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not received RMAH payment

We aren't able to assist with Auction House transactions in the forums. All AH issues must be handled via submitting a Support Ticket. There are no exceptions to this.

If you've waited at least 72 hours to receive funds or items and they haven't come through yet, please submit a ticket as described below:

1. Go to the Battle.net Support website at https://us.battle.net/support/en/ticket/submit
2. Choose "Diablo III" as the game with which you need assistance.
3. Ensure that "Use a few words to summarize your issue" is selected.
4. Type in "auction house" and click Next.
5. Choose one of the options that best matches your problem.
6. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Submit a Ticket".
7. Fill out your ticket and click "Submit".

It's very obvious that this is an issue happening to everyone who sold items in rmah (started March 2), why would you just ask us to send a ticket?(when we obviously did sent a ticket already) Can't you tell us the real thing here? Something is wrong with your system and you have the right to tell us what is it.. "All" of the people in my friendlist in-game are having the same problem, "All" of them did not receive payment in paypal although its already marked "sold".. Basically it just mean that its a problem in General and everyone is experiencing it..

Atleast let us know something than we are sittin here without any idea what's happening.. I hope you don't treat it so simple as though this are currency only related to Gold Auction House because this is in RMAH. "Real Money Auction House"
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Are you sure they're asking you to post in this forum or in the Bug Reports forum? Either way, it's incorrect. There is absolutely nothing I can do for an Auction House issue in here. They have to be submitted via a ticket and then escalated if needed to another team for investigation.

From my ticket's response

Customer Service Representative

If you wish to aid us in our fight against the issues with the Auction house, we would higly recommend posting about the issues you are having on the bug forums. Due to the new nature of the game and our reporting procedures, we've found it to be most efficient to have players submit the bugs they run into on our forums, as our Development team is more easily able to access this data and get the information directly! You can do that here:
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It has been over a month now I've been waiting for $37 from 4 transactions. Maybe if the thread gets long enough somebody will go in and fix the problem.

The latest response from blizz:
I actually got word back for the auction house team. So it seems that once the payment got denied the first time, you got put in a re-payment file. So once the scripting for that runs, you will get paid as long as PayPal is not blocking it. You said that you already contacted them and they are not, so there should be no further issues. I really do apologize about this delay and inconvience and for any frustration that this has caused you. But the good news is we now know what's going on and it will be fixed and you will get your money.

Once I respond to your ticket the issue will show as ?Resolved?. This does not mean the issue is closed only that we have responded. Please do not hesitate to reply if you have any additional issues, questions or concerns. Our contact information can be found at http://blizzard.com/support/article/cs.

Over a month! How long is it going to take?
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over a month is a long time to wait. the fact that the item or gold is not on our hands its also means that the money is in blizzard hand and they should give that to us. asap :) no offense on blizz :)
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since 1March 2013 all my payment for paypal haven't come
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All payment confirmed received from Blizzard! THanks
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how did the problem resolved lemonadelime?
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03/05/2013 06:34 AMPosted by Dark
how did the problem resolved lemonadelime?


just be patient. Blizzard seem fix it in this maintenance. Most players received their payment already. Your turn will be come.
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good to hear that. hope to be the next one.
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I got all my payments for last 2 days. Thanks.

But still havent receive a payment which the item was sold on 1 Feb...
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ive receieved 1 of my 2 payments. glad this is getting sorted out.
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all payment are being transfer at the moment 1 by 1. hope all my proceeds will be given. got total of 8 transaction and now its 4/8..
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