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I know tDPS is more important but does that mean paper DPS is negligible completely?

I ask because of marq ruby vs emerald. I do the same tDPS with either one currently but my DPS in game shows a 15k bump up with the emerald.

I read one discussion comparing the effects of life steal with either Marq gem. Summed up, ruby is safer because of more consistent LS while emerald can get higher LS at one time but can also pull in very low numbers at other times.

This being said, is there a point at which CC is high enough to use emerald? I'd assume lower CC would be better off with Ruby.

Does anyone know a possible "break point" for crit chance regarding WW barbs specifically?

With OpKs I'm around 63% CC.
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Your crit damage also plays a factor on which is better. If your crit damage is north of 500, I'm guessing a ruby will be better. At the time I made the decision to go with red, it was only a 0.5% tdps boost over green. However, if I added another 50CD to both scenarios, the ruby outperformed by 2%.
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500CD and then a small bump? That's it?

Are there thee pros or cons to each?

I almost feel like I should have gone with marq emerald just to get the paper DPS bump. Then it would be easier to get into high mp über runs...
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You have a great barb. Your TDPS is high enough for you to do MP10 ubers and carry 1 dead....if you switched from OP/KS to Warcry/Imp you'd still have a TDPS over 2.1mil and a serious boost to your EHP.
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Sorry to hijack the thread but where are you guys getting tDPS from?
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03/02/2013 08:35 PMPosted by KillerElite
Sorry to hijack the thread but where are you guys getting tDPS from?

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Nubtro has done some research on this:

Your question is not easy to answer. Here´s an analysis from Iria about this matter.


The best thing you can do is to learn how to and then calculate/compare your damage yourself.

Here´s an example of a calculation I did recently to check the following:
- highest possible rolled Skorn
- highest possible crit chance without nat bonus and with witching hour instead of a crit belt (85%)
- highest possible 2H crit damage (550% without marq. emerald)
- 6% cold damage SoJ
- high strength (3000)
- Battle Rage up

avg SoJ str CC CD skills normal critical average (per hit)
1476 +6% 3000 85% +660% +15% 55776.564 423901.886 368683.087
1626 +6% 3000 85% +550% +15% 61444.914 399391.941 348699.887

The first case is with a marq. emerald, the second with a marq. ruby. To roughly calculate avg (average weapon damage) go to the AH, right click on your weapon and search for similar, check the average damage value the game fills in. Afterwards add average damage from your jewelry to it. This applies to physical (black) weapons. For elemental weapons, it´s a bit more difficult (you calc the SoJ bonus before adding elemental weapon damage).

How to calculate weapon damage

Calculation example 1 (the first case above) = 1476 * 1.06 * 31 *1.15 = 55776.564 normal damage. Multiply by (1+6.6 = 7.6) for critical hit damage = 423,901.886. You get crits 85% of the time, so you add 0.85 times the calculated crit damage to 15% of your normal damage.

You adjust the variables to your own case and add new ones (brawler/berserker rage to +skills, a separate elite damage bonus etc.). Here I adjusted the values to my current stats:

avg SoJ str CH CD skills normal critical average (per hit)
1355 +5% 2437 78.5% +506% +15% 41509.443 251547.225 206389.102
1505 +5% 2437 78.5% +396% +15% 46104.584 228678.737 189425.294

It´s a bit more difficult to compare dual-wielding set-ups as the Ruby mostly benefits just the weapon it is socketed in while emeralds benefit both weapons. Let´s try my usual MH mace when I dual-wield:

avg SoJ str CC CD skills normal critical average (per hit)
884 +5% 2443 78.5% +409% +15% 27144.745 138166.752 114297.02
1034 +5% 2443 78.5% +299% +15% 31750.756 126685.516 106274.54

As you can see from my examples, marq. emerald would be slightly better for me personally. But for people with other gear and stats, it could be different.

Here is the whole topic and discussion:

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Ty very much
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