Diablo® III

New Legendary Ideas

An old Favorite:

The Cranium Basher! or maybe Gavel of Pain/Steeldriver.

Ilvl 62-63 2h Mighty Weapon

DPS in the range of 1250-1450
Strength in range of 150-300
Vitality in range of 75-150
Critical Hit Damage in range of 75-150
<random stat>
<random stat>
<10-15%> Chance on hit to lower the armor values of target by 25% for 10 seconds, stacks up to 3 times

This weapon would be an ideal weapon for a 2h crit damage bash/HOTA build, as the Hammer can stack a debuff lowering armor, meaning that the weapon with some good RNG can provide a Unique group debuff. It adds flavor to the barb class because when I think barb, I think using a giant hammer to bash my way through the demonic hordes!

The look of the weapon would be the fury of the vanished peak model minus the spikey ends, with the hammer part a black, obsidian like material with a faint purple glow.

Returning from the battlefields of old mount arreat, this mighty hammer is designed to destroy armor...and the bodies inside them.
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More things like the firewalkers fire trail.

maul and staff that can compete with a skron.

a diabo with block or lots of dodge.

Personally I would love to see more synergy in items, like the combos I can find in skill sets.
I would also love to see the paragon levels in some gear.
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I feel everyone's legendaries are rather boring. Everything listed is constantly developed to revolve around the current system of huge mainstat, huge vita, crit chance, <random> however without the focus of build diversity.

We need new stuff! Stuff not already one that get's rid of tunnel vision.

For example, what about a legendary ring which has a proc effect. This would be... something like everyone who bought d3 is reimbursed their money? If not this, then anyone with a d3 account gets to upgrade to the first of the two expansions for free? You must be wearing this ring in order to upgrade, then you may remove it.

Or better yet, boots which have the proc effect which generates PvP that we were told we would be able to enjoy, along with items WORTH FARMING FOR? Along with at least 3 classes in the first expansion because holy god did Blizzard really screw up D3 (Shapeshifter - Dex/Str, Necro, Druid, etc)

Fun stuff aside

Anyways, we need inspiring legendaries. Without real balance going on how about actual time-based items for the sake of rarity? The game has an internal clock which we know based on the massive AH manipulations months ago.

In the Winter, how about ice-based legendaries? Summer gives us fire based legendaries. Note these would be in the same slot, just focus on different things. The easiest example would be a Wizard source. EVERYONE WANTS A FIRE WIZ. WE KNOW THIS because there are no signature fire skills. In fact I am the only wizard I have seen use meteor before.

In the Summer (or just anytime, that was just an idea) - A source with low damage like the homunculus however it cuts the cost of Meteor down to 3/5 (30 arcane or 21 for Star Pact) while buffing the damage? Due to the Wizard's difficulty in harnessing raw fiery scorching flames, the cost of cold-based spells increases by 200-300%. Even better! CM wizards are nullified because no cold spells could be used! In fact the cold spells turn to fire. So the frozen spell (I play wiz and yet I can't think of the freezing spell haha) turns into scorching the ground for intense damage instead, while meteor ravages the countryside.

This would help deter people from narrowing their Wiz into one of two builds - CM wizard or Archon. LETS GET FIRE GOING. On that note, Blizzard please fix the meteor graphics. It's awful. It shoots down at 2 fps and is a disgusting polygonized ball of matter. Make it actually look awesome, along with the flames/fire.

Source - Sunrock (why did this name hit me? its from somewhere....)
Damage: (30-50) - (40 - 150)
Intel: 250-375
Vita: -(50-200)
APoC: 8-14 (yes, 14. make it special)
Crit Damage - 120-200% (thats right. NO CRIT CHANCE. This is because its a !@#$ing METEOR source which should do more DAMAGE)
Increase Fire skill damage by XX%
Fire Resistance: +80-150
Cold Resistance: -50-120 (minus)
Damage Against Elites - 20-35%
Cold spells cooldown is doubled (or 1.5x) / Cold spells cannot be used (Or even a random 50/50 roll between these two! Awesome, not. Less RNG blizzard. LEARN THIS. LESS RNG. So, one of those two only)

My reasoning - CM wizard is nullified. Elites are moving targets and so very hard to hit with the delay. Everything are moving targets. This will be incredible when two wizards pair up with a freezing / fire wiz. [Promote multiplayer action even with the same class.] As to the crit damage vs fire skill damage... no idea. This isn't a balanced item but a showcase of an idea. If this was paired with the fire hydra, along with the mentioned (not guarenteed I get that) item that would allow for two hydras at the same time maybe rolling for fire based damage is better. For those who don't want hydra, maybe crit is better. So maybe this item can have RNG in this sense - which stat (crit or skill damage). Seriously this makes two viable fire builds - Hydra+Meteor or Massive Crit damage Meteor+ Anything (Arcane torrent for weakening enemies with that awesome rune?)

