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New Legendary Ideas

It would be rly great to have a set that would inflict pain to You DoT, but for the price of great power, maybe even + life leech.
I would use that set gladly since i have enough spirit regeneration, what I lack is power and survivability.
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Thorns just has no place in the fast pace world of diablo 3. Should be removed in first place.

I think it has the potential to be in the game but I can see the distaste of it. I think it was Travis Day who said in his blog linking your DPS somehow to the Thorns Damage output, that would definitely be a start but it does give thought on build diversity. One example is a support character with defensive stats and abilities through the roof, thorns just being one of those.

Here`s an example.

Load up on only defensive base stats, (YAY SHIELDS AGAIN) i.e. AR, VIT, Armor, Thorns, Reduce damage from X, etc... focus all skills on support and control abilities for the group and take the thrashing of a life time. You`d essentially be Superman in terms of defense and if you can maintain a reasonable dps you could add some dmg output for the group but this isnt your prime directive.

The improvement to legendaries is a great step in this direction because it allows the developers to add unique abilities in this regard. Sure it`s not some peoples play style but I think the overall goal is to broaden the build diversity with this improvement to items as well. Thoughts??
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I'd be keen to hear more Legendary ideas from you guys, as well as opinions on the suggestions that other players have already made.

Let's get creative all up in here! :)

What about crafting of Legendary items and set items.
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I like most of them that add something other than just main stats and CD and CC the ones that would add some fun to the items rather than just the pure ability to face roll due to high dps
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buster brown sword pinner
1h sword
dps 1000-2000
5 sockets

lifesteal 5-67
str - 300-599
vitality 500-1000
AR 80- 90
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Remove all the useless legend affixes like "the wand finds your death hilarious" and add in something useful instead.

Legends wands need a good buff, Chantando is superior in almost every way. So are EF. The +0.20-0.25 attack speed makes almost every item useless. You need to add more game changing affixes to more variety of items so that players have more choices.
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I think it would be kind of cool to make a legendary set based on Whimshyre. The set legends would only drop from whimshyre and all would sport a colorful candy look.

Happy Cap

100-200 primary stat
50-100 vit
2 random affix
20% chance to summon a cuddle bear to fight along side of you


+200 primary stat
2 random stats
Health globes bonus
20% chance to summon a sprinkle to fight along side of you

Flower Power

Chest armor

+Primary stat
3 socket
+ 12 movement speed
20% chance to summon a unicorn to fight along side you

Rainbow Briches
1 random
2 sockets
crit hit dmg 25%-35%
20% chance to summon a Happy cloud to fight along side of you

Set bonus
2 item bonus
your whymshyre friends attack faster
Leave a colorful rainbow trail as you walk

3 item set
when your whymshyre friends are hit chance to drop a cupcake in battle
+ 3000 health globe bonus

4 item set

+50% chance to summon whymshyre creatures and whymshyre creatures are enraged
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90 Orc Warrior
Posts: 20
Worusk's Earth Splitter - Two-hand Mighty Weapon (ilvl 63)
140~200 - 200~340 Physical damage
35% ~ 50% Increased Weapon Damage
250 ~ 450 Strength
190% Critical Damage (fixed)
Might of Worusk*
+2 Random Attributes

Might of Worusk- Chance on hit to cast an Improved Seismic Slam Rumble rune attack, this Seismic Slam wouldn't do the primary damage of Seismic slam, but only the rune effect instead, at 100% Weapon damage for 3seconds (instead of 60% Wep.dmg. for 2 sec).

This would maybe allow for a viable spec with Seismic Slam with the rumble rune, counting the proc and rumble together as a very powerful AoE damage overtime. The fact being that the weapon is a Mighty weapon the rage cost of Seismic slam would be reduced by the number of targets that Seismic Slam, currently if you hit a good number of targets with S.S with a mighty weapon in hand the cost is almost null.

The high and near perfect Crit.Dmg. fix roll is to make the item desirable even if it doesn't come with a socket, and making it VERY desirable for use if you roll the extra attribute as an open socket. Also high Strength roll because the weapon is a 2hander.
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The Grin Reaper Rework

71-80 all resistances
300-500 life on hit
100-150 Max mana
Your zombie dogs are replaced by skeletal warriors and their damage is increased by x%
100-150 intelligence
2 random magic properties
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Everyone is suggesting 150 to 200 main stat on there items. Don't you know that rare items we have now role more? I had a sword with over 300 str. It seems silly to request all these godly over powerd items and then skimp on there main stat. We all know what makes things powerfull.

