% (x valor stacks) of your current hp
(only active when set is not complete)

SET ability (2):

+2% Attack speed PER VALOR STACK
+6% Movement speed PER VALOR STACK
+15% Chance to block
+5-10% more damage from certain skill (example: rain of toads)

Unique SET ability (2):
When your life is at 5% of your max hp you gain 40% (x valor stacks) Crit damage for 3 secs, you become immune to damage for 3 secs and you gain +150 Life on Hit(x valor stacks) for 3 secs
This effect cannot occur more than once every 100 secs

-2 Valor stacks upon death

Only for real "Men of Valor"
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Doctors Hand. (unic level 63 item Gloves)

15-20 Poison Damage.
10-20 mana regeneration per second.
Intellegence 100-250
Vitality 20-80
4 random propeties.
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New Legendary 1.

The Godly "Sleeper"
All types of weapon: UNKNOWN bonus stats / CANNOT be ID / 90 - 100% max stats once awaken

- Requires specific condition for the "SLEEPER" weapon to awake & reveal it's hidden bonus abilities.
- Killing "X" number of mobs
*(mp 1-3 50k mobs / mp 4-7 25k mobs / mp 8-10 15k mobs) - UNLOCKS 2 random stats
- Slaying "X" number of elites
*(mp 1-3: 2k elites / mp 4-7 500 elites / mp 8-10 250 elites) - UNLUCKS 2 random stats
- Slaying "ALL MAIN" bosses (acts 1 - 4) on MP10 - UNLUCKS 2 random stats

- min / max dmg plus % damge plus 6 random properties can be awaken
- Trade allowed before or after weapon awakes
- *Per trade weapon will lose 25% of bonus earned; can be rebuild based on the above conditions

*(Same ideal could be applied to armors / mojos / quivers / sources)


New Legendary 2.

Living Souls - Growing type *starts at 1% chance up to 20% chance for "MIMIC"
All types of weapons: *Ability to "MIMIC" elite's abilities (from 2 up to 4 random max)

- A random chance to proc / process elites into the weapon
- Player now gains elite's abilities until death / leave game
- All new earn abilities will auto-cast randomly at enemies the player is attacking
- 1% - 10% requires 100 elites per % gain
- 11 - 20% requires 250 elites per % gain

- min / max dmg plus % damge plus 4 random properties with "MIMIC" %

*(To reset captured abilities players need to un-equip LIVING SOUL and re-equip in the same game)


New Legendary 3.

Dead Souls - Growing type *starts at one elite up to max of 3 elites fighting for you until they die
All types of weapons: "Ability to "CAPTURE" & auto "CAST" elite(s) to fight with you

- Elite(s) will become your new follower / pet until death (mobs / kw / bosses cannot be captured)
* Starts at one capture, weapon can learn more capture every 2k elite packs slain (max of 3)

- Treasure Goblin can be captured (by %) & cast to collect gold / gems / tomes / plans (one max)
*Goblin have chance to "STEAL" extra loots (rares / legends) from elites
*Enemies will also see goblin as a target and kill your goblin
*Goblin will drop all loot collected whenever returned to town or upon death
*Goblin can only collect / drop items for its master not for other party members
*Dead Soul can only capture either elite(s) or gob not both at the same time / unless dual wielding DS

- min / max dmg plus % damge plus 3 random properties with SOUL CAPTURE
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Hand of the Ice King. (Unic level 63 item Gloves)

10-15 Cold Damage.
100-200 Base stat (Str, int, or dex.
5-10 Crit chance
30-50 Crit damage.
3 random Propeties
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+6 Random Magic Properties

circuitry:(N1-N2)% chance to (+6 Random Magic Properties)*N3
N4 seconds.

circuitry:(N1-N2)% chance to (Player Properties)*N3
N4 second

circuitry:(N1-N2)% chance to (Add Follower Equipment Properties)*N3
N4 seconds

Circuitry(team):(N1-N2)% chance to (+6 Random Magic Properties)*N3
N4 seconds.
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Helm of God.

5-10% light Damage.
3-6% Crit chance.
40-80 all res.
0-250 base stat (str, int, dex)
2 random propeties.

Helm of Devil.
10-15% Demonic fire damage.
3-6 crit chance.
40- 50 all res.
0-250 base stat (str, int, dex)
all elites and Undeads do 10-15% more Damage on you.
2 random propeties
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The Ring

8%-10% elemental dmg
170-200 dex or int or str
50-100 Vit
50-70 Allres
2 Random Stats

This ring is to provide an alternative way to get dmg other than stacking asi/cc/cd.
We need more items with +% elemental dmg to benefit certain 2hander builds where attack speed may not be so optimal.
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So, I was wondering, why don't we get a whole new system, instead of this redesigning any single legendary, which sounds to me like another palliative treatment to the life of this game?

