Diablo® III

Monster Machines!!!

As I download Diablo 3 on my new laptop, I wonder what kind of beastly machines are you running your beastly DH on?

This is partly brag, partly curiosity, but let's see what you guys are using!


I will post performance soon. Some of you may know that I baked my last notebook in a bag by accident...

Let's hope I don't do the same here!
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gratz, looks sweet :)

edit: forgot to answer:

intel pentium D 3.4ghz in shuttle xpc case (about 7 years old)
2gb ram
Nvidia geforce GT640
intel SSD

D3, all settings on absolute minimum for the game to run :)
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24 inch Asus Monitor 1920x1080
AMD phenom II x4 3.2ghz
8GB G.Skill Ripjaw DDR3
250gb HDD
Radeon 6970 2gb
Corsair h60 cpu liquid cooler
HAF 932 Case
i run at full setting 60+fps :)
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i7 lyndfield OC to 3.3ghz 8gb ddr3 kingston ram gtx 580 evga OC edition 24inch asus monitor 1920x1080 my tip dont buya gtx 580 even if their price is getting low this thing is hot as hell! even with a hundred illusions antec case with 4 fans
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Just had a grand time in MP10 Ubers without a single hiccup. Last baked graphics card couldn't even handle being in the same room as a monk
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Alienware M17XR2 with RGB LED display.
Act 3 looks so red, sometimes my eyes start to tear.
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I am running on Alienware M14XR2
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EVGA P55 Mobo
i7 860 OC- 4.0GHz
Noctua NH-D14 Heat Sink
Cooler Master HAF 932 case
PhysX- EVGA GTX 570 SC
Corsair HX850 Watt GPU
250GB Samsung SSD 840 Series
60GB OCZ Agility 3 SSD
1TB HDD Hitachi
8GB RAM Corsair XMS 3
Samsung 27" 1ms SyncMaster P2770 1080P
Dell 20" LCD
Razer Blackwidow Ultimate Keyboard
Razer Naga Molten Edition
Steelseries D3 Headset
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Intel i7-3820 with noctua NH-D14 heat sink
32GB ram
dual GTX-660ti in SLI
128gb samsung SSD primary
1TB WD Red data-drive
quad 24" widescreen monitors.
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Pentium 3, 450 mgz,
64 megs of ram
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Pentium 3, 450 mgz,
64 megs of ram


with a gravis ultrasound?
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intel i5 2570K ocd to 4.5 ghz
Asus ROG Maximus V Gene MB
16 gig Corair Vengeance RAM
Corsair H100i liquid cooling
250 gig samsung 830 SSD
7 terrabytes of SATA 6 HDDs
Cooler Master HAF 932 Advanced full tower
Sapphire Vapor-X Radeon 7970 HD
Corsair 850 watt power supply
Dual HP 23" LED monitors
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Pentium 3, 450 mgz,
64 megs of ram

don't forget to blow into the cartridge before you hit the power button.
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ASUS Z68 Mobo, i5 2850K or something water cooled CPU, 8GB XMP1600 RAM, Sapphire HD7970 3Gb , NineHundred case, 650W 80 plus PSU, 60GB SSD Boot Drive, 500GB HDDs for Data, simple keyboard and mouse, 5ms 1600x??? resolution monitor.
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HP Envy 17"

Intel Core i7 Q840 1.87Ghz
8.00 GB RAM
ATI Radeon HD 5850
200 GB Intel SSD Boot Drive
500 GB 10rpm Raptor Data Drive

Samsung SyncMaster SA350 LED

This is what I brought with while I live in Curacao for the next few months.
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I dont know about monster but I play on a ASUS G73Jh :D


blurry from cell but thats mine
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I was actually looking at an ASUS G55VW as well. Great machines.
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I had a G60Vx and upgraded to the G73Jh. They are awsome machines, Asus in general make solid machines.

Thats the little brother and big brother. I played too much SC2 on the ole G60 lol. It had the GTX260M. My god is Nvidia superior :(. I have no patience and couldnt wait for the Nvidia version of the G73 (the G73SW) and settled with the ATI Mob Radeon HD 5870 which is HORRIBLE.
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I have two gaming machines, they are a little old but still pretty good. My main one I use it for video editing but it works for gaming.

i7 3.2GHz Water cooled
12GB memory
3 128GB OCZ Vertex 2 SSD in RAID 0
12TB RAID 5 HDs secondary drive
GeForce GTX 480
Two 30" monitors

i7 3.4GHz
4GB memory
one 128GB OCZ Vertex 3 SSD
Radeon HD 6900
55" LED TV

Also have a 10TB RAID 5 NAS
Good for recording Diablo
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MacBook Pro.


For this reason I actually have a genuine interest in the PS3 version.
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