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Hi everyone. I've been a fan of Diablo since D2, but I never really got into it compared to D3. I'm 60 paragon 21 and my dps is only 63k, my resistance range from the mid 700's to the lower 800's. I want to do more damage and have a very hard time finding good gear and gear in AH is sooo expensive. My stats aren't bad, just my dps is low. What should I do to get the most out of my gear? I know some of my items dont really support DH but it was what I could afford. Please help.
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Some of your stats are way to high and others are way too low. 700 all resist? This isn't patch 1.01 here :) Also I wouldn't be farming higher than mp0 or mp 1 right now, farm mp2 too when your dmg is 90K+, then farm mp3 when you break 100K+ Damage

You need to start stacking Crit Chance and Crit Damage. Attack Speed doesn't add too your Damage range, but will help provide a lot of resource regeneration which will be very helpful. But remember Average Damage/Base Stat/Crit Damage increase how hard you hit, Crit Chance and Attack speed don't make you hit harder but hit more often and have a higher chance too do a crit, but again they don't increase your damage range.

Also you need way more Life, 26k is far to low. Your Resists increases your EHP by 70% and 60% with armor, but what's the point of such a large percentile bonus when the base value is far too low? Get both your Reduction Percentages to about 50% and your hp to 35-45K

Aim for these to farm mp1-3, you can make things work with out these exact stats but just my opinion:

1.5+ ApS

350+ All Resists

3.5K+ Armor

35%+ Crit Chance

350% + Crit Damage

2000+ Dext

500+ Vitality

For now I'd swap a lot of your resistances/armor for Crit Chance and Crit Damage
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I understand what you're saying. My health used to be 48k, but someone told me resistances were what mattered so I went for resists. I don't die nearly as often, and i'm scared that if i get rid of some resist then ill die a lot more often. before i switched my resists were around 300-350
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He may be right to a certain extent but look how bad it just gimped your damage and EHP(EffectiveHealthPool). If you can keep those stats and get over 100k Dmg then well done, but I don't think that would happen to easily.

It will be much easier to achieve a decent amount of Armor and Resistance reduction with a nice amount of true HP, to bring your EHP way up. Think about it, you just swapped:

(48K HP) * (1.5 effective hp from armor) * (1.5 effective hp from resists) = 108K EHP


(26K HP) * (1.6 effective hp from armor) * (1.7 effective hp from resists) = 70K EHP

***I got 1.5 and 1.7 because of your gear reducing dmg by 50% from armor and 70% from resists***

So sure you may take initial hits more easily but you just lost A LOT of HP sustenance over time. I can only imagine you lost a lot of damage by doing so as well?? I maybe wrong here, but even if i am wrong, I still don't think it was a fair trade.

Also what class was he? Every class needs to stack a little differently for the most part. Any intelligence based class should be up around those AR values, but not a DH, its far to hard to achieve and maintain reasonable DPS.

In regards to being scared of dying if you lose all resists, I personally think it just has to be done right. If you can raise your true HP, drop ur resists buy about 10-20% in Reduction Value and armor by 0-10% but can gain about 30K dmg, I think you'd die way less because monsters wouldn't have a chance to touch your now new slightly reduced HP amount.
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