What I mean is this:

In Diablo 2 we had the chance to drop ANYTHING at lv 99. This means white lv2 armors and Crowns of Ages both, and no one had a single word to protest with that. At the same time, if we dropped a Magefist or a Frostburn we weren't automatically like "Aw here it comes the sulphur" even before we picked it up.

Why this, though? Because we had the chance to upgrade our legendaries and get for them better armor rates, or better damage (even if this never happened to any weapon, at least, only someone upgraded their Zakarum).

So here's my idea: why don't we go back and find any single legendary we could find in the game, starting from lv1 to lv63, and integrate a way to upgrade them?

Something massive, that could involve large amounts of special ingredients droppable by normal mobs - elite both or a smaller amount of ingredients droppable by the uber bosses, which would gain some more reason to be killed, since people who reached paragon 100 or are close to it (and they're a lot nowadays) aren't interested at all to go around those levels. Or whatever you can think about it, I'm just trying to give you an idea.

The upgrade could require more levels of upgrade and cost gold proportional to the item level. The upgrade could involve both the armor or the damage of the weapon/armor piece/off hand and its stats, or part of them, which will be rerolled within new limits. E.g., this means that

Broken Crown
Legendary Helm
54–71 Armor
+18–23 Vitality
Attack Speed Increased by 3–4%
Monster kills grant +9–10 experience.
+3 Random Magic Properties

Could be upgraded in first instance to:

Upgrade: 30 Weird fluid + 50.000 gold

Broken Crown
Legendary Helm
110-125 Armor
+35-48 Vitality
Attack Speed Increased by 4-6%
Monster kills grant +10-15 experience
+3 Random Magic Properties
lv 33


Upgrade: 50 weird fluid + 100.000 gold

Broken Crown
Legendary Helm
140-180 Armor
+40-50 Vitality
Attack Speed Increased by 5-7%
Monster Kill grant +12-17 experience
+3 Random Magic Properties
lv 46


Upgrade 150 weird fluid + 4.000.000 gold

Broken Crown
Legendary Helm
354–471 Armor
+100–160 Vitality
Attack Speed Increased by 7–9%
Experience Bonus increased by 10% (this might change like in another affix like, to say, +150-200 armor, or a socket)
+3 Random Magic Properties

This is just an example, I don't pretend I know how to balance them and I know that in Blizzard there are better people than me in balancing things, but this would both give more diversity in the game and add a new way to contrast the inflation that is flailing the market right now.

Take care: a smart way to control market could be making the last level of the upgraded item account bound. Doing so, we could create an upgraded items market and have a control on its saturation, since players would be encouraged to sell their upgraded to one-to-the-last step items to make money and in the same time buyers would risk their money to have an item that could be end-game when upgraded, but they couldn't resell to speculate.

I hope you find this a good idea, I think it would add something consistent to the game life.

Have a good day

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Lingering Soul
Legendary Chest Armor

- + 150 - 170 Vitality
- + 150 - 300 Armor
- + 4-5% dodge
- + 1 random magic property
- has 3 sockets
- when player's health drops under 20%, spirit walk is triggered for 2 seconds regenerating 2% HP/sec - can trigger once / min.
Medusa's Reflection
Legendary Shield

- +170-200 to random stat
- +15-25% to block
- +80% all resistance
- +6-9% attack speed
+ 1 random magic property
- 10% chance to stun target for 1 sec on being hit
Protective Mirage
Legendary Pants

- + 150-300 Armor
- + 250-400 HP/sec regen
- 2 random magic abilities
- has 2 sockets
- 10% chance to create a duplicate image of the hero dealing 100% weapon damage for 4 seconds (maximum 3 simultanous images) on being hit
Devastating Jewelry
Legendary Amulet

- 32-64 to maximum damage
- 2-3% life leech
- 7,5-10% critical hit chance
- 33-45% magic find
- +1 random magic property
- 15% chance to do 50% splash damage in a radius of 7
Legendary Ring

- +170-200 to random stat
- +60-80% all resistance
- +10-12% movement speed
- health globes and potions grant +10000-12500HP
- +1 random magic property
- when player's health is below 20%, serenity is triggered for 3 seconds - can trigger once / min.
Lion Skin
Legendary Boots

- 170-200 to random stat
- 70-100 vitality
- 12% movement speed
- 2-3% critical hit chance
- +1 random magic property
- 10% chance to gain 2% movement speed for 6 secs (max. 6 stacks / each stack refreshes timer) on hit
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Modify 1:

We could simply add a new Item, like a Soulstone, Soulsponge or a Soulbox, whatever you want to call it.

