Diablo® III

100 Archon Spaulders of Vitality

I rolled mine in about 15 tries
357 armor
292 vit
76 ar
51 int
58 lightning resist
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^^ oh lol and 137 str
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Mine was within 20-30 rolls
123 str
180 int
271 vit
12% life
65 all resist

Not the best strength but they add a ton of life and the 83 all resist is just gravy.
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Mine was about 400 rolls and not that great (MF is useless at Paragon 100). Why am I not surprised your results showed thorns as the number one side mod....which is so fricking irritating.
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I rolled around 12 times before I got a decent roll (Strength Spaulders) -

296 Str
108 Vit
44 AR

AR could be higher, but its a pretty good roll nevertheless (I already have plenty of Vit)
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I have crafted about 10 vit shoulders and about 90 str shoulders to date. My best so far is what I am wearing. Will keep going until I get at least 500 str/vit & 70+ AR.

Took 150 tries on amulet and 90 tries on gloves to finally get the results I wanted.
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@ Shaman

Nice suggestion, I will give that a try. Thanks
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Just got the shoulders I'm happy with. Took me about 50 tries. Now I desperately need to move onto the ammy's, after seeing many of you guys with those sick !@# ammies
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03/04/2013 08:09 AMPosted by obie1970
I've done about 40 crafts with no luck on the shoulders. Came really close with one roll having both Str and Vit over 220 but the AR on them was only at 25 and I was unwilling to take that reduction.

This has been my experience too, although I think I've only done more like 25-30.
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40% chance of getting thorns...awesome lol. I made 30 or so, the best I came up with is my current equip.

148 Str
71 Int
225 Vit
52 Fire Resist
79 All resist
7 Pickup Radius

Not that great, but better than what I had.
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I made 60 vitality shoulders and ended up with:

269 Strength
166 Dexterity
230 Vitality
33 Physical Resistance
75 Resist All
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Mine took about 30 tries. Same boat as some people here; they're a big EHP gain but I sacrificed a little dps:

Str 185
Int 128
Vit 314
AR 62
Life 10%
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I'm pretty happy with my crafts when patch came.
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crafted over 200 and still the best ones are the crappy ones im wearing =/
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i got mine in less than 30 tries.still; trying to get a better one with higher ar but nothing i have crafted in the last 50 tries comes close
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crafted this last night, i like the additional pickup bonus, just perfect for farming!

Gold/Health Pickup Bonus
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