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New Legendary Ideas

all those ideas are amazing as they fall into the old d2 unique itemization. at the moment we have variation of stats that either make it worth a brimstone, or billions. All stars need to align to roll those (4) stats that are useful, otherwise its useless. Legendaries (uniques) need to have the same stats every time, just giving it the chance to roll low or high numbers in those attribute (enhanced damage/defense)
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Legendary Armor

- +100-250 Defense
- Melee attackers take 1500-2500 damage per hit.
- Melee attackers take 10-25% more damage per hit.
- 5-15% damage reflected converted to life.
- +50-150 (one of) str/dex/int
- 2 random properties

Legendary Shoulder

- Health Globes and Potions Grant +6500–10000 Life.
- 40-80% health globe bonus dealt as bonus damage at critical hit
- +150-200 (one of) str/dex/int
- 3 random properties
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Just some thing new I come up with

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"Two Ton Boots"
Legendary Boots

Boots have 2,000 armor
but slow players movement speed by -25%
+3 random stats
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06/15/2013 11:01 AMPosted by xKosciejx
Wouldn't surprise me if Blizz chose only ONE legendary item from all the great items posted in here in November or April, May next year...

Sorry, but i think they will pick none.

"Less is more"

They simply don't care.
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Mallet of Upbringing

- Slaying inferno Diablo grants importing Diablo 2 characters and Items to Diablo 3 with fully rendered HD graphics
- Upon starting new games option to play Fully rendered HD Diablo 2 maps or re-play storyline 3.

Amulet of waypointing

- magically allows one to waypoint between acts

Ring of bnet

- allows you to use diablo 2 bnet, create named games

Boots of Boss

- instantly removes to item grind any more- all Res = 50k, armor = 80k, Heath = 500trillion, DPS = 800k, killing one enemy grants 2.5 billion exp.
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03/05/2013 11:50 AMPosted by Danov
sorry I cant make it bold as I'm unsure how to use all the tools

Here it is all cleaned up:

Highlord's Vengeance
Legendary Amulet

- +231-455 Lightning Damage
- +50-75 To All Resistances
- One of 3 possible properties
------ +150-300 Strength
------ +150-300 Dexterity
------ +150-300 Intelligence
- +100-200 Vitality
- Increases Attack Speed by 20%
- Critical Hit Chance Increased by 6.0-9.0%
- Critical Hit Damage Increased by 30-90%


Not bad. It still feeds into the IAS/C%/CD trifecta stacking, though. I'd like to see more ideas that promote build diversity. Here is another:


Vampire Gaze
Legendary Helm
797-957 Armor

- +400-500 Armor
- Adds 5-6% to Cold Damage
- 3.50-4.00% of Damage Dealt Is Converted to Life
- One of 5 Properties
------ Increase Fury Regeneration by 2-3 per Second (Barbarian Only)
------ Increase Discipline Regeneration by 1-2 per Second (Demon Hunter Only)
------ Increase Spirit Regeneration by 3-5 per Second (Monk Only)
------ Increase Mana Regeneration by 10-20 per Second (Witch Doctor Only)
------ Increase Arcane Power Regeneration by 10-20 per Second (Wizard Only)
- Reduces Damage from All Attacks by 15-20%
- 5.0-10.0% Chance to Freeze Targets on hit
O Empty Socket


I love the idea of bringing back some *useful* versions of the iconic unique items from D2. It would also be cool if they brought back some more interesting items, like the Valkyrie Wing helmet, for some alternate sources of +movement speed
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Bring diablo 2 items back with a little boost on them and you will rock.
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Mystiq's Malice
Legendary Wand

+ Who cares about the stats!
- Meteors now track your target as they drop
- Chance on Meteor hit to spawn a volcano, glacier or black hole depending on rune selection
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Demon Hunter's Set with the goal of creating a melee hunter! (edited just for formatting)

The Beast's Bane

1. Main Hand
"Colwyn's Goal"
Set Dagger

900-1300 DPS

* +100-250 Minimum Damage
* +100-300 Maximum Damage
* +35-45% Damage
* +0.19-0.23 Attacks per Second
* One of 3 Magic Properties (varies)
    * Reduces Hatred cost of Impale by 15
    * Reduces Cooldown of Sentry by 4 seconds
    * You gain 2% of your life per second

* +150-250 Dexterity
* +100-200 Vitality
* +1 Random Magic Properties.