I want to see more creative ideas

my favorite suggestion so far was the fire chane ring. One for your follower and you. Or fire chain between all players with it equiped in public games. Damage based on a percent of the groups total dps. Or dose this seem to corny ? is it to much like the sword that spawned a demon and fire chane? I saw a lot of people using it when it first came out.
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Witch doctor Set "Rakanishu's Prophecy" in honor of Trang-oul my favourite items from diablo II

Stats i will let you decide. but make it a 5 piece set

Set bonus

(2) Health of Zombie Dogs and Gargantuan are increased by 10%
(3) Your Zombie dogs are replaced by Fallen Imps
(4) Your Gargantuan Is Replaced by Fallen Overseer
(5) You embrace Rakanishu and turn into a Fallen Shaman

Zombie Dogs turn into:
Gargantuan turns into: http://diablo.wikia.com/wiki/Fallen_Overseer
You turn into: http://diablo.wikia.com/wiki/Fallen_Shaman

As a note set bonus 5 doesnt need to happen you can make the items themselves look like a fallen shaman :)
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Legendary Amulet soul of Darkness - Heart of Diablo (summon Diablo as follower)
Legendary sword of light - Tyrael Sword (summon up soul of light)
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2h Mighty Weapon

1205.5 - 1550.5
Damage per second

- +(335-458)-(522-729) Fire Damage
- +41-50% Damage
- +200-325 Strength
- +50-100% Critical Hit Damage
- All Attacks have a 1% chance to reset the cooldown on Earthquake
- +2 Random Magic Properties


Thoric's Pulse
1h Mighty Weapon

Damage per second

- +(255-367)-(392-498) Lightning Damage
- +25-50% Damage
- Weapon throw has a chance to deal chain lightning to up to 5 enemies within 20 yards of impact dealing 50% weapon damage
- + 3 Random Magic Properties


Thorin's Revenge


- +15-25% chance to block
- +40-80 All Resistance
- Revenge Damage increased by 30-60%
- Revenge Radius increased by 8-15 yards
- +2 Random Magic Properties
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03/08/2013 11:19 PMPosted by Jomebrome
Don't you know that rare items we have now role more?

You appear to be out of the loop in how items roll.

Say an item gets a primary stat over 300, what is happening is something along these lines...

-250 STR
=325STR+75 VIT
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I'd love to see something like this... make it super rare and account bound:

Chameleon Armor

Let's say you're wearing an Inna's helm and chest, nat's boots and ring, IK gloves

You get the stats of the armor itself plus it counts as another piece of any and all set items you are currently wearing. So, in the example above, the Chameleon armor counts as a 3rd Inna's, 3rd nats, and 2nd IK set item.
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Bringin back my very first unique i ever got in diablo 2.

2 handed sword


591.1 - 635.3
1.1 attacks per second
+411 - 560 cold damage
+(10 - 15)% chance to freeze the target
+ (2 of 4 random magic properties)
- 150-225 Strength
- 150-225 Dexterity
- 150-225 Intelligence
- 150-225 Vitality
+ ( 1of 4 magic properties )
- Increases Arcane power generation by ( 14.5 - 21.1 ) per second
- Increase mana regeneration rate by ( 23 - 40 ) per second
- Increase Spirit Generation by ( 2.3 - 4 )
- Increase maximum Fury by ( 12 - 20 )
+ ( 50 - 80 ) cold resist
+ ( 3 - 5 )% damage is converted to Life
+ 1 random magic property
+ flavor property: The shadows add themselves to the wielders presence. (Gives the effect of fog of war. Like when you are in some dungeons, when its darker around a perimeter around your character. No combat advantage.

Flavor Text: "Cursed blade of House Silverlaine."

Here are the stats for the original item:

Two-Hand Damage: 16 To 34 (25 Avg)
Required Level: 12
Required Strength: 35
Required Dexterity: 27
Durability: 44
Base Weapon Speed: [0]
+100% Enhanced Damage
Adds 10-30 Cold Damage, Cold Duration: 6 seconds
9% Mana Stolen Per Hit
9% Life Stolen Per Hit
Cold Resist 20%
-2 To Light Radius

Did I do my baby justice?
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special DH legendarys

Boots of Strafe:
One of 2 Magic Properties (varies)
_+80–125 Dexterity
_+175–250 Dexterity
+71–80 Resistance to All Elements
+10–12% Life
+10-25% Movement Speed in Strafe
+ Increases Critical Hit Chance of Strafe by 2–7% (Demon Hunter Only)
+2 Random Magic Properties

Gloves of Spike Trap:
+200–300 Dexterity
+40–50 Vitality
+Critical Hit Chance Increased by 9.0–10%
+Spike Trap exploding radius increase 2-4 yards
+Decreases the arming time to half seconds
+3 Random Magic Properties

Cloak of Grenades:
+150–200 Dexterity
+150–200 Vitality
+71–80 Resistance to All Elements
+Increases Grenades Damage by 4–14% (Demon Hunter Only)
+Increases Critical Hit Chance of Grenades by 2–8%
+Chance to double your attack speed when attacking (Only with Grenades skill).
+2 Random Magic Properties

