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most fun build

just curious what you guys think it is. i got my DH through Hell awhile ago, now revisiting to get her through Inferno. don't really care about what the purest, highest DPS build there is - just what is the most fun to play.

used the top build here as a base, but happy to switch it around:

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It depends on what your idea of "fun" is. Some people like kiting, and keeping at a distance. Bola Shot/Spike Traps are a lot of fun.

I personally like to face tank. Right now I'm addicted to grenades/cluster arrows.. I like killing things fast on higher MP levels.

If you are grinding low MP levels for paragon, strafe is a fun route... and as much as I hate to say it, ball lightning is also extremely fast. I was wondering why so many DH's were using ball lightning. It annoyed me that SO many DH's were using it... Never understood why. I've always gone against the grain so to speak.. But I tried it, and it's extremely fast (and fun). But I don't see myself using it on anything above MP2.
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k - grenades look fun and you're only one kind enough to respond, so i'm going to use your build :) thanks!
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I think Bola Spike trap spec is the most fun, at least for me. Perhaps it was from the endless 1 shot deaths back in "vanilla" D3 near release when I had just gotten to Inferno that make me really appreciate being able to face tank a pack of Hulking Phasebeasts.
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I'm using the Bola/Spike build too and I really think it's a lot of fun. Lots of explosions, so you feel powerful. Able to facetalk most enemies, so you also feel powerful. Will still need to kite once in a while, unless you have super godly gear and/or playing at low MP, so you will still feel like a Demon Hunter.

Give it a shot.

Edit: *Facetank, not facetalk. Facetalking is what the enchantress does and makes me want to strangle her.
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I found these responses useful. Thanks guys.
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Most fun by far is a strafe build, running vault+TA but it isn't viable really for above like mp3.
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Trap build
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This is my most fun build and/or gear:
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