Killing mobs (any kind of mobs) this item could capture one/two/three drop of their soul and fill itself. The box/bottle/sponge/stone could have 10.000 charges and those could be spent to upgrade the items.
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can we have a way to reroll dropped legends?

kinda like spend x amount of resources (essence/gems blah blah)

u can reroll your item, or maybe able to upgrade them as and when u lvl.

so i can start a new toon, the sword gets better and better with me upgrading it (adds random properties + damage etc) account bound but its truely a legendary used by me through my adventure.

edit : as the story mode goes, i am the legend that killed diablo. my weapon is my legacy isnt it?

with that u guys can put the time to the other item slots and every one gets a weapon then like or they keep making new toons to get a perfect weapon
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I would like to see some cross class set/item bonuses.

3pc Barb set that gives mantra of conviction or 2pc 1h weapons that %Hex on hit.

That sort of thing would make it much more amusing to play and opens up a whole new world of potential builds.
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Why dont everyone get that if you still keep the random property affix, people will still get dissapointed over these legendarys if they roll stupid !@#$ that you dont want. Get rid of it!
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Hellfire Hunter
Legendary Bow
753.5–1437.5 Damage Per Second
(179-436) -(800-1414) Damage
1.54-1.55 Attacks per Second
  • +(10-25)% Pierce Chance of Hungering Arrow
  • +(41-50)% Damage
  • +(66-316)-(154-727) Fire Damage
  • +(170-200) Dexterity
  • Increases Damage Against Elites by (7-8)%
  • +1 Hatre per hit
  • +1 Random Magic Properties
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    Lava Gauntlets
    Legendary Gloves
  • Fire skills deal (15-30)% more damage.
  • Adds (7-8)% to Fire Damage
  • (5.00-6.00)% of Fire Damage Dealt Is Converted to Life
  • Reduces duration of Chill and Freeze effects by 50%
  • Ignores Durability Loss
  • Surround yourself with fire that deal 1000 fire damage per second to enemies within 10 yards, this damage can be increased by your major property
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    Hiss of the sacred rope
    Legendary Bow
    852.5 - 1472.5 Damage Per Second
    1.54 - 1.55 Attack Per Second

  • +(100-150) Dexterity
  • +(10 - 11%) Attack Speed
  • +(101-395)-(207-891) Holy Damage
  • +(40-50%) Critical Damage
  • +2 Random Magic Properties
  • Probability of generating an holy explosion causing double damage to evils enemies

  • "It is said that the angel Inthers, could impale with a single arrow an entire row of evils"
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    Legendary Ring

    - 90-100 random primary stat
    - Life 8-9%
    - Regenerates 1 Fury/Sprit/Hatred/sec or 10 Intelligence/sec
    - Monster kills grant 1800-2200HP
    - 300-400 Life on Hit
    - 1 random magic ability
    Legendary Bracers

    - 32-64 damage
    - Increases damage against elites by 5-6%
    - reduces melee damage by 5-6% or ranged damage 5-6%
    - Critical hit damage 33-50%
    - +1 random magic property
    - when your health drops below 20%, damage is reduced by 25% for 4 secs and your damage is boosted by 25% - can trigger once/min.
    Harm's Way
    Legendary Boots

    - 8-9% movement speed
    - 5-6% increased attack speed
    - 12% bonus experience
    - reflects 750-999 damage
    - socketed
    - +1 random magic property
    Last Man Standing
    Legendary Helm

    - Life 10-12%
    - Damage reduced by 3-4%
    - 60-80% All Resistance
    - 333-500 life on hit
    - 170-300 Armor
    - Decreases cooldowns by 10%
    The Devil's Own
    Legendary Shoulders

    - 150-170 random primary stat
    - damage by demons reduced by 5-6%
    - +5-6% fire damage
    - fire resistance increased by 60%
    - +2 random magical properties
    Tainted Spectrum
    Legendary Belt

    - +150-200 Primary stats (changes dynamically according to who wears it)
    - 10-12% Life
    - 1% critical hit chance or 10% critical hit damage or 250-350 LOH
    - regenerates 300-400 life/sec, enemy kills grant 1666-1999 HP, or health globes and potions grant +3900-5500 HP
    - 3-6% to cast mass confusion on hit
    - +1 random magic ability
    Legendary Gloves

