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Loh & Life Regen on CM WIZ. HELP!

I have been working on this CM Wizard. I like the DPS I am puting out and my skills are efficient when i permafreeze.

However, I have no LoH now that i have replaced blackthorne's with inna's pants and no Life Regen from the vile wards that were also replaced by my crafted archon shoulder.

In using this build I've found that Loh and Regen are essential. What would be the best route of getting these.

Should I:

A. keep crafting archon shoulders til i get a good wone with INT, AR, and Regen or LoH?
B. Find the same Items I am currently using but see if i can score on a LoH/Regen affix?

I really like my build the way it is and would like to use items that would make me DPS and build efficient.

Suggestions Please!
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shoulders won't roll LOH.

So u definitely need BT pants unless u can get at least 800 LOH from ur amulet and rings.

As for life regen, it is nice to have it but not necessary, compared to LOH the life regen from vile ward is nothing.
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I like the DPS inna's pants give me but, i see you have BT ammy(w/LoH) and pants and you are puting out 200K+ DPS. I will most likely stick with BT pants and try to go for that ammy for the DPS boost and the 100 VIT. Is the Nat set affix of 7%CC better for my build than zuni pox and trail? I am going to replace zuni marrow with tal's soon too but, i dont want to lose too much AR.
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Try a Life Steal weapon. I've never tried the meteor builds but what I remember is that LS >> LoH because they hit very hard and their coefficient is relatively low now, especially compared to WW. That means you might need to get a LS weapon, but you can start with MW - Blood Magic and see how much that helps and go from there. The downside to that is you have to drop Slow Time, but then you don't have to feel bad about chucking meteors at mobs out of range of your slow time bubble to make use of the extra DPS.
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