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Well of Souls annoyance.

I could be wrong, but wasn't the patch supposed to correct the souls so they'd go to their intended target when clicked on? I like the spell, and was using them for a while, but it became extremely annoying to be chasing something like a goblin, and having my souls start hitting barrels and boxes behind me, making it feel pointless to even bother trying lol. I was using ghost bomb for a short while to clear a room out, but ultimately I've decided to just take it off my skill bar.
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WoS changed in that all the souls COULD hit the primary target. You only notice the difference when there are no other targets available. As long as there is other crap to hit, that's what the souls will do. Get down to one target, and they'll stop flying around uselessly like they did before and actually hit it. Don't ignore it because it doesn't behave the way you expect - it is still the strongest 'primary' we have.
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Yep, it works much better now. It's a very powerful focus fire move and makes ubers a walk in the park. But like manvan said, if several targets are around, it will still behave in the manner it did before. I'd just practice using it more.
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Yeah I fugured as much. Like I said I got in the habbit of clearing out a room with a skill like Ghost Bomb to ensure that they'd go to my intended target. My patience was just wearing thin lol.
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yah they only changed it that well of souls might be able to have its extra spirits hit a single target. that doesnt guarantee it though. it's at least a little bit better then the fist pumping spirit barrage rune which doesnt even target enemies who are standing right near you. it just throws spirits randomly and if they happen to land on a target then they will hit.
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I've noticed if youre in range they always hit, but you have to be aware of what is around you as well.

I've noticed mine choosing destructible objects over hitting the last target, but I've just started using acid rain to clear the room of destructible when fighting champs.
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I've been away for a few months and I just tried the new Well of Souls. It is so freaking awesome now!!!!

I was a HUGE fan of Well of Souls since 1.03.

Yes, it is a bit annoying that the extra souls would hit objects but overall, the improvement makes this skill so much better against single target as you don't waste extra souls by "clicking off" the target (the old way to lure 3 souls to hit the same target). If there are several targets but you want to finish one off sooner, you can try to stand almost 40' away so that target is the only choice.

I am surprised Well of Souls is still not a top 10 skill. It is so awesome now!

PS: Hungry Bats has the same problem. In fact, I would say all "seeking" runes have the same problem like DH's Arsenal.
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It's really nice to work into a bear build somewhere to handle wallers, runners and goblins. One build I was using for a while had Big Bad Voodoo with Slam Dance and two of my passives were Grave Injustice and Rush of Essence, so I could use BBV every elite. If I ran into one that was going to be a pain to bear down, I'd drop the totem and hold down the trigger on Spirit Barrage until they were dead, didn't take long even on MP6.
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WoS is great. is the best complement to our AOE skills.

IM using an spirit based build with Acid Rain: cleanin MP7 really fast atm.
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You just need to figure out the mechanics. It's a must for my builds now.
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I am stuck with WoS as my primary skill from the time i was only with 120k dps and I seldom use any secondary skill.

As long as you have all the mana regen passive skill you will do great with WoS.

I have tried different set of skill combination and I think I am in love with my current skill setup.
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