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New CM build (WW + MD)

Hi fellow Wiz mates! As some of you might know, I'm a full time Archon player but recently I decided to go part time CM with my budget chan set + lacuni for more build diversity. Been experimenting some CM builds and found this to be pretty efficient.



Wicked Wind - Standard primary CM attack for it's high proc rate.

Mocking Demise - Allow you to break free from frozen / jailer lock downs. Do additional damage and stun effect. Allow you to cast additional WW which gives more proc (correct me if I'm wrong)

Diamond Shards - Main defensive skill with offensive output

Deep freeze - Use in dense area farming for additional cc

Chain Reaction - Part of standard CM/WW setup

Shocking Aspect - For dense area farming too. Can switch to PA or PB if you require additional armor / dps


CM - Standard passive for CM build

Unstable Anomaly - Defensive skill especially useful against the irritating fallen maniac

Cold blooded - Additional damage with Frost Nova

Short video of mp10 KDL2 run with specs run down:

As you can see from the video, I have pretty low armor, average AR (around 800) and 0 LOH (just 2.7% ls) yet I'm able to farm mp10 pretty decently. I'm sure this build will work much better for full time CM wiz with high mitigation gears.

Appreciate your feedback and enjoy! :D
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I do not think MD procs CM at all so i doubt this is as efficient as using magic weapon electrify, especially on dense areas like keeps 2

seems pretty useful for budget builds though... why are you running 0 loh? the second you get a mob with electrify, reflect damage, fire anything, or plagued you are screwed -- nm im retarded, see you have life steal haha
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I am testing it now, 3 packs in it seems to proc with cm just fine. I think every time you hit MD if the old ones are alive they blow up right away so you can pile up some explosions real fast. im gonna try illusionist and see if that helps.
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@Grizz: I do see the proc difference with MD, hence I think it does proc faster. Need some expert to confirm though.

@WanderinHobo: I tested with illusionist at 1st but it doesn't have any value add as cool down for mirror image is lightning fast with this setup.
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MD is a really fun addition at any CM build. Proc coefficient is .5 so lets if you just mash MD a few times you get a nice LoH return back if you are hitting a lot of mobs. It won't out DPS molten impact or electrify, nor will it give you the survivability of tele--but it is a game after all, so why not play around with it? I used it in 1.04 with a fun little liquefy/blades build.

03/04/2013 08:03 AMPosted by XFactor
I tested with illusionist at 1st but it doesn't have any value add as cool down for mirror image is lightning fast with this setup.

yeah illusionist definitely not needed
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