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New Legendary Ideas

One thing i would like to see is added stats for other skills like allowing the barb to have wizard or monk skills etc.vise versa.making this a bonus of legendaries.Or set items.
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Staff of Cain

DPS: debatable
stats: debatable

Item speciality:
Cain says "greetings" every time the staff hits an enemy.
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OK, here's hoping a blue actually reads my post...

- Lotsa great ideas along the same lines, followed by lotsa great ideas that are more unique or outside the box so to speak.

a few ideas way outside the box, that would actually change the feel of the game... too far, unless it's an option you plan on integrating (like monster power) i.e. multiplayer/co-op specific stackable properties... so if 4 players each have an item that gives a bonus to attack speed or something, have it stack true... this would require a new Monster Power level of 11 that basically (triples*) the difficulty of mp10 or some such number that i don't have to keep hearing how easy mp10 is for everyone. I found it rather funny to hear people complain about how hard it was early early on... just sayin shut those whiner's up for once and for all:) sorry to go off topic here:)

and Finally,

A Legendary Dagger Set: offers the Potential to have 2x the avg dps of highest dagger
Has 2 Socket's
Piercing Blow causes a fatal strike on an enemy upto 5.5prcnt of the time by piercing the enemies Heart
Maybe has some sort of throw distance for ranged attacks one time? then u have to go pick it up again haha

Oh and my last request is the ability to re-roll at some costs thru the blacksmith... maybe so many demonic essence's and some gold or something....
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Psychic Crown
Legendary Helm

+200-400 Def
+(0.33*Paragon Level) Mana on hit
+(0.167*Paragon Level)% Faster Cast Rate
+(0.167*Paragon Level)% Chance to Dodge
+(0.167*Paragon Level)% Movement Speed
-(0.167*Paragon Level)% Chance to be critically hit
+8-10 Pickup Radius
+5-15% Chance to mind control enemy on hit
+Psionic Aura: Friendly casting costs reduced by 8-10% (doesn't stack)

Legendary Corrupted Rune Blade
-500 Defense
-100 All Resistances
+150-200 Stat (only 1 type / roll)
-40-50% Gold/MF
+15% Increased Attack Speed
+5-10% Chance to curse enemy (greatly reduce some stat)
+3-8% Chance to cast fire nova
+Anger Aura (increases friendly/pet attack speed)
Empty Socket
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Greedy ring

40% MF
40% GF
35% more exp
Chance to summon 1-4 goblin on hit
Chance for monster to drop additional teasure on hit
Chance for monster to drop additional teasure on kill
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I've posted this on other threads but since they were hidden under a huge pile of suggestions for new legs I thought of making a thread for them. I've read all of those threads and what I keep getting is legs suggestions that are based on the same old affixes and stat inflation.

Maybe my suggestions are too op or too complex, or both. My intention was to create versatility and items that would actually foster new builds or different aproaches towards the itemization system. Anyway, constructive feedback's appreciated!!

Here's the post as I wrote it:


http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/8156835610?page=24 (the link to the op)

What my items are trying to accomplish is that, by not using the common dps and survivability affixes, or applying them into an unusual fashion; builds, underpowered skills, and play-styles can be produced.
You could say that these items are intended to provide a new way of looking into the old affixes and/or being good alternatives to current BiS. Item's that you could build your skill's and char around them.

Edit: I've seen in other threads propositions of affixes that would "grow" based on the chars Paragon Levels. I think it's a good/great idea, so I'll be using it within the legs that I present here. There's too many threads poping in the forums so I probably won't be able to find the first person that came up with this idea and post it. Nevertheless, I thank you, and hope that you enjoy my "design".
Paragon's Guard. (Legendary Pants).
Armor: 397-457. Item Level: 63.

.+2 Physical Resistance - per Paragon Level.
.2% - per 10 Paragon Levels. - to cast Cyclone Strike/Implosion on hit.
.Reduce the Duration of Control Impairing Effects by 2% - per 10 Paragon Levels.
.Paragon's Will*.
.Paragon's Endurance*1.
.Paragon's Might*2.

