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Where to upgrade next? CM/WW wiz

Been switching around builds a lot, and came back to CM (haven't played since ubers came out).

The items that seem like obvious upgrades to me are glove, neck, and bracer, but unfortunately those are all craftable slots so I'm still farming for those. Ring 1 is pretty much placeholder as well.

Which gear do you think is most important that I should upgrade?

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You have very good gear. Right items in right slots too.

Just get everything ... little better... Boots can go to 99 int, Force can roll 250+ int, left ring could have some CD. Wards could have high str instead of that random resistance. U miss some armor.
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I'd say if you get the wand with a socket you'd get a huge dps boost with that gem. But only if that attack speed won't kill you :/

then again, you could always go with the socket in wand and pick up lacunis with ais if you can to make up for it
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Yeah, what RV said.

You could also look for a 1.79 AS/1150 DPS wand. That's what I'm looking for right now (which is why my 1.78 wand is on the AH and i'm running with a crappy replacement one.) I haven't seen a good one lately for the right price until this weekend. There have been 3 in the 160-180M range recently...and I think ones still up on the AH. Alas, I don't have the gold to cover that until my current one sells. That'd be a nice DPS increase...if it fits your budget.

I'd also start to drop some of that (Very, very nice) CC that you have,....in exchange for CD and armor and all res. You'll survive alot better with 4500 armor and 700 all res. The only way youll get there is to drop a point of CC on most of your items....it'll open up inventory alot. Go 5 CC on your ring and bracers and 9 on your gloves and ammy....and add in CD and armor/all res where you can. You'll still have a sick amount of CC after that. Anything over 50 is really nice.....and over 55 is fantastic. And you could still be right around 60 even after dropping a few points. /drooooool

The easiest upgrade would be BT pants. You can easily get 700 armor and 60 all res in the 50M range. Also, look for VW's with alot of STR (check out RobertVarga's). If you can find ones with 650 armor and 150 STR that adds up to 800 Armor. Its a nice place to sneak in extra armor....for cheap.

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Amen Piehole. Yeah you can get a lot more EHP by dropping a little CC for all res and armor. You should also try to get more vit on your chest and some on your shoulders. Great start tho!
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