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Serious Gold Value Depreciation

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11 cents... think again.

I just checked...

I can buy it from a reliable source today at 83.39 pre billion. (that's 8.34 cents per million)

Why on earth would you do that? Use the AH or dont buy gold at all.
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Actually, the current market value of gold is $0.25 per million, and I know because in the last 3 months I have bought $425 worth of gold, all at $25 per G100,000,000.

By the way, that makes my total investment in this game $485!


Wow, where did you put it all?
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Very interesting market pressures at work here.

A billion gold for about 100 USD seems about right.

I predict next patch the gold cap gets lowered to ten cents.
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03/07/2013 03:13 PMPosted by flyinghamsta
I predict next patch the gold cap gets lowered to ten cents.

Nah they will just force you to buy 1,10 or 100m minimum.
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Why does gold have low value? Because supply exceeds demand. Despite the credit card warriors out there, a good number of players will never buy gold, and raising the prices of items will not incent them to buy gold.

The solution is simple, much like Softcore and Hardcore are separate games, we need a separation between RMAH and non-RMAH games. Then the pay-to-win and farm-for-cash crowd can have their own economy, assigning the imaginary value to in game gold of their choice. The typical players can also have their own economy, without having item prices jacked up well beyond the amount of gold they have ever picked up.

And purchase of gold from a 3rd party site should be an instant ban. They ought to do game gold as a digital token with embedded ownership and chain of custody and when a ban happens, kill all the gold that ever flowed out from that account. Same with items, should be generated with embedded ownership and chain of custody. We could then even play offline with just a need to sync once in a while to refresh tokens.

Won't happen because it makes sense, and business isn't about what makes sense, but what triggers bonus pay and what makes shareholders money.
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What exactly defines "winning"?
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03/07/2013 04:19 AMPosted by FromtheAshes
Just buy gold from a spammer who takes credit card. If they don't deliver, dispute the charge with visa. Buying from spammers is perfectly safe if you do it on CC.

hell even if they do deliver, dispute it anyway. if you use a credit card you win 100%

that'll show dem chinese goldsellers

had to lol at this
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Gold is useless and does not reward actual players. How about instead of trying to regulated it we just focus on ITEMS.

HOW about we move away from some Lottery based progression and move on to REAL progression where you are allowed to Work for something.

At last someone else agreeing with me. The core problem is the pure lottery. We need goals that we can guarantee we can achieve with effort. MP10 ubers is the only 'sure thing' in the game, and it really isn't achievable without first striking it rich in the lottery.
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