*. Every time the wearer's killed while being subject to a Control Impairing Effect he/she's instead healed to 1% of his/her maximum life - per Paragon Level. This effect cannot occur more then once per 45 seconds. Starting at Paragon 81 the cooldown's decreased by 1 second - per paragon Level.

*1. For every enemy within 3 yards - per 10 Paragon Levels - the wearer receives: + 1 armor and + 0,1 to All resistance - per Paragon Level.

*2. The wearer irradiates an aura that grants every party member: 2% increase damage - per 100 Physical Resistance provenient from gear; to a maximum of 20% increase damage. The aura extends itself for 4 yards - per 10 Paragon Levels.

With the destruction of the Worldstone the Nephalem are appearing once again. As they battle through Sanctuary their powers grow. True Paragons of the human race.
Ghoom's Severed Gut: (Legendary Belt)
Armor: 265-305. Item Level: 63.

.Increase Chance of Finding a Health Globe By: 25-45%.
.Health Globes and Potions Grant 7500-15000 life.
.Increases Gold and Health Pickup Radius By 15-35 Yards.
.Wearer is Immune to Poison Damage.
.Ghoom's Glutony*.
.Ghoom's Never Ending Famine*1.

*. Every time the wearer consumes a health globe and is healed by it there's a 25% of Ghoom's Severed Gut spawning a stationary Poison Cloud of 5 yards. The Cloud deals 1500% weapon damage over 10 secs as Poison damage type. If a creature's killed within the cloud it's spawns an adjacent Cloud with the same properties. Each cannot spawn more then 2 other Clouds in this way. Clouds cannot stack upon each other.

*1. When inside of a Poison Cloud the wearer recieves a 5% movement bonus. Futhermore, every time the wearer consumes a health globe and is healed by it he/she gains 1% movement speed to a maximum of 15%. The bonus last 10 secs and is reset by consuming a health globe. The increased speed of both bonuses is not counted towards the movement cap.

The stench is revolting to my guts; felling it wrapped around my belly, trying to free itself brings an intense chilling to my spine; the sight of it's almost unbearable to my eyes; the sounds that it makes as it consumes my foes is nightmarish, and yet I feel depply attached to it, a viceral feeling; not mentioning I've never been this hungry my whole life.
Arreat's Sacred Striders (Legendary Boots)
Armor: 309-355. Item Level: 63. (The artwork should be that of the astral greaves.)

.10-20% Life.
.10% Chance of Casting Ground Stomp/Wrenching Smash When Hit.
.5% Chance of Casting Earthquake/Chilling Earth When Hit.
.Immune to Frozen and Cold Damage.
.All Creatures In a Radius of 15-20 Yards Have Their Movement Speed Decreased by Half.
.The Sacred Pledge.*

*. Whenever the wearer takes damage equal or more then 15% of his health pool, an Ancient Barbarian Ghost is summoned. The base damage of the Ghost will be 60% of the wearer. It will randomly spawn with 1 out 5 abillities: Weapon Throw/Ricohet; Seismic Slam/Rumble; Rend/Ravage; HoTA/Birthright; Whirlwind/Dust Devils. All abilities damage correspond to that of the skill. The Ghosts last until they're killed. No more then 5 Ghosts can be active simultaenously.
[The Ghosts share the same traits as a Wd Zombie Dog]

The Spirit Clan was the guardian of all the tribes ancestors, the keepers of their souls; forever bounded to Arreat. The leader and most revered amongst them was the elder shaman. Whevever great peril approached the mountain, he would travel around Arreat, his footsteps awakening the tribes spirits to the coming battle, after all Death was nothing compared to their oath.
The Shadow Matrix (Legendary Tiara)
Armor:397-457. Item Level: 63. (Artwork: A small black stone attached to the wearer's forehead.)

.12-24% Movement Speed.
.025-050 Attacks per Second.
.Increases Damage Against Elites by 25-50%
.Slippery Shadow.*
.Shadow Infusion.*1
.Shadow Blood.*2

*. Whenever the wearer is subject to a control impairing effect or curse there's 25% chance that it will be negated. When it happens the wearer also gains a 50% movement speed boost for 2 seconds.

