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Barbarian Help?

I have not played D3 for quite awhile, came back after my friend told me about the changes which I am happy with and starting to enjoy the game again. What is some advice that the community can provide that can get me going in the right direction either with my skills or where to start farming for gold/gear?
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Your barbarian reminds me of the days when there were invulnerable minions and Ghom was a showstopper!

Some observations and short/medium term goals:

1) Add some Str/Vit to all armour pieces as well as all resistances on most of them (aim for 400-500 base total)

2) Add critical chance/damage/attack speed to gloves/rings/amulets and helm- they are your primary DPS boosters.

3) The DPS on your weapons is too low - aim for 950+ with socket for a Star Emerald to take advantage of your now higher critical chance

4) Your skills are everywhere - check out the builds in the forum. At the very least, swap your primary attack (left click) to either bash/cleave/frenzy. I prefer bash onslaught for DPS.

Also consider adding war cry impunity to take advantage of your resistances.
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Thanks this helps out a lot - I will be sure to look more at my skills when I can get home later on tonight.
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The new skills I just changed yesterday actually by looking at another Barbarian's profile. All I know is that I just got to the 2nd act and I died A LOT so I probably will not keep this current spec and do more research on what will work for me.
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I did some changes last night with my spec, one thing I was concerned about though is since I got rid of leap or furious charge, how do I get out of a situation where I am surrounded and just can't escape? before leap or the charge got my out of some sticky situations but now I just do not have that. I played a bit last night and I died several times, maybe it is just not my new spec that I am used to but without using my Wrath of The Berserker I find myself not being able to escape when needed.
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@Deity, i will be home within 2 hours or so hours... how much gold do you have atm? we will build a WW/DT spec since i got some spare gears that will get you started maybe farm mp4-5. What build you have in mind.

let know me once you get a hold of this post.


P.S: all your gears have to go
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Pffft maybe 800k at the most. I can't farm past MP0 honesty with my gear. I tried and I died even faster then before, and the money I get goes to repairs honestly. I am starting to sell gems to get some $$$ but that is slow going.
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I am not looking for handouts - I am not about that at all, but just need some good information/feedback and what I can do to for better survivability.
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I respect your stand on this.
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I found some Barbarian Inferno farming guides that I will read later. At work currently so I can't really put a lot of time right now into this, but will read more later on it when I get home.
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Can I add you later Razor in case I need to get some advice? You can add me if you want my battle-tag is Deity@1292
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no problem at all, you won't progress in this "game" without an adequate gear to comfortably farm and hope that "loot" drops for you make major upgrades. don't take it the wrong way when somebody offers you freebies because, we understand how frustrating it is to die a lot when farming and all the gold you looted goes for repair - we have been there, maybe except for the dw credit card.

most of us help by way of advice and giving out gears for players that just hit 60, we take care of each other here.
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I appreciate that actually and understand what you are saying. I was getting to the point of quitting the game because of my frustration and not progressing. Last night someone reached out to me from the Forums (Eclipse) and he helped me with both gear and with my new build. So major kudos to him for all his charity, and overall knowledge. I hope I can return the favor to others in the future with the same level of charity, patience and knowledge transfer.
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Yeah you need to replace some gears, looks like you are using a build similar to mine except with 1h's. I got some pieces lying around collecting dust that I can hand over, got a 2h sword that has been bouncing back and forth from auction house I can toss in your direction. I think I got a low tier Skorn as well.

If you want to, add me in game. Reversal#1911
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Before I was farming just on MP0, I can start farming at a higher MP level which will help with the gear drops. I have had absolutely horrid luck with drops that will even give me the slightest upgrade. Yesterday I got what I thought was a half-way decent 2h, but it had Dex/int on so that was no help at all. I get a lot more gear for my Demon Hunter actually more then anything else. /Ugh
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Make sure you pick up any demon essence you find laying around, those are used to craft some very powerful armor that can out do legendary gear if the stats roll right. If you find any plans for Amulet of Strength or Archon Gloves/chest/shoulders make sure you pick them up. There are strength, vitality, intelligence and dexterity.
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I have been saving those when I get do get then, also the plans I save as well, but nothing yet for Amulet of Strength or Archon Gloves/chest/shoulder I believe. A friend got me through "Infernal Machine" for the plans last night so that was pretty epic for me since I never seen it before. They are pretty epic (both Wizards) in their gear so we were running MP7 and just tearing things up - well they were mostly LOL
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Nice to know your enjoying the game now... i was about to message you when u went online but a friend's friend wanted my help to gear him up so it slip off my mind.

anyway, i guess i still got that strenght skorn in my stash that will help boost your dps and armor and i will let go of it since i really into 1handers and WW/DT build. ima gonna pm you when i see ur around.

have fun!
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I was able to make my current shoulders which are better then the vile wards that I had. Though I dropped about 70 resistance, the dps, hp and regen boost offsets it for me. You might get lucky and make a really good Archon armor on your first try, but usually it is going to take you a couple dozen attempts before you find what you are looking for. It took me about 36 for my shoulder and 49 for my amulet.
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