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Beating ubers

Hey guys,

I just recently got back into the game and redesigned my character to fit in. Please eval Im stuck as to what my next move will be gear wise. I know attack speed is all the rage but I gave up some damage to get it and didnt notice much of a difference. I farm MP5 regularly and dont have much of an issue.

OK on to the topic at hand. I farmed some keys pretty quickly and rolled the Ghom/Rak dungeon and flew through it in like 2 minutes. My next roll was Seige/Kulle and I got facerolled. Had to kite a lot and was getting tagged for serious dps by his falling rocks/slowtime/Seige grab. I am a Spec blade/cm. Should I be specking differently for this fight? I can get them about half life before I tire out and get tagged going in for some dps. Anyone else having success against them with Spec blade? ANyone using spec blade have any advice on where to gear up next?

I know I need LoH, but I dont want to give up too much crit damage

I see some people are slow time. Should I slowtime with Nado? or perhaps slow time and blizz. Either way getting close to blast / freeze is tough unless I can keep seige at bay.
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you need to change several pieces in order to use cm, change your andariel´s for a storm crow with crit they arent to expensive, i got mine for 3m, use zuni marrow instead of tal chest, get gloves with atk speed, get blackthorne´s pants also they arent expensive, get another ring with atk speed, you need lacunis, not for the movement speed but the atk speed and crit chance, without main stat no too expensive around 1.5m, for the boots you can get a zuni trail and you get the 2 piece bonus with the chest, get a chantodos set, there cheap sources and wands, the atk speed isnt for the damage you get, is for bring down your cooldowns faster, i can give you some pieces, add me in game corruptor#1283.

As a side note, the life steal in healing blades doesnt work very well with cm build, you need loh and with blackthorne pants and storm crow you will be up 800 loh.you can see my profile to get an idea of what stats you need and where, im at 2.51 breakpoint.
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