This because a jumble of ideas as I got excited thinking about it. I'm not writer so I hope you read through it and picked it apart and got the jist. =)

Edit: Actually. Temporal Flux + Arcane Hydra (with the 2 hydra item we might get) + this meteor damage could be incredible. I feel that there is another very viable build since Arcane Hydra is AoE.
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Draculas Burden

20 % life leech
as long you use this ring, you loose 3 % of your maximum hitpoints per second

Scorpions Grip

480- 560 defense
40-80 @ res
5-9 ias
5-10 cc
25 -50 cd
50 % chance to cast Cyclone Strike ( Implosion ) when you use teleport ( wizzard only )
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Here are some ideas for legendary effects:

+ 10 minutes to all shrine durations
+ 1 to armor for every point of main stat
critical hits double the chance of dropping legendary items
your experience gained is increased 1% for every point of fury you had when the monster died
Full set transforms you into werewolf form. attack speed increased by 30%
Full set transforms you into werebear form. damage increased by 30%
Full set transforms you into vampire form. 8% LS
Full set transforms you into porcupine form. 40% of damage taken is reflected back at attacker
Gain the ability to resurrect one foe every 5 min to fight at your side. resurrected enemies have 3x
increase in damage and life
Gain an extra passive skills slot
Gain the leap skill if you are a non-barbarian class
Gain the teleport skill if you are a non-wizard class
Gain the wave of light skill if you are a non-monk class
Gain the soul harvest skill if you are a non-WD (you harvest main stat)
Gain the vault skill if you are a non-DH class
treasure goblins cannot use their portals within 8 yards of you
decrease all cooldowns for 50%
increase skill radius by 2 yards
decrease resource cost for all skills by 15%
increase duration of all skills by 50%
immune to cold
immune to fire
immune to holy
immune to arcane
immune to physical
10% chance to proc earthquake
10% chance to proc call of the ancients
10% chance to proc rain of vengence
10% chance to proc sentry
10% chance to proc zombie dogs
10% chance to proc gargantuan
10% chance to proc mantra of retribution
10% chance to proc mantra of conviction
10% chance to proc blizzard
10% chance to proc wave of force

Legendary boots: Champaign's Corner

if stuck in a corner, all healing effects are lost. however, all enemy damage is decreased by 75%. Your damage is increased by 25%

"Don't get stuck in corner. i will check"

Legendary gloves: Crafter's gloves

All crafting costs (materials and gold) are decreased by 1% for every 24hrs that these gloves are used. To a max decrease of 50%

"Repeat customers should get discounted prices"

Legendary gloves: Midas' hand

Vendor price of all items increased by 6% for every 24hrs that these gloves are used. To a max increase of 300%

ignore enemies dodge chance
ignore enemies resistances
ignore enemies armor
ignore enemies block chance
Allows you to hire 2 followers
Allows you to make a party of 5 players
Gain the illusionist skill of monsters: when you are hit, there is a 3% chance of conjuring replicas of yourself with 50% weapon damage and 30% EHP
Gain the avenger skill of monsters: when anyone in your party dies (followers included), your damage increases by 200% for 5 seconds
Gain the vortex skill of monsters: 30% chance to suck enemies back to you if they are kiting away
Gain the shielding skill of monsters: when hit, 1% chance to form immunity shield for 2 seconds
Gain the arcane enchanted skill of monsters: when hit, 4% chance to release arcane sentries
Increases nephalem cap to 6 NV
Increases MF cap to 400%
Increases GF cap to 400%
Give up runes entirely from 1 active skills to allow two runes to be used on 1 skill.
immunity to wallers (walk through walls)
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decreases cooldown on health potions by 50% and increase life gained by 100%
removes wait time for townportal
allows you to equip shield with a 2H weapon
while equipped, ignore durability loss on all of your items
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A nice set shield for dh would be nice, maybe something along the lines of storm shield or a much better lidless wall. I'd like a storm shield with 300dex and 10% crit, maybe some atk speed.