    - Increases All Elemental Damage by 3-4%
    - 8-9% increased attack speed
    - armor increased by 50%
    - +2 random magic properties
    - 5% chance to cast a tornado on hit (same features as barb's sprint)
    Ill Fortune
    Legendary Amulet

    - increases MF by 25% but decreases gold find by 25%
    - increases All resistance by 80% but decreases a random elemental resistance by 60%
    - Increases attack speed by 9% but decreases movement speed by 9%
    - adds 170-200 primary stat, but deducts 53-66 from another primary stat
    + 2 random magic properties
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    Tal Rashas´s Death-Set

    Tal Rashas´s Guise of Death

    445 - 475 Armor
    + 175 - 200 Intelligence
    Critical Hit Chance increased by 9%
    + 75 Resistence to All Elements
    + 15% - 20% Life
    2 Empty Sockets
    Upto +1 Magic Affix
    20% - 35% chance to charm enemies into sleep for 4 seconds. Affected enemies take 15% more damage.

    Tal Rashas´s Pursuit of Death

    Chest Armor
    445 - 475 Armor
    + 250 - 300 Intelligence
    + 75 Resistence to All Elements
    + 125 - 150 Vitality
    Attack Speed increased by 9%
    3 Empty Sockets
    Upto +1 Magic Affix
    You add 5% damage as Lightning to all your spells.
    Whenever you deal damage there is a chance of 15% to electrify enemies, which suffer 270% weapon damage as Lightning over 6 seconds. Moreover Lightnings will flash from affected enemies to nearby enemies causing 55% weapon damage as Lightning each.

    Tal Rashas´s Trail of Death

    345 - 375 Armor
    + 250 - 300 Intelligence
    + 50 - 75 Resistence to All Elements
    + 100 - 125 Vitality
    Movement Speed increased by 15%
    Upto +1 Magic Affix
    You add 5% damage as Cold to all your spells.
    While moving you leave Ice on your way for 8 seconds, that continously deals 45% weapon damage as Cold. Affected enemies are slowed by 75% for 3 seconds.

    Tal Rashas´s Brace of Death

    300 - 315 Armor
    + 175 - 200 Intelligence
    Attack Speed increased by 9%
    Critical Hit Chance increased by 9%
    Critical Hit Damage increased by 40% - 50%
    + 75 Resistence to All Elements
    + 125 - 155 Vitality
    Upto +1 Magic Affix
    You add 5% damage as Fire to all your spells.
    Whenever you deal damage there is a chance of 15% to let enemies burn by Hell-Fire, dealing 155% of your weapon damage as Fire over 5 seconds.

    Tal Rashas´s Allegiance of Death

    + 250 - 300 Intelligence
    Damage increased by 5% - 7,5%
    Critical Hit Damage increased by 60% - 65%
    + 50 - 75 Resistence to All Elements
    + 125 - 145 Vitality
    One of 2 Magic Properties:
    Critical Hit Chance increased by 9% - 12%
    Attack Speed increased by 9% - 12%
    Upto +2 Magic Affixes
    You add 5% damage as Arcane to all your spells.
    Whenever you deal damage there is a chance of 15% to summon a Zombie-Ball for 12 seconds that will attack enemies, dealing 55% of your weapon damage as Arcane.
    Your Zombie-Balls will be linked together by a chain, dealing continiously 75% of your weapon damage as Arcane to all enemies, that touches the chains.


    (2) Set:
    Increases your Intelligence by 0,05.
    Increases Arcane Power Regeneration by 2,0 per second.
    Whenever you deal damage there is a chance of 20% to summon a purple, light blue, dark blue or orange Mirror-Image of yorself that tracks the nearest enemy, and will explode on hit, dealing 145% weapon damage as Arcane, Lightning, Cold or Fire (equal to the spell, that had triggered your Mirror-Image) to all enemies near the explosion.

    (3) Set:
    Intelligence increases Vitality and Resistence to All Elements by 0,075.
    Attacks recover 3% of damage caused as Life.
    25% - 30% chance to perfectly blend into your surroundings for 5 seconds when hit.
    Damage taken while almost invisible is decreased by 15%.

    (4) Set:
    Intelligence increases Critical Hit Damage by 0,025.
    Critical Hits grant 15 Arcane Power.
    Whenever you deal damage there is a chance of 15% to Hex enemies for 8 seconds.
    Affected enemies are slowed by 35% for 8 seconds and take 15% more damage.
    Enemies killed while hexed will come to Life again and fight for you for 10 seconds. Revived monsters have 115% of your total Life and their skills deal up to 55% of your weapon damage.

    For more ideas also see: New Class: The Illusionist

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