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Error 3022.

Unable to switch to RM in auction house. Quite frustrating.
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Try exiting all the way out of the game and then restarting it.
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Hi, I'm receiving this error too.
I tried doing what you told Abraham.
Not working.
I tried repair tools, the same result.
I even went on and edit my Payment options by removing Paypal and re-adding it back turns out the same result.
Help please.
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I'm getting the same issue. I tried the suggested fix without success.

Edit: It's working now. I'm not sure if it's what resolved the issue, but after rebooting my computer I can now connect to the RMAH without error.
Edited by Warshade#6583 on 6/17/2013 4:15 PM PDT
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Same issue here. I am able to list commodities in the Gold Auction House (e.g. tomes of secrets) but not items. The ticket I created has just been closed and I have been told to keep an eye on the forums, so here I am.
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Everyone who has lost items in the AH today have been receiving this error as well.
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received this error when: trying to sell items and when trying to retrieve the money (gold auction house) from an item sold.
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I had items for sale on GAH some with bids.
They have now completely vanished without a trace.
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I lost stacks of Exquisite essences and Pages of jewelcraft, also all the history of Sold/Not sold I had on the Completed tab about those 2 items is now gone too, if I try to put any of those 2 items up for sale I get error 3022... >_<
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I'm getting this error as well when I try to post up certain items on the gold auction house. Tried all kinds of different resets etc to no avail. It's strange that it only seems to affect certain items while others will post perfectly.
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I'm having issues with error 3022 too...

I've already restarted the game several times but my items are still not there...

I got kicked out of AH also when I try to bid or sell items...
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when fix it ?
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ME too
last maintenance
bid end during last maintenance lost money don't get item
error 3022 everytime go to AH and bidout
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I am receiving the same message... not able to sell some items, can't swith to real money...it all seemed to start yesterday! Can we have any response by Blizzard, please?
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Hey dudes, searching for answers at brazilian forum, a Blizzard's member staff said that they are trying to find a solution, but for now there is nothing to do about it! All we can do is wait =(

Edit: Sorry about double posting, forgot to edit my last message hehe.
Edited by Gurthang#1675 on 2/5/2014 5:00 AM PST
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You would think this would take highest priority. The AH is only eating items at the moment and there's not even a message to warn people.

I can't even list certain items, yet other items list fine. How hard is it to look at what was done during the 2 hour maintenance window, or reroll the changes that were done?
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I am getting the same error when trying to sell Iridescent Tears and a Star Topaz. Was happening yesterday and happening today. Can not submit a trouble ticket on it FIX IT BLIZZARD!
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getting same error for the last two days.
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AH is HACKED so badly i guess
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