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UberDeath Just Got More Uber

It occurred to me with the new apoc changes that other builds besides cm/ww could see an advantage. I did a bit of testing and UberDeath also gained a nice boost. With only one 10 APoC source and one -5 arcane torrent item, you can almost continually stream arcane torrent, which you definitely could not do in 1.0.6. For me, that meant I could use my non-apoc Triumverate and go to town.

Tried it on a few bosses.

Ghom: 18 sec.
Azmo: 21 sec.
Belial: 58 sec.

To put that in perspective, Frostburn's Belial kill time was around 1 min 58 sec (with cm/ww) and my previous recorded kill time on him was around 1 min 23 sec (with cm/ww).

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Try the build I came up with- it works with 10 APOC now too and I am using a Tri now as well. It's in my profile now. It's something for Archon people to run in groups and/or or high MPs and CMs can use it just the same.

I believe it was Shaggy who said that our main resource now is the attack turn.
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wtf you're right, before i cant sustain arcane with only 10 apoc, ( i needed to drop trium for another apoc source)
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Everyone dropping to 10 APOC now. Only need more if you are running multiple high spenders.
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wow nice, guys sell me your 280 dmge apoc chant source now :D
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10 apoc is trash doom. Massive slow down in power farming where you wormhole pack to pack dragging whites along and make barbs look slow. That said it's doable. I solo mp10 ubers this morning with it. They didnt move.
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Well, this doesn't mean that we should sell our apoc force. It just means we have more options now. We can pick up black weapon like Rangrok or Yems and wear mempo and still get apoc from force or sc. .

or we can use Chanto will and wear mempo with triv or none-apoc foce

or we can wear SC and use black weapon and triv or none-apoc force.

Basically, we don't have to look all the same with same cookie cutter Chantodo will and force which were automatic previously.

and if still want to enjoy having luxury 20 apoc (Boozor) for smooth run, then that's also an option.

In the end, let's all try to look different now in 1.07. Ultimately, your dps will increase with having to look for only 10 apoc.
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Ghom: 23 sec.
Azmo: 26 sec.
Belial: 61 sec.

Kiza, you are sick.
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wouldnt it be funny if this undocumented change in APOC was a bug and they hotfix it next week
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Yoda - We use will for ias and dps and apoc. A dagger that can compete with any of your wills there is like 12. Must be black must be ~1000 dps must have huge CD must have OS must have large IAS. The real option that opened up is what Kiza is already doing double int force and mempo. The most DPS setup you can get. SC + double int Force were equal to Mempo and apoc force not anymore.
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I would like to see a recording of a <25 sec Ghom kill MP10 =)
Not that I don't believe you, I just want to see what kinda gear it takes and what exact spec you're running
I'll hold on to my Chant's set for now. I dropped to 18 APoC from 20, but I can't see myself go any lower. I do have a 294 avg. Chant's Force anyway, so I would still have to pay a lot to get another 100int/vit with same avg..
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Drizz, you party pooper! >_<

Niko, when I get home I can upload the video. Friend me in game and I can give you gear specs.
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03/04/2013 08:49 AMPosted by kiza
Niko, when I get home I can upload the video. Friend me in game and I can give you gear specs.

I'm EU, so I'd rather have you show the specs in the vid.
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I switched to a Triumvirate that gives me more DPS and EHP than the Tal's or Oculus I had before, I don't use Teleport.

Frost Hydra lasts almost 3x standard Blizzard duration and costs 5 AP less than Snowbound. No point in squandering AP or attack turns on Blizzard when I can 5-stack LL, drop Frost Hydra, then 5 stack LL and hit Disintegrate.
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Here's the Ghom video.


I'm EU, so I'd rather have you show the specs in the vid.

I'm going to keep my gear a super seekret.

edit: took down video
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What is this "undocumented change to APoC"?
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Hooray for build diversity!
I'm happy for you.
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Seriously, Kiza, how do you do it?
After GC + Buffed up, I'm at:
911 Resist
387k DPS
3.8k Armor
2.74 aps / 58% CC / 18 APoC

I can't even tank the Ghom's gasses, lol.. Using this build:

Spamming DS as frequently as possible, and the gas stil gets to me.. Are you using a Lifesteal weapon? Do you have an SoJ and the extra damage makes Blood Magic viable? What is it :P?
Can't really use an SoJ because I have 2 set rings..
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03/05/2013 02:35 PMPosted by HotStuff2
What is this "undocumented change to APoC"?

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What is the uberdeath build?
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