Shoulders of Cluster Arrow:
One of 2 Magic Properties (varies)
_+80–125 Dexterity
_+175–250 Dexterity
One of 2 Magic Properties (varies)
_+40–80 Vitality
_+120–160 Vitality
+71–80 Resistance to All Elements
+Reduces resource cost of Cluster Arrow by 10 Hatred. (Demon Hunter Only)
+Increases Hatred Regeneration by 1.18–1.33 per Second (Demon Hunter Only)
+Critical Hits have a chance to restore 1 Hatred.
+2 Random Magic Properties

Ring of Rapid Fire:
+120–160 Dexterity
+Increases Attack Speed by 3-6%
+Critical Hit Chance Increased by 4.0–6%
+Increases Critical Hit Chance of Rapid Fire by 2–8% (Demon Hunter Only)
+Increases Rapid Fire Damage by 4–14% (Demon Hunter Only)
+Increases Hatred Regeneration by 1.18–1.33 per Second (Demon Hunter Only)
+Increases Damage Against Elites by 3–6%
+2 Random Magic Properties

Amulett of Evasive Fire:
+192–302 Dexterity
+42–133 Vitality
+71–80 Resistance to All Elements
+9–10 Maximum Discipline (Demon Hunter Only)
+Critical Hit Chance Increased by 9.0–10%
+Increases Evasive Fire Damage by 6–14% (Demon Hunter Only)
+Decreases the Evasive Fire discipline cost to 1 (if you backflip)
+Increases Damage Against Elites by 3–6%
+2 Random Magic Properties

Quiver of Entagling Shot:
+250–300 Dexterity
+Attack Speed Increased by 10–20%
+Critical Hit Chance Increased by 9.0–10.0%
+Increases Entangling Shot Damage by 5–14% (Demon Hunter Only)
+Hit up +1 target. (only with Entagling shot)
+Chance to charm enemies when you hit them. (only with Entagling shot)
+Increases Damage Against Elites by 3–4%
+2 Random Magic Properties
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First of all,dunno why Tal Rasha set must give 3% to Fire only, why not a 2% to all the elements at 2 pcs
+100 Int at 3 pcs?

Legendary Wand
<Could have various Elements version, i am a fan of theme builds>

+(XXX)–(XXX) *Cold Damage
+100-150 Int
+15%–50% Damage
+5-15% *Cold Damage
- 50% to all elemental damage other then *Cold
Every 30 Arcane spend reduce the cooldown of Cold skills by 1 sec
*Critical Hits grant a mist which slows enemy for 30% in 20 yards for 1 - 2 sec (Wizard Only)
+1 socket

Fire - Crits grants burns for 20 yards.
Arcane - Crits grants Arcane Energy
Posion - Crits give pool of poison (like hydra)
Lightning - Crits give Stun

Gore Riders
-300 Armor
+20% Critical Hit Chance
Reduces damage from melee attacks by 2-5%
Minus 700 Life Regen
Regenerates 100-300 Life per Second
+1–49 Intelligence
+1–49 Dexterity
+1–49 Strength
+1–49 Vitality
+3-8% movement speed

Critical Slain enemies explode in Blood.


Seraph Hymn

Legendary Amulet

+Vitality 300
+15–25% Life
Regenerates 500–1000 Life per Second
All Resistance +80 - 100
Armor +1000
Blessed by the Angels. - A bright glowing necklace.
Reduce Cooldown of Health Globes by 25%
+25% to the hp healed by health globes

One of the Followings
1-3% chance to heal for 30% - 50% of max hp.
1-3 % chance to summon a Valkyrie to fight for X secs is your paragon lvl
1-3% chance to summon a Seraph to join for 5 sec, heals you for V , V is your Vitality
1-3 % chance to cast a holy bolt to stun enemy for radius of 5yards for 1 sec

Lastly i will like to see more affix that only spawn on legendaries or sets to make a themed item

- reduce pots cooldown by 2-5 sec
- adds 10% to socketed jewel stats
- health globe adds health 10-30% of max hp
- shrine duration increase.
- increase pots healing by 25%
- at <20% health increase critical hit damage increases
- at <20% health increase pots n globes heal by 50%
- gain 10% critical hit chance or 10% more damage for 10 secs when revived once every 60 sec
- losses Triple durability
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Helm of Pure Power (Legendary Helmet)

+[100-300] Str or Int or Dex
+[100-300] Vit
+[6%-9%] Increased Attack Speed
+[50%-100%] Increased Critical Hit Damage
+[3%-6%] Increased Critical Hit Chance
+[70%-80%] Resistance to All Elements
+ Open Socket

edit - watch the price of Mempos crumble when this baby is out!
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