The Beast's Bane
    Colwyn's Goal
    Rell's Stance

(2) Set:
* +130 Dexterity
* Reduces cool down of Fan of Knives by 8 seconds
* Reduces hatred cost of Chakram by 5
* Increases hatred generation of all Grenades runes to 6

The Hunter Colwyn, slayer of beasts, was most famous
for his dagger throwing skills. Some report that he could
retrieve thrown daggers by will alone.


2. Off-hand
"Rell's Stance"
Set Shield

1150-1300 Armor

+25.0-35.0% Chance to Block
4000-5000 Block Amount

* +150-250 Dexterity
* +100-200 Vitality
* +90-100 Resistance to All Elements
* Failing to block an attack, increases your armor by 25%, for three seconds (Stacks up to 3 times)
* One of 3 Magic Properties (varies)
    * Reduces damage from melee attacks by 7-9%
    * Reduces damage from elites by 7-9%
    * Reduces damage from Ranged attacks by 7-9%

* +1 Random Magic Properties.

The Beast's Bane
    Colwyn's Goal
    Rell's Stance

(2) Set:
* +130 Dexterity
* Reduces cool down of Fan of Knives by 8 seconds
* Reduces hatred cost of Chakram by 5
* Increases hatred generation of all Grenades runes to 6

Hunter Rell, was a self-sacrificing man, who would
throw himself in front of his allies, always wanting
to shield them from harm.
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A Legendary in WoW has static stats. I'd be fine with more of those type dropping in D3. Keep the stats static for everyone and make them rain.
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I just want an item affix that says, "cannot be frozen"
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Nerf Bat
Legendary Club (Barbarian)

- +0 Dmg
- +0 Strength
- When equipped the Barbarian class no longer has the ability to speed farm with minimal effort
- When equipped the Barbarian class no longer is immune to all things on the battlefield
- When equipped the Barbarian toon morphs into a giant gummie bear
- When equipped it cannot be unequipped...ever
- When the Nerf Bat drops, it auto-equips on the nearest Barb
- Nerf Bat forces the players utilizing the Barbarian class to re-evaluate their respective lives and how the Barb class is a small scale metaphor which describes how they like to take the easy way out in life and will most likely struggle in social settings and overcoming any presentation of adversity throughout their existence.
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No thoughts on my idea guys? I thought it was pretty good....well if not how about this one:

Trunion of Scrubbery
Set Mighty Weapon

+0 Damage
+0 anything
- When Trunion of Scrubbery drops it auto-equips on every barb in your friends list
- When Trunion of Scrubbery equips on a Barbarian class character- that character is transported from diablo3 to BF3 and forced to utilize some actual skill when gaming.
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How's this for game-changing?

Staff of Antipode

+ Who cares about the stats!
- The duration of all ground effects of Meteor is doubled. The radius is also doubled.
- The duration and radius of Blizzard is doubled.
- Standing in Meteor doubles your hit point max and attack speed.
- Standing in Blizzard doubles your armor and all damage.
- Meteor and Blizzard do half damage.
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The Equalizer
Set Helmet (Barbarian)

- +0 Armor
- Open Socket pre-filled with skittles
- The Equalizer is standard unremovable equipment on every created barb
- The Equalizer forces players using the Barb to actually learn how to play D3 with skill
- The Equalizer requires all players using the Barb class to play with both hands simultaneously so that players get to experience the hand snappage that every other class requires to play.
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Wirt's Sharp Stick

Legendary Dagger

+100-200 Holy Damage
+50-90% weapon Damage
+ 100-200 Main Stat + 100 Vit
Increases all damage by splinters 10% per second for 30 seconds
Weapon will laugh and taunt enemies that are killed by this weapon
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