*1. Whenever the wearer is hit there's a 5% chance of the shadow infusion to be activated. For 15 secs. the wearer gains immunity to physical damage and 25% resistance to other damage types. Every attack has 10% chance to kill any non-elite/rare monster it hits, regardless of the damage. Whenever a creature's killed that way it explodes dealing 180% weapon damage to everyone in 15 yard radius. The Shadow Infusion ability cannot be activated more then once every 45 seconds.
[the wearer's appearance become similar to Shadow Power/Gloom but without the green wings].

*2. Critical Hit Chance and Critical Hit Damage bonuses provided by: Gear, Passives and Skills, aren't applied to the wearer's overall damage. All bonuses provided by the Wearer's Gear are instead, converted as following: All Critical Hit Chance in gear is converted to Min-Max Damage on ratio of 1%=1-10 damage. And critical Hit Damage in gear is converted on the ratio of 50%=150 life regeneration, 100 armor, 10 all resistance.
[Critical Hit % still applies to crit calculating effects such as BF:ItF, Vengeance, Critical Mass, etc...]

The Shadow, The Darkness, The Abyss. All different names to the same Entity. It's one of the forces of Creation, therefore it isn't necessarily evil as The Light isn't necessarily good. They 'feed' each other, in the never ending cycle we call Life. It's way, The Shadow Way, of 'loving' those that embrace it is to infuse it's very essence onto them. Therefore, to choose that path, that love, is to become part of the Shadow itself. Choose carefully, young one, but choose with your soul. For there's no coming back after you've done it.


M'avina's Deflectors (Legendary Bracers)
Armor: 220-253. Item Level: 63.

.15% Chance to Dodge. (Not subject to diminishing returns).
.400-750 Armor.
.Increases Gold and Health Pickup Radius 20-25 Yards.
.M'avina's Strategical Retreat.*
.M'avina's Counter-Attack.*1
.M'avina's Deflection.*2

*. Whenever the wearer takes damage that would otherwise kill he/she, that damage is negated and the wearer backflips 20 yards. After the flip the wearer gains invulnerability for 2 secs. That effect cannot be triggered more then once per minute.

*1. Whenever the wearer dodge's a melee attack there's a 10% chance that a counter-attack will be iniciated. If the monster is not an elite/boss/rare it's automaticaly killed. Elites/Bosses/Rares that are hit take 100% weapon damage and are stunned for 2 secs.

*2. Whenever the wearer is subject to a ranged attack and dodge's it the projectile is thrown back at the attacker. The maximum reach of the counter attack's determined by your pickup radius.

Instead of blabbering about how many arrows per minute you can shoot, or how far can you throw your javelin young one, know that, in combat, the first rule's to stay alive. A dead Amazon can't kill anything.
Titan's Grasp (Legendary Gloves)
Armor: 309-355. Item Level: 63.

.12-24% Movement Speed.
.Adds 0,25% to Lightning Damage per Paragon Level.
.0,25% to Cast Eletrocute/Chain Lightning - per Paragon Level - on Hit.
.2.80-3,00% of Damage Dealt Is Converted to Life.
.Titan's Blood.*
.Lightning's Conflagration.*1

*. All your elemental weapon-damage is converted to lightning and if you're using a lightning-based skill/rune you gain 50% damage reduction to lightning. Every time you receive a lightning based-damage and it deals more then 10% damage of your health pool, every enemy in 15 yard radius is eletrocuted for the same damage.

*1. Every time you deal lightning damage to a monster there's a 5% chance of stunning it for 2 seconds. If an enemy is killed while stunned it explodes releasing a shock pulse that deals 60% of the monsters health pool as damage to all enemys within a 20 yard radius. The shock pulse is considered a lighning-based attack in terms of proccing the Lightning's Conflagration effect.
[Items, Passives and skills that have the property of "x% chance to stun on hit" contribute, i.e. get their percentages added to the total % chance of stunning.]

The Hands of the Gods are merciless. They punish the wicked swiftly by droping all of the sky's mighty onto their heads. Unbelievers and doubters are fulminated and no trace's left of their wickedness.
High Heaven's Foundation (Legendary Chest Armor)
Armor: 397-457. Item Level: 63.

