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Spike Trap

Critique my build, and no I dont need ar. Thx!

edit: iso: cc/cd/trap maras
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hell yeah dude! Rockin 32% bonus to Spike Traps!
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I think i just need 2os manti, spike maras, witching, and bola dml. I wouldnt mind switching out of innas to a more ehp pants.
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Yeah in a spike trap build ya do need AR because face tanking to get mobs to stand on your echoing traps is most efficient. Unless you are using spike traps for really low MP where spike trap sucks anyway. :P
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Scatter spike trap is actually pretty effective on lower MPs like mp4. On MP4, one scatter still kills a white mob in one shot.
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Yeah, I like scatter on lower mp as well.
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nice, so what crit numbers are you getting with EB? just curious

(I have +25% to spike trap myself, but higher overall dps)
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about 1.2 on avg and upwards to 1.5 atleast once per elite. im still missing some very crucial gear pieces. also nice gear veritech :)
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1.2 to 1.5 is awesome for your dps! I'm on my farming gear now so you cant see my spike stuff, but we should play together sometime and blow things up :)

you should get a cheap dex witching hour, just to boost your CD a bit and that'Ll make a nice difference right there..
and also an soj with a higher % of dmg vs elites

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where you guys getting your numbers on spike trap %?? i wanted to gear towards traps/bola but only have the 14% on my nats..
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not sure what the question is, but for highest single crit damage,
you need to gear for high dex, high CD/CC. AS comes last as a bonus. also obviously the manticore is the preferred weapon in this case

then add MFD, archery, even steady aim, and profit :)

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totally agree with veritech ... mi amore

edit: if you dont like steady aim try going for caltrops crit and cull of weak for sustained crazy dps
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I love Spike traps :)

now they do 500-620 on each critical... im workin to get more... but to to get full eficiency u got to face tank all ... so u need a lot of ehp... but ehp+dps in DH it´s so expensive :(


u could trade some ias for cc realy helps
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Weapon first. Get a 2 socket manticore. I got mine for 90 mil, and it'd be a pretty big increase in dps for you.

Both rings need help. Bonus to elite is 5% off, 2% off spike trap, so that's 7% damage increase on that ring.

The skull grasp vs a solid 5% crit, 40% crit damage, high dex ring would be an interesting comparison. I wonder what would win out there...

That'd be my thoughts at least.
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I could use some advice here too! Skills/gear both. Veritech, I noticed you socketed your manticore with a ruby and an emerald instead of two emeralds. Does that maximize DPS?

Also what are everyone's thoughts on skull grasp (CD, DEX) vs. SOJ (Elite dmg + fire dmg)?
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wolf, your manticore does not have dmg% so I don't think I ruby will be good for you. use a calculator or d3up and check to be sure.

same with the skull grasp/SOJ. use a calculator before shopping. for me it was a no brainer. the % vs elites is too big to pass by. I can kill an elite pack with 3 well placed EBs on MP4 w 255k paper dps and 22% spike trap bonus

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