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My question to CM when you fix problem with save place after death of hero i don't walk through the full Act into place of death now patch 1.0.7 when you fix this problem.
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Dear Diablo 3 Developers,

In the most recent Developer Blog, Mr. Travis Day mentioned a bit about improving legendary stat ranges.

We plan to allow legendary items to also roll their base stats (weapon DPS and armor value) at the level of the monster that dropped them...

I have a question in regards to the application of this principle in reference to crafted legendary and set items.

From ex. As can be seem from the Diablo 3 game guide:


There are currently 31 different types of craftable Legendaries and 9 Sets with a total of 36 Set items.

Overall totaling 67 craftable items of set or legendary quality.


Most if not all of these craftable legendary and sets are hardly ever used because of their limited stat ranges and a fix affix range limited to item level 62 at best while the best items in the game are dropped by monsters with item level 63.

Due to this issue, most people do not feel that craftable legendaries/sets are not to par with the current legendaries that drop from monsters.

Your idea to increase the legendary pool by making it so that lower level legendaries can drop from higher monster levels and have affix ranges that are of the same monster level range is a great a start, however this only makes current craftable legendaries and sets even less compelling to use.


Are you going to address craftable legendaries and sets item with the same philosophy of having them be able to roll at variable item level ranges?

Forseeable Problems

I know there are complexities regarding this issue since craftable legendaries and sets are rolled at fixed item levels.

Solution to Forseeable Problems

I suggest a solution to this problem but allowing the player to choose the item level in which they can roll this item via crafting.

The cost of such crafting such an item would be proportional to the item level to be crafted. The reason I suggest this is that even though the majority of players will only craft items which are item level 63, I do not want to completely alienate lower level crafting for those that wish to attempt it.

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There were a number of people camping the Q&A thread the minute it unlocked, all with notepad open with their question ready to be copy/pasted into the reply field. I was one of them.
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Are there more gem choices planned, maybe for a future patch, or the xpac? The 4 gems we have now are not very satisfying except for ruby/emerald in weapon and ruby/amethyst in helm. Ideas for new gems could be:

Increase move speed or cap increase
-resource cost
+ resource regen
All resist
Lifesteal (not just weapon)
Increased MF/GF besides helm, cap increase
Increased pick up radius
Increase chance at healthglobe drops
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all of this sounds sooooo good except for one thing.....a guaranteed legendary drop the first time you kill a boss with a character. even mentioning this feature for consideration is inviting all kinds of abuse that will probably just end up being nerfed later on so, save the time and throw out this idea.

also why why why why why why why are our stat points auto-spent when we level. just make it so that we can spend our points as we see fit. add the system and give all those with current characters the option of resetting the points once so we can re-spend them how we want to. shouldve been that way from day 1.

but overall sounds like you guys are finally starting to get it ....... keep it that way : )
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The change in DPS/Life for your character for a certain item should appear in the AH. I hate linking my friend an item and going in-game just to see how it impacts my stats
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