.Imperius Battle Orders.*
.Tyreal's Sacrifice.*1
.Auriel's Al'maiesh.*2
.Ithereal's Foresight.*3
.Malthael's Touch.*4
.Regenarates 12 Life per Second - per Paragon Level.

*. All party members that are within 20 yards of the wearer receive a bonus of 10 armor - per paragon level.

*1. Whenever a party member get's to 10% or lower Life, for 5 secs all of the damage that he/she might receive will be fully reverted to wearer. When the ability is activated the wearer gains a bonus of 0,65% - per paragon level - reduction to all types of damage; the reduction lasts for 5 secs. Tyrael's Sacrifice can not be triggered more then once per 35 secs.

*2. All party members within 20 yards of the wearer gain a 10% bonus to resource generation/regeneration.

*3. The wearer gains 0,2% dodge - per paragon Level.( Not subject to diminishing returns). Whenever the wearer succesfully dodges an attack all party members within 20 yards gain a 0,5% - per paragon level - damage bonus on their next attack.

*4. Whenever all party members are within 20 yards of each other, every ranged attack at any of them has an innate 0,2% - per Paragon Level - chance of being deflected back at the attacker.

Valor, Justice, Hope, Fate and Wisdom. The High Heaven's Archangels have always fought together. That unity is the very foundation of their strength.
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04/18/2013 07:20 PMPosted by Roxxor
Maybe my suggestions are too op or too complex, or both. My intention was to create versatility and items that would actually foster new builds or different aproaches towards the itemization system. Anyway, constructive feedback's appreciated!!

Don't think that several new game mecanics will be implemented for every single new legendary...

I know my legs will probably never be implemented or be considered but their mechanics can help people get an idea of what Legs should really be.
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Time to design some gear for our follower friends ;)

Party Time :)
Legendary (follower specific item)
-reduces follower health and damage to 1
-increase pick up radius by 10 yards
-followers can pick up gold and health globes
-brings all his/her follower friends with you
-fire chain
-increases conversation frequency
-followers cannot be slain
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I know my legs will probably never be implemented or be considered but their mechanics can help people get an idea of what Legs should really be.

Not really ... Legendaries from D2 were quite nice, like Wolfhowl, Enigma, Beast, Chaos Runeword ... And they only had 1-2 cool/simple features each.

Itemization was quite different in D2. As well as affix diversity, something we don't have here. We have effects like Crushing Blow, Death Strike, etc... Specific caster affixes, specific melee ones, attack rating. And we crazy stuff like Delirium, Phoenix, Woldhowl (as you mentioned). I don't know... These are just my ideas, I guess you're free to disagree with me on what's good... and that's fine =)

P.S: Just for Nostalgia:
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I'd like to see one time (per character), class-specific, ultra-powerful unique items that bind to account as quest/rewards in MP10 inferno.
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I think the key to a good legendary is a cool unique action or stat on it:


- Summon a copy of your character that does exactly your actions (full damage? half damage?) but doesn't move.

- 5% chance to transform the wearer into a bear for 15 sec. Bear can only use Bash attack.

- (non-weapon) Surrounds the character in a swirling black cloud (pure visual) +10% damage -50% pickup radius (can't see a thing is this stupid cloud)

- pandora's box - 2% chance to have every monster in a 30 yard radius to run to open it (taunt), 2% chance to have every monster in a 30 yard radius run in fear.
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Wirt's Third Leg
Legendary.. uh.. Ligament.

250% Increased Attack Range.
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Dagger of Frenzy
Darkblade Dagger
+11% increase attack speed
+200 of str/dex/int
+1 random
15% Chance to double attack speed

Frostburn Spaulders
+200 of str/dex/int
+70 All resist
+60 Cold resist
+5% as cold
+5% to chill on hit
+7 yard pickup radius

String of Hydra
+11% asi
+200 dex
+ 2 Hatred regeneration
+1 Random
+Chance to summon mammoth hydra
+40% Chance to pierce
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Wirt's Third Leg
Legendary.. uh.. Ligament.

250% Increased Attack Range.

I LOLed.
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