Make it a set bonus for the calamity. Dmg to elites, dex, spd, some other nice bonus.

Maybe even some sweet new dual wield weapon that also provides shielding aspects?
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I think a quiver or shield bonus that gives me another pet would be nice too.
2-3 boars, spiders, bats, or a wolf pack.
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Ytar's Will
Legendary Daibo
1236.75-1329.75 DPS

1.50 Attacks per Second

- +400-450 Holy Damage
- +0.40 Attacks per Second
- Ytar's Will (Spirit generation abilities will no longer generate Spirit)
- Increases Spirit regeneration by 9-10 per second
- Decreases the cost of Spirit spender abilities by 3-5 Spirit
- Increases the damage of all Spirit spender abilities by 5-10%
- Regenerate 125-150 life points per point of Spirit spent
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Baal's Claw
(Legendary Dagger)

- +400-800 Poison Damage
- +150-200 Intelligence
- + 2-5% Life steal
- + 10-20 Mana regeneration
- Chance to spawn tentacles slowing and damaging monsters
- +1 Random Property

Arctic Storm Bow
(Legendary Bow)

- +500-900 Ice Damage
- +250-300 Dexterity
- Empty Socket
- Chance to create a blizzard
- +1 random Property

Arthas' Crown
(Legendary Helm)

- 150-200 Int/Dext/Force
- 4-6% Critical Hit
- Empty Socket
- Perpetual Ice Armor
- +1 random Property
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Mantra Style
Legendary Spirit Stone

- Increases the effects of all Mantras by 3-5%
- Mantra Style (you can have two mantras active at any one time)
- +100-150 Dexterity
- +2 Random Magic Properties


Hammer Shake
Legendary Two-Handed Mighty Weapon
1469.0-1572.4 DPS

1.25 Attacks per Second

- +200-250 Minimum Damage
- +350-400 Maximum Damage
- +40-50% Damage
- +25% Attack Speed
- Extends the area of effect of Hammer of the Ancients by 15 yards
- Increases dodge chance by 5-10%
- Hammer Shake (after an attack it has a chance to create an earthquake that damages enemies for 200% weapon damage over 3 seconds in a 10 yards area)
- +200-300 Strength
- +1 Random Magic Property
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Protector of Sin
Legendary Chest Armor

(489-889)-(553-953) Armor

- One of 3 Magic Properties (varies)
  • +200-240 Strength
  • +200-240 Dexterity
  • +200-240 Intelligence
  • - Each Hit adds +350-750 Life
    - +100-400 Armor
    - +10-20% Life
    - +3.50% Life Steal when below 35% Life
    - Area of Effect damage against you is reduced by 25-40%
    - When reduced below 5% of your Maximum Health, you are surrounded by a Sacred Shield that restores your life back to 100% over 5 seconds while also reducing incoming damage from all sources by 100% during this duration. This effect cannot occur more than once every 5 minutes.
    - +2 Random Magic Properties

    Item Level: 63
    Unique Equipped
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    2 【Legendary Item (with the same name)】+1【Demonic Essence】 +1【Fiery Brimstone+some gold】=1 【new Legendary Item (with the same name)】

    for example:

    2 Mempo of Twilight+1Demonic Essence +1Fiery Brimstone+some gold=1 new Mempo of Twilight

    Do you think this will be feasible?

    Tell me ,please.

    Give me your opinion!!
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    A Legendary that sacrifice a stat for the benefit of another
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    I'd like to see Legendary Socket fillers:

    All Seeing Eye (socket)
    Helm Effect: Fear Abilities no longer affect you
    14% Increased Life
    +14 All Resists
    14% Bonus Exp
    Weapon Effect: 50% Chance to fear enemies
    -14% Attack Speed
    +14% Damage
    1.4% Life Steal
    Other Effect: Vitality on Item Increased by 14%
    Strength on Item Increased by 14%
    Intelligence on Item Increased by 14%
    Dexterity on Item increased by 14%
    (this bonus includes stats from other sockets)
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    "Flying Scimitar" / "Sword Familiar"
    - one hand sword (usual primary stat, crit dmg, x random stats, etc)
    - chances to summon "flying scimitar" / "sword familiar" that fights for you if left in your bag (similar to charms in D2X)
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