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any bow dhs?

03/05/2013 04:20 PMPosted by Hunter
Maybe this one? 1220 dps + 99% CD + 2.7%ls + socket + 190 loh though. I prefer it to my 1312 dps Calamity for mp10 Ubers since 2.9% ls helps me a whole lot- don't have to use Gloom most of the time.

I will have to check my ended auction list when I get back home but I think that's the one that I bid on.

You won it at the gah about a week ago right?

That is an awesome bow XD

May I ask how much you won it for?
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03/05/2013 12:31 PMPosted by FrozenArrow
does wind force count? lol

Of course the windforce counts haha

I also use 1300ish + socket windforce.
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I use em! I recently just swapped my Calamity for a WF/Rare Bow

1) The ApS range on them is the exact amount I need for my build

2) They have the best Ratio of Damage Range:APS IMO

3) They look the coolest when your DH holds them IMO

I would use a more powerful bow over Windforce, but I love the Hatred Regen/Knockback. So I'm going to try and get the best quality WF I can.
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who has the highest dps with the bow in america?
I'm very curious if there are heavy hitter bow hunter out there.

I'm currently 410k dps, 350k with archery, and 300k unbuff,
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@ FrozenArrow
Taking a look through, you're definitely one of the highest.

I saw this post a while ago, but I see your part of the Bow Wing
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i just bought a cheap bow to try out...
I love it more than my manticore because of the speed.
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I won it 2-3 weeks and over 500m I think. Hate digging through 20+ pages of ah to look for it.

@ FrozenArrow. I think you are the highest bow dh I've seen so far. Job well done.
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ima bow user and i have a nice bow ^_^ add me if u want to see it cause the current gear my DH has on is just my old crap my real gear is in my stash :)
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If you are interested in a solid bow, last night there was one on the AH (should still be there if it wasn't bought) with >1200 DPS, ~50 dex, vit, 77% CD, open socket for about ~100m if I recall correctly. I don't think it had LS though...
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finally found the bow users :D ive always loved using 2h bows over crossbows since the game came out. i have to admit i did use my 2os manti for a while since it was a cheap buy but ive came back to being a bow user
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I as well use a yellow bow. 1252/OS/62% CD. CD's on the lower side, but I got it for 15 mil or so a little while ago.

Actually looking to upgrade to a Calamity, but any Calamity DPS upgrade is like >600 mil (not factoring in MFD), and I just don't have that, so I'm happy sticking with bows for now (any yellow bow DPS upgrade is like 100 mil, so that seems more reasonable if still overpriced).

XBows seem too slow, I don't enjoy them.
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Windforce user here with nice gear.
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Windforce user here with sugar paper !
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Rare bow users seem to be a dying breed. I'm glad I found this post. I love my rare bow. Not only does it have decent dps but it also contributes a lot to my ehp. I'm trying to hit 300k dps but I'm not sure how to go about it without either spending billions in gold or sacrificing a lot of ehp. Any suggestions from other bow users would be greatly appreciated!
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I always have been and will be a bow user. The rare bow I used to use was decent but still under powered so I had to upgrade to a socketed Windforce, albeit is not the most powerful Windforce, I`d still choose it over a crossbow(Manticor) anyday.
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ok i just put my real gear on so if u guys want to see what a real DH Bow user looks like ^_^ i know u guys will be happy with what u see let me know what u guys think l8ter fellow Bowmen
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03/09/2013 02:34 AMPosted by Justice
finally found the bow users :D ive always loved using 2h bows over crossbows since the game came out. i have to admit i did use my 2os manti for a while since it was a cheap buy but ive came back to being a bow user

Wow, that is pretty impressive damage for a relatively low DPS bow. Makes me want to dust off my old rare bow and see how far I can take it.

Equipped my old bow in my profile for now.
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^yea hehe i got that bow for 5m and i got it for the max ias and that vit which allows me to stack almost pure dex on the rest of my gear
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Im using a decent windforce for solo, still switch to manti if played with a group though.
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had to switch to vit innas pants and vit innas chest to compensate the vit lose from my old bow but i still got a 15k+ dps upgrade :D
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