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I hope this is the correct place to ask about this since a search didn't bring up any answers on the subject, or maybe I didn't search well enough. Inside the battle.net folder at the users>shared directory are two folder, Agent and Client, that have multiple folders with various numbers at the end. (version number maybe?)

Are these folders safe to remove? The reason I ask is because I just recently switched over to a SSD and trying to save as much space as possible and right now my battle.net folder is taking around 800mb of space.
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You can safely delete everything in the folders indicated below except the highlighted items:


          Error Reporter


          Blizzard Launcher
          /Blizzard Launcher.888
          /Blizzard Launcher.1815
          /Blizzard Launcher.1831
          /Blizzard Launcher.1845
          /Blizzard Launcher.1857
          /Blizzard Launcher.1881
          /Blizzard Launcher.1949
          /Blizzard Launcher.1974

When deleting the Agent.#### and Blizzard Launcher.#### folders, you can delete all except the one with the highest number in the .#### part of the filename.

Any other folders you do not see listed here should not be deleted unless you are told to during technical support troubleshooting.

Note: The above listings are my current folder listings. Yours may differ slightly, but the rules regarding which files/folders to delete remain the same.

If you have any capability to do so, you should transfer your Diablo folder (and any other large games) to their own SSD. Having large games reside on your OS boot drive when it's an SSD isn't a great thing since patch cycles eat a lot of SSD cells during their write and optimization phases, and depending on the size of your SSD that may force you to use an SSD "sanitizer" program to return to a factory fresh state on your SSD (usually requires Windows since I do not know of such a program for OS X offhand).

I do not recommand an SSD smaller than 60 GB for Diablo 3 if by itself, 80 GB for Diablo 3 + World of Warcraft, and 128 GB for those two and any other games/files with them.

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Thanks a lot TheTias, got rid of the folders not highlighted but it looks like the 888 folder and 524 are also required since they were remade soon after. None the less the folder is down to 150mb so that's great. Thanks for the advice on the SSD i'll take that into account for the future.
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Odd. Mine didn't remake the .888 Launcher folder. You must have accidentally deleted Agent.db, as that would tell the Launcher to basically "start over". But it isn't a big deal, and you did save some space, though that space won't be reclaimed until the SSD either goes through a TRIM cycle or the controller runs out of free cells to write to in which case it'll re-use the cells those deleted files were originally in.

Anyway, I'm glad to see you and your SSD are doing well. :)

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