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There are two pieces of item data that are currently listed on the HTML profile pages, but don't appear to be available via the API.

Account Bound: Is there any way to determine if an item is account bound via the API? Specifically for Rare crafted items, there doesn't seem to be a way to determine that.

Crafted Recipes: Additionally, it would be nice to be able to determine via the API if an item is crafted, and specifically which recipe it is crafted from. Right now all the Rare items have the same API data, whether they're a drop or crafted, so there's no way to distinguish crafted Rare items from drops.

This data is all listed for each item in the character profile HTML pages, but doesn't appear to be available via the API... any additions would be much appreciated.
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Battle.net Developer
Hi Cuer, thanks for the feedback.

1) Good point. We want to get this added to the API to keep it consistent with the website, so we'll look for a good time to add this for everyone.

2) This is something we would like to address as well. We should be able to provide everyone with the information on whether or not the item was crafted and give the recipe(s) that can craft the item. The list of crafting recipes are also available in the /data/artisan/jeweler and /data/artisan/blacksmith resources, which will let you determine which items are craftable. But going through all of the artisan data requires a decent amount of data processing when some of this information could be returned directly in the item request.
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Thanks for the info. Having that data added to the API will be quite helpful.

To clarify the crafted items issue: the /data/artisan/jeweler and /data/artisan/blacksmith resources are useful for dealing with Legendary items, which are identifiable since they always have the same name. The Rare items seem to all have randomly generated names, that are the same if an item is crafted or dropped, so it doesn't seem possible to match the generic recipe name with the specific Rare crafted item. Since patch 1.0.7 added a lot of crafted Rare recipes that are actively being crafted, this is now an issue.

An example with a random character with some crafted bracers, named "Warrior's Abomination":

  • The html data: us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/cool-1657/hero/182312
  • The character API data: us.battle.net/api/d3/profile/cool-1657/hero/182312
  • The item API data: us.battle.net/api/d3/data/item/CkgIn4yT5QISBwgEFdksyssd6eWp8B1bToDJHWgOF3UdfoC41B3hNnAzHZQ947kiCwgBFWxCAwAYEiAWMA84-wJAAFAQWARggwMYzcyuwwZQAFgC

As best I can tell, there is no way to know from either the character API or the item API data, that the item is crafted. The Blacksmith recipe for it is named "Razorspikes of Dexterity", so that isn't a help when it comes to matching up with a Rare bracer named "Warrior's Abomination".

If there is a way of cross-referencing the /data/artisan/jeweler and /data/artisan/blacksmith data with the item API data, to identify whether or not a Rare item is crafted, that would be good to know. To my knowledge, there is no way to identify that, at this time.
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Battle.net Developer
To clarify what I meant before, each recipe listed in the artisan section contains the Item ID of the crafted item. You should be able to use the ID of the crafted item to pair it up with an item from the Item API.


slug: "journeyman-arming-cap",
name: "Journeyman Arming Cap",
cost: 759,
reagents: [ ... ],
itemProduced: {
id: "Helm_004",
name: "Journeyman Arming Cap",
icon: "helm_004_demonhunter_male",
displayColor: "yellow",
tooltipParams: "recipe/journeyman-arming-cap"

From each recipe in the artisan list, you can pair up which items are crafted by which recipes by the Item ID:

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