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Tank build & Useful tips For DH

yeah there are some guides for these but I am lazy to find and paste it out.
Sincerely want to help some of our DHs :D . Please Don't laugh or tease on me :P

Shadow power - Gloom
Fan of Knives - Choose the run can stun (Fan of dagger)
Sentry - Reduce the incoming damage (Guardian)
Preparation - Backup Plan

Bola - Stun (Thunder Ball)
Spike trap - Echoing blast

Passive - Perfectionist , numbing trap, Night stalker

Basically this build is easy to understand
1) keep reduce the damage (Sentry, Fan of knives and gloom )
2) Stun with bola and fan of knives ( mean u take less damage )
3) Keep Gloom permanent ( Don't worry you will get Discipline by Night stalker , bola , echoing blast )
4) When laser and frozen is going to happen, you have to hit gloom and lay echoing blast to steal life

This is just for High MP farming - Not speed or efficient farming :)

Hope this will help ~~~
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Thanks Abys. Would never tease you on this, looking at your level and kills etc.
I guess my questions would be:
1. what MP level/ dps are you working with? I have pretty low DPS (my build just shows things I'm messing around with and so is very low) but I can Tank MP5 without much problem (have to relocate for lasers and poison sometimes).
I use Bola stun (higher MP) and Bola VO AND Grenades. Both these are free and I can pop Gloom and spam pretty much until everything dies. Pop Turrets like you said. I have nearly 5000 armour too.
2. Are the Traps you use more efficient than Grenades? I ask because I've tried Traps (EB) but I prefer the unlimited spam of grenades. I also have grenade damage plus on my armour.
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1. You can always try this build in higher mp which you never try before. Maybe before this your limit is mp 8 and with this build you can go higher like mp 10. Because sometimes many DH got the problem which they try to be carry by other players to MP 10 but they can't even survive and keep dying need others to revive them (in some case, they feel a little bit embarrass). So I write this build to let some of them able to survive more in higher mp.

2.Like your case , you are using calamity which have a superb attack speed and very good for 'procing' discipline. But I don't think grenade is needed because echoing blast dps is higher :) You need more big dps like echoing blast and fan of knives. So you can kill creeps faster. If you got + grenade damage on your armor you can modify like using grenade instead of Bola.

You are welcome :)
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I have been using a tweaked version of this setup. it's been helping me a lot when i want to do a run at MP10 solo. Still need more Disc though to makes Op build effective for me.

@AbysSeraphim: Thank you for your help in game help my friend, now i'm able to face tanking Mp10 demons.
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My build closely resembles this except for a few things:

1) I use a Legacy Nat's set so I can run without Preparation
2) With that extra skill slot available I have Grenades+Bola+ST:EB
3) I kept Vault to escape Jailer and Waller encounters - as well as for dodging certain incoming attacks or Fallen Maniacs
4) Legacy Nat's also lets me drop Nightstalker and use Custom Engineering. 3 Sentries and 6 Spike Traps come in real handy on high MP elites and ubers

I love this build and have a lot of fun playing it. I may have to test it with Numbing Traps instead.

As you mention, one of the problems is getting frozen in the middle something bad like lightsabers, Mortars, and the various AoE elite attacks (Desecrator, Plagued, Molten). Once you are frozen it is too late. You just have to hope a spike trap hits when you need Gloom to proc for you. I really have trouble with this sometimes playing with wizards and witch doctors. The screen gets so cluttered with all the WD creatures and the visual effects of AoE wizard attacks that I sometimes cannot see the freeze balls until it is too late.

Thanks for the post. No laughing or teasing coming from this player :)
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I got my Sever build and it's tank ready. With Gloom and Sentry my dodge/block eHP is over 2m. I may not have all that dps, but I'm gonna tell you that MP10 is definitely doable even without a follower.

It's not really all that hard to do, you just have to be open to trying things different than the norm.
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@ Redelon I checked up on d3up.com and with your Sever build it looks like your EHP is around 961k when Gloom and Guardian Sentry are activated whilst also taking into account dodge + block and not over 2M...

please don't take offence to this post I read a lot on these forums (don't post so much) and respect you and other top DHs but there is a bit of a difference in trying to achieve 2M EHP and just under 1M EHP (unless I am mistaken and if so please correct me - I may have missed something on d3up).

Plus I haven't attempted MP10 so I don't know how much EHP would actually be required for said build.

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U have to go in the side tab where it breaks it all down.... either way current profile I was doing Mp10 last night with 1 other guy and pretty much never died unless I messed up
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yeah there are some guides for these but I am lazy to find and paste it out.
Sincerely want to help some of our DHs :D . Please Don't laugh or tease on me :P

FYI, I created a thread a few weeks ago that lists all of the DH builds I could find on the threads. In case you see a new player interested in builds, please link it! I'm making sure to update it as I find new and interesting ideas... hopefully it will get a sticky one of these days.

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My dh only have 38k hp but got high all resistance. With boar it goes 750ar . I usually just stand still, shoot and gloom. With my high resistance i seldomly move and kite. prolly my dh is one of the lazziest dh. i always do mp10 and rarely die at doing ubers just inches away and sometimes face to face with E's and boss.
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I played with a DH yesterday sporting a build that was an interesting variation on this theme.

I cannot recall all the details of the build, but the highlights were:

1) Chakram/Shuriken Cloud
2) Impale (rune unknown)
3) Sentry/Guardian Turret
4) Grenades/Cluster Grenades
5) Shadow Power/Gloom
6) Spike Traps/EB

The key piece of this build was that the player had 3 pieces of gear with a hatred cost reduction to Impale. The sum of those reductions brought the Impale hatred cost down to <= base hatred regen. So he could fire Impale pretty much continuously - except perhaps when burning hatred to plant traps or sentries. I wish I could have seen his yellow damage pop ups on the Impale hits.

Interestingly enough, although the player had a bow equipped (Calamity) all of this would have worked with a 1-hand melee weapon. Given the attack speed of a Calamity the only reason I could see to use a 1-hand melee weapon would be for fun or to prove you could do it. But, trading a quiver for a shield is not without some advantages.
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